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issey miyake gives fashion an emergency blanket - translucent polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
issey miyake gives fashion an emergency blanket  -  translucent polyester film
Sanzhai is a house that firmly grasps the pulse of the weather forecast.
In the heat wave last summer, Franco
The Japanese fashion company distributed designer ice bags to the wet and cold men's clothing audience. For fall-
In the winter of 2013, the temperature in Paris dropped to minus zero.
This time, revellers took the invitation letter from the gold fabric wrapped in a hot emergency blanket.
Insulation theme in clothing, and the design team's exploration of light weight and insulation
Therefore, the project points out that it is possible to make a "more free lifestyle" in the winter months.
"This is a good idea.
Loose-profile jackets and sports jackets use recycled polyester clip-on hot wool fabrics from Russia and gray.
The box is also marked as the fabric technology at the tip of the house: a layer of translucent film is laminated on the jersey on the set, many of which come with iconic practical details such as side pockets and zippers.
All of this, however, has been replaced by the decisive look of the show: vibrant bold, silver and bronze emergency blanket fabrics that appear in more than a dozen places that seem to excite revelerseyed.
There are a few hits-
Like A great-
Black raincoat with hat and space suitGold lining for age.
Sadly, all of them
Metal color and twisted leg-shaped pants line
It often floods the silhouette of human beings.
Some of them seem busy and a little fancy --
If, undeniable reality.
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