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indybest team's best buys of 2018: from coffee machines to 4k tvs - cut to size polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
indybest team\'s best buys of 2018: from coffee machines to 4k tvs  -  cut to size polycarbonate
In 2018, it took us a year to test everything on the market-from children's toys to vacuum cleaners and smartphones to mascaras, find the best products our expert writers have completed their pace.
Here, we have rounded them all up in one place to make your 2019 square metres red.
The product of Stila reaches its name with its heavenly look, relaxed app and builtability.
The unique cushion formula is the perfect balance between powder and cream: It's elastic, which means it's better to apply it with your fingertips, but when you apply it to the height of your face, the consistency of the cream controls you better than the powder.
Our testers describe the finish as wet
Dew without liquid looks very shiny.
She likes how it melts into the skin immediately, like many liquids, without destroying the foundation.
There is light in the highlighter
Diffuse particles help to enhance the glow, but not too dazzling.
The hue of heaven, while still looking natural, adds extra luster to the skin, but is also enough to create a serious highlight for the night out.
It will also last all day.
Our favorite color is brilliance, more than one.
We think it will be a kind of three dimensional gold.
Now, for those who want to splurge on cash, buy another surprisingly light serum from Chanel at a higher price.
The French brand claims that it offers revolutionary hydration within 24 hours, so we tested it;
And surprise.
When applying for the first time, it reminds us of all the Korean and Japanese essence in the market;
Light, water, easy to absorb.
Its aroma of tea flowers (
A hint of white floral and white tea)
It is suitable for people with sensitive skin because it is not pungent.
Serum makes your skin feel hydrated all day, no need to re-application.
We will say, if you can afford it, reserve it.
Buy nowZara, how did you do it?
We all love this 129 funnel. neck coat.
The belt coat usually looks like a dressing gown, but this structure is enough to avoid this kind of faux pas.
The wool mixture is warm enough in the UK in winter, while double
The chest buttons and flap pockets are instantly polished.
We like the length of it, but the smaller wearer may need it to take up a 2 inch.
The purchase of nowRiver Island is a stylish three-button style that offers a classic look and practicality.
The wool fabric is warm and comfortable, with most clothing.
We recommend matching cream-colored jumpers and blue jeans, but you can easily find the right fit to make this coat fit for you.
The burgundy color of this coat is different from the usual number you see on the street, down from £ 90 to £ 45, which we consider a deal.
If you want the best, you have to be ready to spend.
Fully automatic Sage Oracle Touch has everything you need for a barista premium beer.
The user-friendly control panel is easy to navigate and simply slides through the touch screen menu to choose from a variety of beverages.
Oracle also provides settings for preferred coffee strength, water temperature, and milk texture.
Once you have found your favorite drink settings, Oracle saves it in the touch menu with a unique picture and name (
Up to eight personalized cafes are available).
Sturdy stainless steel design, optimal brewing pressure and automatic steam bar perfect for miniature
Foam latte art, this is the real future machine.
Buy this American now. made foam-
The core mattress with a memory foam layer is backed by designer Steven Allen and actor Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio.
But it did not launch a bed in the UK until recently --in-a-box option.
Our testers especially like it, it's a little bit more Microsoft than Simba, Simba is one of its closest competitors, great for all types of sleepers, include those who sleep on their back-it should last you 10 years or more if you treat it well.
It is stable and breathable, but there is no handle on the side, just the bottom, so rotate or turn the mattress (
Should be done every three to six months)
This is not a despicable feat.
There are single, double, King or super king sizes to choose from.
Buy now with the slowest cooker and unless you're ready to cook in a separate pan first, you'll have to give up the grill.
This smart machine allows you to do these two things at the same time, which is not the case --
Stop for a hearty dinner.
Dishwasher safety glass cover means you can check your meal while cooking without releasing any heat, 3.
5l capacity to support three to four people easily (
A whole chicken).
It looks smarter than most people and even features the well-known fashion rose gold color.
But unfortunately there is no reservation. warm function.
