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ingredients: carbonated water, high-fructose corniness ... - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
ingredients: carbonated water, high-fructose corniness ...  -  colored glass film
2007 Atlanta-Edward rostie, 30 Inguri
You can't beat that feeling.
Good life.
This is true.
I just got out of Coca-Cola's life. here, Coca-Cola.
The cola company originated from a patented drug that is made up of odd, sick, and possibly drugs.
Addicted entrepreneurs in 1886
After visiting the company's New Museum
After sitting in the theater, wearing 3-
D glasses, feel the floating bubbles pounce on my skin from the well
Regular puffs of air;
After a stroll in an exhibition hall with antique Coke ashtray, vending machines and vintage ads;
After watching a fully operational bottling facility produce magical liquids;
After sampling nearly 70 different sodas produced by the company, I can easily prove that Coke is it.
Coca-Cola, plus all these slogans, must now be the only soft drink in the world with its own shrine: a tabernacle of believers built by the creator.
I can't compare the new world of coca. Cola —as this 92,000-square-
The museum calls itself $97 million-with the old (
Opened on 1990, closed on April, one month from the resurrection).
But if you want a Coke and smile, you don't mind being swallowed up by a huge commercial (
$15 for adults)
The museum has its own puzzles and fun.
It used to be in Atlanta-
Downtown, in a 22-
Acres purchased by the company in early 1990.
Coca-Cola donated nine acres of land to build the Georgian aquarium, which opened next door at the end of 2005.
Then, on October, the company announced that it would donate 2.
5 acres from Atlantaand human-rights museum.
CNN nearby offers a visit to the headquarters.
Media, freedom, fish and Coke.
Only fish may have destroyed the composite image.
But the image is all of this, just as good as Coke (
Often someone tells you how good it is)
A mixture of caffeine, vanilla, cola, sugar and spices (
It is said to include Orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and coriander oil)
Without the so-called "added value" in the marketing world, this dedication is not worth it.
"Added value comes from associations that have accumulated over a century.
This exhibition space is specially designed for them.
Advertising you walk into under 27foot-
A 90-degree bottle of Cokefoot-
High glass column;
The walls sparkled like broken ice, even at 90-degree day.
The advertisement in the hall is one of the few false judgments of tone, just as what you read on the wall seems to be the object of the company: "refresh the world, spirit and spirit;
Inspiring moments of optimism through our brands and actions;
Create value.
Business school families are flat, off-
Like soda without soda.
The question in the welcome movie "computer" still exists.
This is a fanatical tribute to the company and its mission: "In The Happiness Factory.
Quirky creatures speak in the voice of real employees, proving friendship and mission, promising happiness to all those who are ready to drink deep.
It is only when these sugars open the information that I am prone to rebellion.
I recall the controversy that plagued the company after 1980 and 90, which has been at a distance in recent years.
Was Coca-Cola fair in Africa?
American employees?
Did it violate antitrust regulations when actively trying to control its independent bottling plant?
What about Belgium's pollution statement a few years ago?
Or overwhelming indirect evidence that Coke was originally made with cocaine.
What the company denies?
However, any company, especially those who think they are "happy factories", should not be expected to explore possible defects.
In any case, there was a refreshing pause soon: a huge entrance hall through which you can enter different exhibition spaces.
One survey of Coca-Cola's position in popular culture shows Andy Warhol's obsessive populist nature. (
"Coke is Coke," he said. "no more money can buy a better Coke than a homeless man on the corner. ”)
There are videos of collectors in Taiwan and Switzerland, and their private pool is full of bottles and ephemera, all with signs and hopefully. . . what?
Yes, what is the promise?
In the first few decades of the beverage, its medicinal properties were considered characteristic;
An early label called "tonic and nerve stimulant ".
Then its formula and reputation are basically stripped of the association, but the cola that still contains caffeine is still "refreshing ".
Now, nostalgia seems to flow freely in museums.
The main historical exhibition, the "dim sum milestone", started with toosboro, Ga in the 1880 s and started an extraordinary onyx agate and alabaster soda fountain bar.
Statue of John S.
The inventor of the secret formula, Pemberton, raised a bronze --
A glass of colored Coke.
The items in the display cabinet also came from the era that was considered simpler and its successor: a Coke calendar with silent movie stars, or a painting by Norman Rockwell, in which, soft drinks have been provided with the location of pastoral products.
But the items were also meant to illustrate the great revolution launched by the first supervisor of soda-an outstanding pharmacist named Asa Candler, who has built Coke into a collective since 1888 --
Marketing phenomenon, splashing trademarks on almost every object used on a daily basis, who distributes coupons that provide free flavors, and who makes serious mistakes (some say)
In fact, the right to bottled soda was permanently waived, leaving only the company's profit from selling syrup. (
This arrangement remained largely unchanged until the second half of the 20 th century. )
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But the promise is not true nostalgia.
Coca-Cola is not linked to the 1890 and bike built for the two.
The main tradition it cares about is that it is consumed at so many different times and locations.
Advertising now Coca-Cola's marketing is about how successful Coca-Cola's marketing is. In the 3-
A scientist looks for a secret Coke recipe in the theater, where there are shaking seats and stimulating internal organs;
He found this in the "general supply" of drinks.
"The story of Coca-Cola is filled with stories that company leaders are obsessed with letting everyone around the world like it.
The sale of soda is as if this goal has been achieved.
"I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony," said the classic jingle of Coca-Cola . ".
It's amazing to see the idea put on at an advertising theater here, showing history and foreign TV commercials.
One narrator explained, "in the best case, Coca
Coke ads open people's hearts.
The ads claim that, in terms of diversity, Coca-Cola has shaped a coherent community that is combined by sharing experiences and tastes.
For example, in a 2005 ad from Argentina, a group of young people sat around a beach bonfire, played music and turned around a bottle of Coke as if it were another toxic
But we noticed that one of them was huge.
Alien eyes covered with mucus all over the body.
He slur sipped the bottle and handed it to his neighbor, a drop of mucus, and the next drinker stared at him with disgust.
The music suddenly stopped, and his companions were shocked.
Not in the chaos of the sputum, but in the person who was repelled by aliens.
He noticed their shock, reconsidered, and lifted the stick
His lips were painted with bottles, and behold: the harmony of Music and Society bound all again.
Coca-Cola adds more than life.
It is distributed in more than 200 countries and promises to build a utopian world without pain.
Who should I argue with, especially since I feel thirsty after accepting all the good feelings?
In addition, there is clear evidence in the final gallery: Five pillars, surrounded by taps, offering the company's soda water, each dedicated to a different continent.
My colleagues and I drank in faithful communication, filled and refilled my cup.
If I am on the alert for the bitter Beverly drinks in Italy, Krest Ginger Ale in Mozambique or Fanta Magic in Estonia will offer multicultural compensation while in its own gallery, the international flavor of Coca-Cola remains unchanged.
All the jubilation does not allow too many cynical impulses to appear.
Later that evening, as I drove past the New World of Coca-Cola, I could see the glass pillars I first entered, illuminated in sky blue.
Inside it, a floating green bottle hovers, shining with promises, and yes, in time, everyone will taste the taste of salvation.
New World of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola 121 Baker Street, Atlanta(404)676-5151.
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