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jagger, dudamel, giants, louvre’s islam, olympics: 2012 - colored glass window film

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
jagger, dudamel, giants, louvre’s islam, olympics: 2012  -  colored glass window film
Editors and Writers of the Bloomberg Muse Arts and Culture column chose their favorite moment of 2012.
Under the leadership of the executive editor, Manuela Holthoff, they are here: in contrast to my visit to Caracas in February, accompanied by Deborah Borda, Gustavo Dudamel, los Angeles Philharmonic and several bodyguards
Great crew, Crazy Town.
In the unofficial murder capital of South America, there is a clear shortage of garbage collectors, but a large number of children are hugging the Celtics with Taba hanging.
They are a product of El Sistema, a national education program dedicated to music.
Dudamel, the most famous graduate, whenever he and Phil's president Borda appear, he is crushed like a rock star, and Borda has the wisdom to find him.
I will never forget the sight of the city's Grand Theater, Teresa Carrino, where the capital's obsession with concrete reaches a creepy example.
Two steep, scary escalators drove us out.
Pass the dark jabillos and palm trees from the air lobby.
It was an amazing experience. -
It's like walking into a big prison in pilanesi.
Followed by the concert: Da Damel, a happy master, became serious on the podium, leading the joint efforts of Phil and Simon Boli yellowfin tuna and Spanish mackerel fish
Huge coconut crab captured and cooked on uninhabited Toby Island.
I saw the desert island full of screaming Nordis.
The night sky of zero light pollution and pristine coral reefs is amazing.
However, my favorite is the taste. Lance Esplund (
New York art critic)
"Bernini: carving with clay" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art used to be-in-a-lifetime-
Activities including table top terracotta sculptures and related chalk drawings of the greatest craft or workshop on the 17 th
Century Italian sculptor
In his clay model, "the death of holy ludicha Albertoni", the image of this horizontal bedroom, porn and detachment, grabbed her breast in ecstasy
The last part of the show is an amazing mix of 14 angels, nine of whom stand in the hallway of heaven like a sentinel. Greg Evans (
Film and television critics in New York)
Before the end of the raid we know, Catherine Bigelow's Zero darkness thirty is an attractive CIA thriller that has been condensed for ten yearslong U. S.
Search for the story of Osama bin Laden becoming a female secret agent obsessed with pursuing.
Just like the wonderful ending of Bonnie and Clyde, the violence of the raid is as jarring as the poetry of the film production.
What Bigelow's achievements need is not to cheer for the jingoism, or even for the catharsis of justice, but for the bold, breathtaking art.
As "home" collapses under its own self
FX's American Horror Story: Asylum has become a highlight of television.
Creator Ryan Murphy's weekly terror, black humor and cultural touchstone Whirlpool is cynical and the most unmissed show of the season. Martin Gayford (
London art critic
A reviewer has not met himself a lot, but I have experienced it twice in 2012.
Lucian Floyd's "My Portrait" is on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London, which visited the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth, Texas.
I watched two shows.
The person in the photo is now 8 years younger than me, giving an experienced color to Oscar Wilder's Dorian Gray. Jeremy Gerard (
New York drama critic)
Great performance by David Esbjornson
The revival of Edward Albi's "Ladies from Dubuque" on Broadway-
A drama that confused Broadway critics and audiences after the 1980 premiere ---
It is sympathetic that this black comedy about a woman dying of cancer was named the best of the playwrights.
This is the masterpiece of the times finally catching up.
The exhibition also held an opening ceremony for the panxing Square Signature Center-Frank Gaili. Design, three
Tickets to the theater complex cost up to $25, and viewers can mingle in the lobby cafes and bookstores, with exciting displays of new and old adventures. Amanda Gordon (
New York journalists, photographers)
At the moment the Giants won the Super Bowl, I took to the stadium, my highest record this year.
The players hold the newborn and the manhugging.
Maras and Tisches are glowing.
On top of me, thousands of people share the victory.
When I got home, I brought a fleeting Souvenir: The sugar cookies decorated by Eli Manning and Victor Cruz jerseys.
The longer stay is the feeling of stepping on the touching lawn, scraps of paper in the air.
There is a little bit of this feeling in every charity event I report.
After all, helping others is as American as football.
Stephanie Green (Washington, D. C.
Reporter, photographer)
When I heard from my favorite movie artist this year that this funky dog Uggie will be attending a White House press dinner, I immediately put him on my tracking list.
Despite the many celebrities, politicians and journalists, I managed to find Jack Russell.
He graciously agreed to my request to take a picture of him, when he was wearing a bow tie. Jason Harper (
New York auto critic)
The car that actually let me slack off
I didn't expect to like the Tesla Model S this year. All-
Electric and up to 300 miles in four
The size and price of the door is similar to that of the Porsche Panamera sedan (
$103,000, tested).