Buy it now, and it's no better than that for pet owners-there's even a tangle of bag-free cylinder vacuum cleaners --
Free Turbine Tools pick up stubborn fir hair clusters from carpets or upholstery.
Other convenient accessories include pneumatic flooring head, combination tool, stair tool and carbon fiber head.
Good on all floor types, it can remove pet hair quickly and effectively, and anything else.
It is quiet and has a large jar and good filter which is music for allergic patients.
In addition, it has a patented technology that can push and pull in any direction.
But you need to put a little elbow grease on the thicker carpet, a little heavier than we expected.
Buying this toy now will cause competition among all the people who play it.
Rotate it and it measures the number of revolutions you can make it do.
It's a game where you'll watch a kid play for a while, see what score they get, and then aspire to play it yourself.
Soon everyone it's owner meets will be encouraged to try to beat the highest score.
You can also try other challenges like trying to get it to stop while the 99 is spinning-harder than it sounds.
The game is small enough to fit in a pocket, so it is perfect for traveling.
It's a reasonably priced toy, including the battery, and everyone is hooked on it.
Buy the latest version of iCandy Peach now (
Fifth update)
It's one of the strollers where you'll find your parents drooling at large department stores.
Even on the rugged terrain, it pushes like a dream, only needs the lightest touch and looks as stylish as when they come (
There are a variety of color combinations)
, No need to be too large to convert into a twin baby chair and have a large, comfortable and reversible seat.
Also, this is a trip.
The system can be converted from newborns (
Cover provided separately)
Six months later.
With main seat)
For 25g (
It was seven or eight years old. old).
It has a huge hood, a bigger shopping basket than its predecessor, and a handle that is very easy to adjust and you can work with one hand.
There's almost nothing to dislike, although some people may find it a bit heavy and a bit cumbersome when folding-and with the connection of the seat unit, it can't be folded at all.
An idea of the sixth I
Could it be peach candy?
Plus, it's time now.
Consumption settings.
Buy it now, you can use this rear facing seat with normal adult seat belt or Isofix base, it can also be used as part of the travel system.
For newborns under the age of one, it has the best safety results on the market (
Especially when side collision)
Feel good quality and light at the same time.
It is very troublesome to install, and it is almost impossible to make mistakes.
It is spacious and has great support for your baby's legs, it has good comfortable padding and some gorgeous colors.
But you need to buy the base separately to be in the new I-
Car seat size.
Buy Nova baby crib with rocket design
The father of the scientist, what he can't believe is based onthe-
So they made their own crib.
It unfolds in one second without any effort at all and is immediately ready to use a thick and comfortable mattress;
It is very valuable that your child really needs to sleep when you arrive somewhere to live.
"After a long day at the wedding, it was so easy to spend it at midnight with four people.
A tester said.
Its bassinet plugin is perfect for kids so they can sleep higher (
Save you back)
And age is big of children (
It can be used up to about three years old)
Very close to the ground so they can't "run away ".
It is also light and weighs only 6 lbs.
7 kg, it is easy to see your child through the side net.
Purchase nowBest travel & outdoors product capacity: 31 lWeight: 2 in 2018.
This package may be expensive but it has a lot of great features.
The outer polyester shell is too hard.
It's durable and you can probably sit down.
We found that in the test, the quality of the wheel with full rotation is the best.
Designed for those traveling regularly, the spectrum is lockable and registered on the Swiss tracker bag tracking system at coininox.
This bag has a lot of pockets and is ideal for buying tickets and passports, we love its slim design which makes it easy to store.
We also like rubber handles and luggage tags.
It looks and feels luxurious.
Weight: 422g waterproof material: Gore-
Textured sole: vibrating material: synthetic leather color: gray, blue and black size: 6. 5-
The MOAB 2 has a generous cut, which makes it ideal for wide feet, giving it a sense of a tolerant coach.
Don't be fooled-this is actually a strong hiking shoe.
