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induction hobs with new technology - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
induction hobs with new technology  -  colored glass film
The BSH group boldly tried to increase the use and availability of induction ceramic furnaces by introducing various induction ceramic furnaces.
The BSH group's selection includes new technologies, new glass and amazing new designs designed to increase the use of induction stoves throughout Europe.
To achieve this, the company needs to do two things: to make its induction cooker countertop stand out from its radiation rivals and attract consumers to absorb the increased costs of emerging technologies.
Ceran Cleartrans is a glass ceramic that offers industrial design options that are not available in standard monochrome black or white glass ceramics.
Cleartrans have a clear glass ceramic stove base on the top and bottom.
The top pattern is made of colored glass ceramic and the bottom is coated with a uniform metal film.
This metal coating is a thin composite of precious metals including gold and platinum.
The film is combined with stained glass.
The top pattern of the ceramics, which provides countless design possibilities, enhances the aesthetic feeling of the stove surface.
Another design advantage of this material is that it allows complex user interfaces.
The black translucent display area can use different display colors and opens the door for complex display and electronic possibilities in future applications.
For Lutz Klippe, product innovation manager at Schott HomeTech, it is not no challenge to bring this product to the market.
The biggest challenge, he said, is to meet
While maintaining aesthetic quality and mechanical integrity, temperature stability is required.
Klippe said that the key to the product is Noble --
Coating on the lower side of metal.
It does not damage the durability of glass ceramics even at the highest stove temperature, up to 500 to 600 °c.
We have to develop something that is very heat resistant, very stable and will not show any aging effect even after a long time
Time cooking app.
On the other hand, the coating cannot destroy the mechanical toughness of the glass
Ceramic substrate.
It is not easy to do this.
The superiority of induction furnace technology in speed and efficiency is very high.
With Ceran Cleartrans, we can now make this technology even more visible.
Bosch, Siemens and Neff hobs have a complete 2-year warranty for parts and labor.
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