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is bpa safe? europe also seeks answers - polycarbonate plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
is bpa safe? europe also seeks answers  -  polycarbonate plastic
European health officials appear to be on the same boat as health officials in the United States, who are deciding on a chemical, BPA or Bisphenol-A, is safe.
As I explained in the Science Times on Tuesday, the substance is used to make polycarbonate plastic that enters many cups and bottles, as well as epoxy for most food and beverage cans.
A small amount of BPA goes into the food and almost everyone touches it.
Animal studies have shown that this substance causes health problems by imitating estrogen, but there is no evidence that it can cause harm to people.
So far, the European Food Safety Agency has announced that the level of BPA that most people are exposed to is safe.
But like the federal and many state governments in the United States,
In this case, BPA was evaluated by analyzing data from more than 800 studies.
Authorities have delayed issuing new security comments twice, saying the task is much more difficult than expected.
Reports are now expected this month.
At the same time, it is forbidden in France and Denmark to contain BPA in baby bottles and children's food packages.
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