High heels, high heels
Tex is waterproof and durable-
Even on a smooth terrain, tie the laces and a huge grip, which makes us believe it will feel comfortable in bad weather, and it is light, breathable, versatile,
This is a great option if you don't wear leather as suede lint is a synthetic alternative.
Buy weight now: 675g per bottle
Textured material: leather and mesh in black and purple;
OliveSizes: UK 3-
9, including half the size of the siren, at the right price, their multi-functional performance is our best choice.
The clever combination of leather and mesh provides warmth and breathability as well as Gore-
Tex technology keeps everything dry when bad weather comes.
Even if we test them on smooth rocks in the pouring rain, they will be dirty.
We wear them in the cold and bright sun and feel comfortable and supportive in both.
Make sure you tie the boots tight as they are cut fairly wide around the ankles.
Buy it now, and you don't have to argue again whether to buy a soft or stronger tension mattress, as this inflatable mattress allows each sleeper to fine-tune the hardness on their side.
The convenient side effect of this method is greater stability, and when two people lie on the floor, the possibility of edge lifting from the floor is less-an annoying feature of many double air beds.
Made of sturdy PVC with a soft velour on the top-both inflatable and deflated are comfortable and fast.
Reporter Mary Colvin is a respected reporter for every journalist.
She reported from the most dangerous places in the world that she was charming, alcoholic, brave and witnessed the terrible truth of the war.
Famous for trademark eyes
When she was hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka, after losing sight in her left eye, she wore a patch that she was killed in Syria on 2012.
The title of this wonderful and moving memoir, written by her friend and foreign journalist Lindsay Hilam, is taken from Colvin's own Sunday Times.
"It seems to me that what I wrote was always extreme humans, pushed to unbearable places, and it was important to tell people what really happened in the war, she wrote in 2001.
The purchase of the nowNo collection is complete and does not have a large number of poems written in the later Romantic period18th and early-19th centuries.
There are some of the best in the country.
Favorite Poetry, including William Blake's Tegel, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Kubra Khan, Percy Bisher Shelley's Oz and Charlotte Smith and Mary Robinson, among others works of female poets.
The volume is arranged by theme and genre and features the poet's own charming mini-biography.
The late Jonathan Watson, a descendant of his younger brother, edited the work with his wife Jessica.
Now, he has inspired a new wave of chefs and restaurant owners while firmly putting Middle Eastern cuisine on the map, but when it comes to Ottolenghi recipes, to be fair, they are both scared and respected to the same extent. Well-
With its challenging components and hard-to-
Of course, they will not bear the ingredients easily.
Well, it's not anymore.
Simply, as the name suggests, 130-
Rich recipes, all of Yotam's iconic bold flavors and creative vegetables --
Focus on the dishes but end up in a more manageable package.
Buy nowAs Kimia, sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, looking forward to the results of her test-tube baby, reflected on her family history, from her great-grandfather and his 52 wives he fought against every corrupt regime at the time in Iran.
As we explore the interlinkage of the family, their conflict and their secrets, the story of her extended relative tree is mesmerized to give life.
At the age of 10, Kimia crossed the Kurdish border and crossed Turkey. after her parents fled Iran, she finally landed in France.
Think about her childhood in her home country, her teenage days in Paris, and her life now as a DJ and hopefully soon as a mother, Kimia is easy to fall in love, the same is true of her eccentric, funny, and sometimes terrible relatives.
The novel was first made in English and should not be missed.
Buy a vibrant and colorful bottle now, and the design of this bottle alone is enough to make it hot.
Interestingly, although located 100 km kilometers west of Treviso, Verona's romantic city was founded in 1925 by pasquah and is the background of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
This proseck is light in color and very light to drink, offering a perfect combination of smooth bubbles and subtle flavors.
Buy a very sophisticated hack from the mountains between the LIMU and Roquetaillade in southern France.
The vineyards are high in altitude, crispy in sour taste, but combined with Creamy oak and vanilla aromas, ripe lemon and hazelnut ity hazelnut aromas, you will have plenty, however, A balanced wine is a happy drink.
Enjoy it alone, or enjoy the food with cream pasta.
