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india's first indigenously developed stratospheric balloon penetrates into mesosphere - polyethylene film

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
india\'s first indigenously developed stratospheric balloon penetrates into mesosphere  -  polyethylene film
Hyderabad: under the high-altitude balloon Development Project (HAA)
61,000 of the balloons independently developed in the balloon facilities of the Tata Institute of Infrastructure in India (TIFR)
Hyderabad entered the middle for the first time in India.
So far, only balloons from the US and Japan have done the feat, TIFR said.
61 K cubic balloons weighing 31 kilograms.
0 kilograms are developed independently in the Balloon Factory.
Polyethylene film with thickness of 3. 8 microns (
In contrast, the best human hair is about 17 microns in diameter).
The payload of the balloon is 7.
9 kilograms including single card phone
Command with integrated electronic timer, radio transmission receiver (Data Modem)
GSM-Air Traffic Control Transponder
GPS for Last leg tracking, camera for looking up and two GPS-
Probes for navigation and measurement of atmospheric parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity, with 4.
3 m diameter parachute with a weight of 3 kg for safe recovery of the instrument after flight.
The balloon was launched from the balloon facility campus near Mullah at IST 0402 on January 7, 2014. Ali.
The balloon reached the highest height of 51.
661 kilometers in 2 hours and 9 minutes, a record was created.
Terminate your flight using Tele-0704 hour ISTCommand.
All the instruments performed well during the flight.
The instruments landed safely near the town of Husnabad in Siddipet mandal, Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh, and the recyclers recovered the payload in good condition.
This is the first time that a regularly-regulated Atlantic balloon has entered the middle of India.
This breakthrough will provide an opportunity for our scientists working in the field of atmospheric dynamics to conduct experiments and collect data up to 50 km.
Development work to improve the payload capacity of the balloon is in progress, and the next payload of 15 kilograms is planned in the summer 2014 flight plan.
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