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india-u.s. looking to develop unmanned aerial vehicles: pentagon - heat transfer film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
india-u.s. looking to develop unmanned aerial vehicles: pentagon  -  heat transfer film
India and the United StatesS.
Small aerial drones have been identified (UAV)
A senior Pentagon official said it was a small arms light technology project, along with aircraft maintenance for defense cooperation. The U. S.
The statement comes as defense officials of the two countries hold the latest round of defense technology and trade initiatives (DTTI)talks here. The India-U. S.
The focus of the DTTI conference is to encourage the United StatesS.
Work with Indian industry for common development
"One of the projects we are working on is small aerial drones . "S.
Deputy Defense Minister Ellen Lord, in charge of acquisition and maintenance, said at a media roundtable at the Pentagon on March 15. Lord, who co-
Presided over the meeting with Defense Production Minister Ajay Kumar, who said the team was working with responsible key figures on very specific deliverables for specific dates.
"Overall, we think it's a cost.
An efficient, cost-effective way to provide additional capabilities for fighter jets.
"There are three proposed mission scenarios, humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, cross-border operations and cave tunnel inspections," Lord said . ".
Augmented hybrid reality is used for aircraft maintenance on drones, and discussions are mainly concentrated between the United States and the United States. S.
Air Force Research Laboratory and defense research and development organization of India.
The two sides will write technical planning documents in April.
"We plan to sign this agreement within the time frame of September," she said . " She added that it is possible for Indian industry to participate in its cooperationdevelopment.
The two sides also discussed virtual augmented hybrid reality technology for aircraft maintenance, which she stressed would bring great potential to both countries.
"What we want to do isS.
India's technology and transform it into the combat capabilities of the United States and India. S.
Indians can use it.
This is largely a collaboration between our government, our industry and our overall knowledge --how.
The beneficiaries will be the United States and the United States. S.
And the Indians, "said Lord.
The next meeting will be held in India in September.
She said bilateral defense ties with some of these systems, whether it's launching drones or virtual augmented reality, are trying to focus on enhancing the capabilities of platforms that both countries can share.
"This is a lightweight small-arms technology project," Lord said . "
The key is that the combination of weapons and ammunition can reduce the weight by 40% and improve accuracy.
The ammunition uses a full polymer housing, significantly reducing weight and reducing heat transfer and recoil.
"This is an area of common interest.
Development and common
Production opportunities.
We are interested in technology. S.
"This has brought them to a certain level and people are eager for more investment, and for whatever reason we can't do it now in the US," senior Pentagon officials said . ".
According to the bilateral trade agreement, the two countries have set up a number of joint working groups to identify areas for common cooperation.
Development and Cooperationproduction.
This is a joint working group on aircraft carrier technology, land systems, naval systems, air systems and other systems.
The goal of DTTI is to transform bilateral defense relations into relations limited only by independent strategic decision-making, rather than bureaucratic obstacles or inefficient procedures;
And by getting rid of the traditional "buyer-
Sellers are moving towards a more collaborative approach.
It also aims to explore new areas of technical cooperation from scientific and technological cooperation through cooperation.
Development and Cooperation
Production and expansion of the United StatesS. -
Business relations in India
The DTTI conference includes updates on ongoing projects and opportunities for cooperation in land, navy, air and aircraft carrier technology;
A meeting with the United StatesS.
Representative of Indian Industry;
Visit the Norfolk naval base and visit the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and USS Bainbridge destroyer;
And visited the United States. S.
Defense company
"DTTI does provide some opportunities for our two industrial bases to interact better and bring the best technology and innovation," Lord added . ".
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