Buy this all-leaf tea company now, founded in 2007, is the first brand to remove paper labels from tea bags.
In 2012, our tea joined the Ethical Tea Partnership, supporting small Manor growers and transferring from nylon bags to double-material bags
The product of corn starch is called soilon.
Each tea bag is sealed with an ultrasound instead of glue, which makes them biodegradable at an industrial level of three to six months, so be sure to put them in your council food bin
It can be placed in the compost of your home, but it will take longer (
At least 18 months).
The plastic inside of the package is non-recyclable, but the team is working to change the situation and use natural reflection, a wood pulp that takes three to six months to break down at home.
Buy quality, variety and taste immediately, eyes-
The chocolate in the hotel is the most popular display and the joy of pure indulgence.
A series of delicious chocolates are displayed in two luxurious photos
Layered box with sliding compartment-this is a clear reusable option once something sweet is done.
From the bite-chocolate series
Large mouth size including some mini chocolate chips.
The menu reads like a mini-novel, and our sommelier is particularly ecstatic throughout the process.
Delicious and delicious.
Buy nowScreen size: 55in display technology: OLEDHDR compatibility: HDR10, HLG, HDR10 size: 1230x710x60mm plus standard audio: Stereo
Inch OLED is 4 k with HDR in three formats, HDR10, HDR10 and HLG but no Dolby Vision.
The color on this TV looks perfect-Panasonic worked with the Hollywood colorist to achieve that, and the results were amazing.
Well designed to improve sound-a sound stick runs at the bottom of the screen and can produce quite a loud sound.
It even comes with a remote control with a backlight key.
Of course, the main event is the huge image quality with a strong contrast and a strong black level, punch-in color, decent brightness and exquisite detail.
The Panasonic smart TV interface is also good, the icons are bold, simple and easy to navigate.
Purchase nowScreen size and resolution: 5.
8in, 1125x2436 pixels, 458 pixels per inchScreen technology: OLED storage capacity: 64/256/512 GB scalable storage? NoCamera (rear)
: 12MP wide, 12MP far camera (front)
Size: 143. 6 x 70. 9 x 7.
Weight: Headphone Jack 177g?
There are two sizes for IPhone XS: XS and XS Max.
XS are as big as last year's iPhone 8, Max is as big as the iPhone 8 Plus, but both are screens, 5. 8in and 6.
5 In respectively.
Max is big, so it's definitely worth having it before you buy it, but its display is immersive and attractive-and big enough to watch a movie.
Smaller phones usually mean less functionality or less components, but the two iPhone XS models are the same except for battery life, Price and screen size, so all details apply to both
There's a wound-
At the top of the screen, the position where the Face ID camera is located.
Facial recognition is very reliable and works even in the dark.
The design is luxurious and attractive, with glass in front and back, compatible with wireless charging.
It also means that while Apple claims to be the most durable glass on any smartphone, it may be worth buying a case because it is not completely indestructible.
Like many people on this list, it is waterproof.
The camera is exceptional, including portrait mode, where you can adjust the level of background blur after you have taken the image.
Some other phones can do this, but they can't.
These phones are expensive, but they have a lot to offer.
The battery life on XS is one day and the battery life on XS Max is more than one day.
Buy operating system now: iOS 12 Screen size: 11in, 12.
9 inStorage capacity: 64 gb, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 tb Wifi or 4g?
The newly released iPad Pro is easily the best tablet no matter which brand of tablet.
It comes in two sizes and is the first iPad to use Face ID-there is no fingerprint sensor on the new iPad Pro.
Removing the fingerprint button means the tablet has a complete
The front of the screen of this tablet is very gorgeous and attractive, which also means that the overall size of the tablet is smaller than most other models.
Please note that this is the first iPads with no headphone socket or headset.
Even the larger iPad Pro is very lightweight.
It comes with an advanced processor that provides excellent performance even if you are a creative with special needs.
Smart Keyboard opening book and Apple Pencil (version 2)
Sold separately, but both are great-the keyboard is comfortable to use, making the iPad Pro a very effective laptop replacement.
