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inside a designer’s theatrical apartment and studio in rome - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
inside a designer’s theatrical apartment and studio in rome  -  transparent plastic sheet
Furniture and item designer
Taylor colanio in Red
The trimmed poet's shirt, in his small, theater-decorated attic near Rome's Campo de 'fiori, gently pushed the Doric column that pushed the groove.
The pillars swayed from the wall and suddenly revealed themselves as light as foam plastic, as fake as the stage set.
"Everything in my house is fake," Colantonio said . ".
"I'm a punk collector. It’s all fake.
In addition to working on interior design projects for private clients, the 30-year-old Colantonio has created surreal objects from the winding
Tie the vase to the transparent carpet with a rope.
The eagle advocated by Alex, the store of the owner, and the designer Jiemei Gallacher (
Both of them sell his work in London's boutique)
His work is often an alternative interpretation of Chinese suburban decoration and ancient imitation.
In the towering picture window of his apartment, a ceramic Tiger
The flea market is as big as a real cub.
Standing guard, opposite is a sofa bed decorated with handspainted violet-striped linen.
Colantonio created a complex Savannah mural for the walls above
Tropical creatures in palm trees and yellow roses
Draw and render with his favorite chalk-colored children's egg flower.
In the niches of the restaurant, in front of a group of modern ceramic vases, this is a black one --and-
The cream vase he created himself
It took up the 19 th.
The century walnut table recalls a Greek kylix, but it slides unexpectedly to one side and its body is not made of hard and non-permeable potterybraided rope.
"Instability gives it personality and gesture," Colantonio explains, "It lifts it up with a soft lollipop --like handles.
This vase is a vase in concept. A fake.
Great 10 photo slides
Italian immigrant grandson Colantonio, who grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts, studied furniture design at RISD and moved to the loft in Rome two years ago. Just after finishing living with a traditional paper master artist in Puglia --mâché.
Although his work is still made in Rhode Island's factory, rather than in local artisan workshops, Colantonio prefers to live in this ancient Italian city. There he can see its classical and baroque architecture and the surrealism of George de kirico --whose own fake-
Filled home nearby-
Instead of following the trend of contemporary design.
"It's really good to live in an international environment like Rome as a person who makes things, but get rid of the present and avoid all these trends and impacts," he said . ".
Colaneo crosses the River téber every day and comes to his studio in the vibrant Trastevere neighborhood.
This space once belonged to another liar lover.
Impish artist Gino De Dominicis who forged his own death in 1969-
But today, Colantonio's current projects are all over it.
These include a wallpaper that imitates the striped walls of circus tents, as well as a series of woven PVC lights, whose clear vinyl surfaces are painted in a swirl-like color to pay tribute to Kara akadi, help create the Roman artist of the Alte pulvá movement.
In the private glass
Rooftop space, Colantonio stand, attached
Covered cable to rainbow-
The colored lights on his tall wooden workbench.
Behind him, a pair of sixfoot-
The high rope vase stands, lying lazily like a sleepy sentry;
Hang up two trailblazers in a vintage closet
Colantonio is painted with ancient pillars and buildings that decorate the Russes costumes of De Chirico ballet;
Lying on the floor was something he called the "magic carpet --
The Persian carpet, which looks like a pedestrian, is actually made of transparent plastic, exposed to the bottom, not covered on the floor.
It is a "material shift" that eliminates the roughness of the object, he said.
"What I'm interested in is getting people connected with prototypes, familiar things," Colantonio said . ".
But there will always be a surprise, a shift that blurs the line between the suburbs and the exotic masses
Handmade, authentic and fake.
"Familiarity is essentially garbage, but it provides people with the possibility of understanding," he said . " He slaps a hard crystal carpet on the floor and handles non-curved paper as if it were actually soft textiles.
"I'm really interested in rubbish, but I'm looking for sweet spots between familiarity and avant-garde --garde.
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