Also fast.
The drive is excellent, but its interior, mixed with leather, wood and high
Knocked me out.
From locking the door to closing the panoramic roof, the huge touch screen controls most operations and works perfectly.
A glimpse into the future of our cars. Robert Heller (
London Rock critic)
There's a lot of innovation and new music to enjoy this year from places like Frank Ocean.
Still, my highlight this year is that the real masters are veterans of some industries like Paul Simon, who is sunny and optimistic, Leonard Cohen, whose songs are full of sex and religion, death and depressionBoth are life-affirming.
At the age of 77, Cohen can still attract Berlin, and he will tour again in 2013.
One should be careful.
Catherine Hickley (
Berlin art reporter)
The powerful music of Leos Janacek's opera, Jenufa, and the tragic central image of a baby frozen in the river, all accompanied me.
This is probably in the wrong hands.
Loy was deeply moved by the elegant and simple stage performance of the German opera house in Berlin.
The walls slide backwards in a clear set of scenes to reveal the season;
A piece of golden corn, a layer of snow.
The singers were completely convincing and vividly presented the tragic interaction of Jenufa, the loser and overprotective stepmother she was unfortunately obsessed.
I'm sure I'm not the only one to brush tears at the end.
What is even more sad is that I saw many empty seats that night.
Rich Jaroslovsky (
San Francisco gadgets)
The Lytro camera applies revolutionary technology to a simple product that ordinary people enjoy.
The first "light-
The Field "camera captures all the light that moves in any direction in the scene.
This means that you can re-focus your photos and even change your perspective after taking a photo. (
Can anyone else watch it online? )
You never have to kick yourself because you are not careful to focus on the ball instead of the child.
It's easier to use than a point. and-
Take a camera or even a smartphone.
Imagine: a gadget that makes things less complicated. Katya Kazakina (
New York art reporter)
It took a few hours for people to wear white boots and walk into the Doug Wheeler exhibition at David Zwirner gallery in New York.
The experience begins with what seems like nothing to be seen, only immersed in a Lost Galaxy.
The installation makes it impossible to judge the size or depth to be minimal and magical.
However, what seems to be the fog reveals the form of other tourists, and the intense light also emerges surprisingly small shapes in front of my eyes.
Wheeler then shifts the light slightly from dawn to dusk, and the shadows stretch as the gray turns purple.
It feels like it's over. Sinta renderborg (New York editor)
In this city full of great music, the Boston Symphony Orchestra conquered the city at Carnegie Hall with the exciting performance of Beethoven's "tragic music.
Chorus Conductor John Oliver stepped in at the last minute, leading the orchestra as well as the Tanglewood Music Festival Choir and soloist Christine Brewer, Michelle Dejan, Simon O'Neill and Eric O.
From the opening "Carey Allison" to the transcendental "Holy God" and "agnas Day", the glorious voice echoed in the hall, let us know why Beethoven himself likes this strange neglected work best. John Mariani (
New York wine critic)
There is a lot of hype when the word "handmade" applies to spirits, indicating that some people are making it by hand (another cliche)
A bottle of bourbon, just like a real master craftsman would use a samurai knife.
However, when I visited Mexico this year and held a seminar with president curmudgeonly il of Mezcales Tradicionales de los Pueblos de Mexico on behalf of Mexico, I
I found that the best examples provide every good, small-
Bulk mezcal is why good products don't need worms to sell. Elin McCoy (
New York wine critic)
This is my first year.
Once tasted Armenian wine, this elegant and sophisticated 2010 Zola carassisi red wine is aged in a traditional clay cup.
Its bright mulberry Berry amazed me
Minerals like fruit and dirt.
This is the first wine of a new winemaking project.
Milan is the owner of this hotel.
Fashion designer Zorik Gharibian.
His first bottling was part of the revival of emerging wines in the yegenezor region, from the local Alini grapes planted on the rocky slopes at an altitude of 4,600 feet.
They're only a little more than a mile from aleni.
1 Cave, where archaeologists discovered the world's oldest winery last year, dating back to 6,100 years.
Laurie munchnick.
New York book editor)
I read a lot of great novels this year, but I found myself recommending a children's book Miracle to my friends. J. Palacio.
Hero Auggie Pullman is a fairly common 10-year-
But one thing: "ordinary children don't let other ordinary children run away screaming on the playground.
Auggie was born with severe facial deformity and he started school for the first time.
This could lead to a good standard-for-
There's a message to your story. -
Be friendly to different people! --
But Palacio's humorous and relentless insight into Auggie and everyone around him makes it compelling and memorable. Farah Nayeri (
London art reporter)
Phoenix brings an unforgettable performance. -on-and off-screen --
At the Venice world premiere of Paul Thomas Anderson's master.
He was hypnotized in the film as a savage disciple of Scientology.
Leader of the cult.