An early iPad Pro with a fingerprint sensor and 10.
5in display is also available.
Buying the nowSennheiser makes some of the best audio products in the industry, and there is no difference in momentum-free pairs.
As a branch of the amazing momentum range, the setup of the free headphones is also easy-it takes about 20 seconds from getting them to pairing them with our phones.
The audio quality is unbeatable-although no other bass is serious --
Wireless headphones, the overall clarity is very good, just like senheiser's product.
They are also very light and comfortable and we have no problem getting them out of the box.
They have a battery life of about 6 hours and are equipped with a sturdy suitcase, but as a head up it won't charge the headset itself.
Buying death redemption 2 now is the latest epic of developer Rockstar Games.
It puts you in cowboy Arthur Morgan's shabby leather boots and gives you the freedom to enter the best open world ever achieved-a gorgeous reproduction of the border full of Rocky Mountains, open plains, Marsh bays and dry deserts.
This is the best game of 2018 with react AI, wonderful missions, tragic stories and upcoming online modes.
Buy for PS4, buy for Xbox One
New Balance's back vest provides everything you want in the running top.
We like the lightweight properties of the mesh fabric made up of the outer layer of this vest;
Its efficient ventilation keeps us cool and calm while running.
Patented ice materials are excellent in moisture management;
It worked so fast that our sweat did not crush us.
The vest is very comfortable with reflective brands in front and back, which we can see in the early morning and evening running.
Our favorite thing about this vest is its look-double-deck style and flattering racing car --
That means all of our running leggings and shorts look great.
£ 35, it's in the middle of the range we tested.
However, it is washed very well, so it will last for at least a few running seasons.
Twenty years ago, the purchase of sweaty Betty was founded to create fitness accessories that not only do the job, but also look good.
It's not surprising that the brand's stylish super grip yoga mat is in all the right boxes.
This is not only the first mat to board our Instagram Story (a modern-
Day sign for success of any project)
But thanks to its superior comfort and grip, it is also the one we have been returning.
4mm thick, a little thinner than some of the other brands we 've tried, but we found that from shavasana to the bedside table it provides all the padding we need.
From the first day, the mat is super
It's almost falling all the time.
Whether we sweat in our weekly Bikram course or squeeze out 20 minutes quickly at home, our exercises are free.
The mat is made of natural latex, which means it is biodegradable (
Although be careful if you are allergic)
At 2 kg, it is light enough to carry it with you.
Make sure you remove any cosmetics before using this mat.
We found that when your favorite pose is the child's, it is easy to have small marks, especially the Foundation, which is not ideal.
However, by wiping it clean with a wet cloth and a little mild soap, it can be easily taken care.
Any Briton who has seen 2018 Winter Olympics will remember Billy Morgan's dramatic bronze medal in the big air games.
This is the board he used.
It's far from the most expensive board on the market, but it's ideal for a free ride Morgan specializes in. The mid-
Stiff bending means that it is stable in speed, but it is not rigid, so you can't ride the rails on it. A great all-
Affordable, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to improve.
Now buy millions of tiny glass beads embedded in the fabric, and this commuter jacket is reflective.
Proviz's original jackets are great when white car headlights are on at night, but their silver
Not very nice gray finish-
Capture during the day.
This color version fixes this issue and the bright green is very prominent on the road.
This is a fairly sturdy jacket so you should be seen in the winter with several layers below.
There is a mesh liner, as well as a combination of zip underarm vents and covered shoulder slots that help to ventilate when wet or when you press hard on the board.
Two external chest pockets have the same waterproof zipper as the main body, and a zip pocket on the back that gives you plenty of room to carry your pieces and bodice.
There are male and female versions to choose from.
NowIndyBestproduct reviews are just, independent suggestions that you can trust.
In some cases, we get revenue if you click on the link and buy the product, but we will never allow this to affect our coverage.
These comments are edited through a mix of expert opinions and real opinionsworld testing.
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