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is it worth it? refillable packaging - pet film for food packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-11
is it worth it? refillable packaging  -  pet film for food packaging
In terms of waste, packaging brings real environmental problems and costs consumers money.
UNEP estimates that more than 88,000 tons of domestic waste are packaged every week.
According to Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw, the number of packages increased between 1999 and 2005 and now accounts for about third of typical household waste.
The purchase of refillable packaging products can reduce waste and save energy for the production of new packaging.
What are the environmental problems caused by packaging?
Packaged junk food that is not recycled will eventually be landfill or burned.
Bradshaw recently urged consumers to protest over overpackaging by complaining to supermarkets and dumping unwanted packaging at checkout.
He warned that our landfill space was running out and that another option would be to burn and produce greenhouse gases.
How much do we pay for the package?
The National Federation of Women's Research Institutes estimates that an average of 8 out of £ 50 per household spent on food was spent on packaging.
This is equivalent to 470 pounds spent on packaging every year, the sixth of the average total food budget.
Consumers also pay for the disposal of packaging through their council tax.
Where can I get refillable products?
Health food shops, farm shops and organic shops are the best places to go.
Ecover, a natural cleaning company, supplements its washing --
Up liquid, fabric conditioner, laundry detergent and moreSurface Cleaner.
A new bottle is 20 p cheaper than a new bottle. Unpackaged (beunpackaged. com)
Focus on selling food and household products in filling containers.
Customers can bring their own containers or purchase reusable containers, and the product is reduced by 50 p when refilled.
Putting milk in a glass bottle is another way to use refillable packaging.
For local milk delivery services, visit delivermilk. co. uk.
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