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ira cohen, poet, filmmaker, counterculture icon - white polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
ira cohen, poet, filmmaker, counterculture icon  -  white polyester film
Ella Cohen made a magic movie that became a cult classic.
He developed a way to take photos in charming, distorted colors, including the famous Jimmy Hendricks.
He published works by writers such as William balles and the poet Gregory Corso.
He wrote thousands of poems himself.
He wrote "cannabis recipes" under the name of the Panama rose ".
He called himself the conscience of the Earth ".
But there is no doubt that his most amazing work of art isCohen himself.
New York art magazine in 2008 called his life "a white magic created by alchemist who gave up the institution in search of God, art and poetry.
His family said he died of kidney failure in Manhattan on April 25 at the age of 76. Mr.
Cohen turned his Lower East Side attic into an artist salon and then left for Years of Pilgrimage to Marrakech, Kathmandu and the River Heng.
He was with Beats but was rejected.
He is an art entrepreneur who doesn't care about money.
Clayton Patterson, a photographer and historian at the center of New York City, suggested that if
It's not easy for Cohen to sum up, it's almost the whole idea: "On the one hand, he's part of everything, but on the other hand, he's an outsider to everything, Patterson said in an interview.
In some areas of art and literature,
Cohen is a touchstone.
Michael Rothenberg, editor of the Internet publication Bridge Magazine, said in an interview: "The IRA is the main figure in the international underground and pioneer . ".
"After learning about American art and poetry
World War II, you have to understand Ella Cohen. ’’Mr.
Cohen was born in Bronx on February. 3, 1935.
His parents and most of their friends are deaf and he learned to communicate with gestures very early on.
"I have been surrounded by these wonderful, loving people who have strange voices, such as the pigeon growling on the eaves of the country house," he said . ".
He graduated from horseman school at the age of 16 and studied at Cornell University, where he took a course taught by Vladimir Nabokov.
He smoked marijuana and imagined how wonderful some great writers would be if they had a chance.
He dropped out of Cornell University and then enrolled at Columbia University College of General Studies but did not graduate.
He married Barnard's student, Arlene Bond, in 1957, who had two children.
By the beginning of 1960, they divorced, and he took a Yugoslav cargo ship that jumped with Jack Kerouac a year ago to Morocco.
In Tangier, he lives and works with composers and writers balles and Paul Bowles.
He founded a literary magazine called Gnaoua, ostensibly dedicated to the drive.
On the cover of Bob Dylan's 1965 album, bring it home, a copy can be seen.
"In the 1960 s, he returned to his attic and perfected his technique of shooting the surface reflection of polyester film under the trade name Mylar.
Mr. Jimmy Hendricks.
Cohen made a famous photo comparing the effect to "look through the wings of a butterfly ". ’’In 1968, Mr.
Cohen did 20-
The minute movie "The invasion of Thunderbolt Tower" made using Mylar technology has been steadily gaining popularity.
The original drummer Angus mckelis of The Velvet Underground band improvised the score, the culmination of Tibetan, Moroccan and Druid trance music.
A rural voice critic said one of the people left the film
The lotus flower on the cloud fragrance, chat with the White Rabbit, and smoke bananas.
"In the 1970 s, Sir.
Cohen went to Kathmandu, Nepal, where he started his hand
The operation Press publishes manuscripts, some of which are on black rice paper and leave red ink with gold powder.
Corso left a poem in Kathmandu.
Cohen published it.
In 1981, he returned to New York and lived with his mother in an apartment in the Upper West Side.
In 1982, he married Gosselin, Carolina.
They divorced seven years later.
After his mother died in 1993, he stayed in the apartment until he died.
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