Seeing that he smashed a porcelain toilet with his bare hands, I was shocked and always wondered how the scene was filmed.
At the press conference, the Phoenix also appeared.
He twisted, twisted, mumbled, and lit a cigarette (in a no-
Smoking Building).
When I asked about the toilet scene, Phoenix smirked.
Director Anderson said that because Phoenix is single, it can only be shot once.
In the historic San Pedro prison, he removed a toilet in one hand. Lili Rosboch (New York editor)
The curator of the Picasso Museum in Paris, Anne bardarsurrey, selected more than 200 pieces from the collection of the French museum, and participated in her large-scale exhibition at Milan's Reale Palace.
From painting to painting, from sculpture to photography, the whole exhibition has refreshed the entire career of Spanish artists.
The first Picasso show in Milan in 1953 was staged in the beautiful Sarah Del le carariadi, when he presided over "glenica" and "La Guerre et la Paix"”James S. Russell (
New York architecture critic)
The great legacy of London's 2012 Olympic Games may be economic vitality and the world.
Long-term first-class facilities in the city
Abandoned East End.
The best of permanent sports venues (
Hopkins architect's bike house and water sports center in Zaha Hadid)
Commercial development will take place in the spectacular new Queen Elizabeth Park.
The contractor is completing the design of landscape architect George hargreavand James Corner to replace contaminated land and destroyed canals with celebration squares, Meadows, trees
Lined ridges and shrubsEdge waterways. Craigman (
New York film, book critic)
"There was once a Hushpuppy who lived in the bathtub with her dad.
Those who see the "Southern Beast" can't hear these words without the rush of happiness, even though the tub is a dirt --
Poor swamp and dad got drunk and grumpy and turned this little Hushpuppy without a mother into a strong little survivor he knew she needed to be.
Benh Zeitlin worked out a small budget with amateur actorsSaturated magic
Is also a heart of realistic heartbreakerlifter --
Complete Original
Catherine Smith. New York editor)
The bartender is the new rock star and the cocktail is the new hit single. High-
High-end wine culture from speakeasies and barrels
Mixture of old years
Brought the first one this year.
The outstanding bar project award from the James Beard Foundation will be presented to Jim Mihan of PDT, New York City.
Mihan gave up the medicine to shake and stir in some hot spots in the city.
He is also the author of The PDT Cocktail Book, which has a lot of good drinks
Top quality ingredients to my taste like Rapscallion: Talisker Scotch whisky and Lustau Pedro Ximenez sherryrinsed glass. Ryan Sutton (
New York restaurant critic)Sandy-
Most restaurants in lower Manhattan were forced to close due to a power outage.
Tertulia of Seamus Mullen in Greenwich Village remains open, and its front is illuminated by the police's flare and headlights.
I ate head fish in there. ink paella (
Perfect socarrat case)
I drank Haitian rum (with no ice).
Later, I walked the 11 th floor stairs and came to my cold apartment, thinking about the hot food. James Tarmy (
Interview in New York)
Tollina Herrera said in her lyrical, accent-heavy English: "We won't talk about the price of my clothes because, to be honest, I don't know it myself.
Her mission is to convey the spirit of her brand.
Wearing a crisp black pencil skirt and a white shirt, she sat in a silk chair surrounded by vases full of roses.
She laughed, she flirted. -
In short, she embodies the smart, female women who design clothes for her.
That's why she was so happy with the interview.
Not only did she use charm, she was intoxicated with it as if it were the whole point of her fashion line.
Thompson (Warwick)
Opera critic, London Theatre)
Nicholas haitner took a knife in the National Theater's "Ding man of Athens" and beat the spirit of the times.
Turner played a strange game.
Shakespeare half
A clever fable about the current banking crisis.
Simon Russell bill also won the championship.
Ravel's short play, the children and the Witch, is full of mystery, laughter and choking --
Lourang Peli stirred up the mood during a wonderful performance in greenborn.
This article is about life-free objects giving a lesson to a destructive little boy, and the living books, the dancing teapot and trilling wallpaper are amazing. Richard Vines (
London restaurant critic)
This year's restaurant event opened at Sushisamba on the 38 th floor of the Heron Tower.
The level of cooking here is not high, but the crowd it attracts highlights the rise of London's financial district as a culinary destination.
Von Usman (
Reporter from Paris)
The new Islamic wing of the Louvre not only impressed me because of its huge collection, there are 3,000 items to see.
I found the building equally charming.
The seams of the Louvre are exploding, so Italian architects Rudy richiotti and Mario Bellini transformed a Renaissance courtyard into two --
Layered exhibition space covered with undulating roof-
In front of the museum's famous glass pyramid, a witty eye color. (
The views expressed by writers and editors of Muse in the art and culture section of Bloomberg News are their own. )
The highlights of Muse include Greg Evans and Craig Seligman in the movie.
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