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joe tanner - flexible plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
joe tanner  -  flexible plastic sheet
Joseph Russell Tanner, printer: born in Somerset on January 28, 1928;
Butler and managing director Tanna 1964-
Chairman 1970-7094;
Marriage 1956 Ferra Fleming (died 1981;
Two sons, one daughter, one son is dead)
1993 Geraldine Ackerman;
Bruton died in Somerset in April 6, 2006.
Butler and Tanna have been printers in Somerset town, Frome since 1863.
When Joe Tanna joined the family company in 1948, printing was made of metal, mostly black and white;
When he retired 55 years later, he left the cutting-edge business of modern color photos --lithography.
He has been in charge of the work for 30 years;
In an era of rapid and radical change, he has never made a mistake of 1 feet, which is his skill, both technically and the skill he called "management" for the last time, this made the revolution both peaceful and successful.
Born in Betton, north of Frome, Tana grew up in the countryside of Somerset, where the scenery, architecture and the Ambryn Somerset and Dorset Union Railway are embedded in his heart
He went to school in Dulston Court in Christchurch first.
Then in Hampshire)
Then at Bradfield.
After his military service, he pursued two.
Annual course for young printing masters at London printing College.
This is not taking over.
Among them is his good friend James Winwright.
Together, they designed a new technological process, the leather plate.
Made and wrote an article on it for British printers (
Called "Pianola roll"
The Carter Gazette).
First of all, they said that a cow should be painted on a photo
The sensitive lotion is then driven into the abandoned railway tunnel and coated with negative pieces on coated leather.
Once it is directed further to the tunnel, the light from the ventilation shaft forms an image.
The unexposed area will then be washed away, the hidden part will be removed from the cow and fixed to print on the pressure cylinder.
This article is illustrated with photos of pastoral characters (
Tenna and Winwright)
Put the right clothes on a cow and lead it into the tunnel.
The technical details were impeccable and caused several serious inquiries.
Returning to Frome in 1948, Tanna went through his apprenticeship, starting with the arranger and working through the machine
Room and binding room.
Winwright joined him, enjoying life inside and outside the company, which was privately owned at the time, as it is now.
The chairman is Captain Timothy Fleming, whose rear deck attitude overshadows his kindness.
He married a tanner, Joe's cousin, and Fanny, their beautiful daughter, to his attention, and then to his heart.
They got married in 1956 and their family grew up in the old parish of Grand Elm West of Frome.
Tanna's own little hand is there.
The media is in great demand for posters in the village.
In Butler and Tanner, Tanner is increasingly involved in technology development.
DPE 54 s using flexible plastic plates (not leather)
Added to a traditional apartmentbed presses.
The pride of the company is a great "fearless" that can print 192 pages at a time, but takes five days, a working week, ready for printing.
This was replaced in the 1960 s by another large Press, "Bristolian," because it could use a variable network for paper --width;
It can run at a higher speed and can even print halftones.
For this purpose, the ink must be dried quickly and a gas burner has been introduced;
It looks terrible, but there is almost no fire on the racing paper.
At the same time, Butler and Tanna created the new light lumittype at the time, the first truly original photo
In Tanna's view, the set-up machine has reached the company's high synthetic standards, and then, with the addition of more machines, the set-up machine has adapted to digital data --entry.
The first "through-
Added "line" so the paper from the network-
Then, in the almost continuous process, the fold can be bound.
The company is at a crossroads in 1980: is it for speed or for the sake of having a faster and faster network --
Or it should keep its long paper tradition
Printing, make up for the quantity with a larger paper size?
Tanna chose the latter and as it developed, the company became more and more inclined to color printing. The first four-
The color Roland printing machine was installed in 1987, and by 1993 there were four, and it was booming in the increasingly international market.
By 1996, the first KBA color printing machine was installed, twice the speed of the original, or even higher --
High quality printing, displayed on Challenge Anneka's TV, when a book is set, printed and bound within 24 hours.
In all of these innovations, Tanna has served as general manager and chairman since 1964, from 1970 to 1994.
Part of the reason for his success is that he found excellent employees and gave them a head.
He knows everyone in the company through vision, voice and name, as well as their spouse and most of the children.
He was very disinterested in everything they did, their work and what they were doing outside.
For them, he was just "Mr Joe ".
He was implicit and even shy in the conversation, but never pushed himself forward.
He hides the pain of Fanny's early death with one of his sons, and when he gets married again in 1993, he returns to happiness.
He lost his hair very early but never had a sense of humor.
He can tell the highest story with a stone-faced face, though if you know where to look, his glasses always shine behind them. At Frome "work-
"Learning" is a shared enterprise, and the labor dispute is unknown.
This has aroused the curiosity and curiosity of Butler and tenner's competitors.
Collins is always divided on whether printing or publishing is more profitable, and he wants to know how they do it in Western countries.
Tenna was as hospitable as ever, welcoming the Scottish delegates and handing them over to the department supervisors.
Later he asked them what was going on.
"Oh, Mr Joe," they replied, "they wanted to know our budget, but I think they thought it was something that you had in your cage.
In the winter of 1962
63, when the final proof of Oscar Wilder's letter was passed, an unexpected delay occurred.
I called Mr. Joynt-
Shop assistant asking why
"You are right," he said, "You are right; only the stone-
At that job, his bike fell from the steep hillside in the middle of Norton.
"This is from me.
"I like to think," Joe said. "We have better excuses than other printers in Butler and Tanna.
"In addition to the leather plate, he also invented a self-changing thing, a mixture of Talbot Baines Carew, Talbot Baines Reed
Century historian of the old Letter Foundry in England, founder of the boy's own newspaper, son of Devon principal Bamfylde Moore Carew, who escaped from school and joined the Gypsy, became a sharper man, was transported to Maryland and came back to join Prince Bonnie Charlie, his life was the bestseller in 1745.
This doppelgänger has become the author of some fascinating, completely fictional historical anecdotes and some equally pleasant, non-cyclical poems that have been impossibly printed on him.
He was convenient in all other ways and made a railroad and toy for his children.
He also wrote a short history of Butler and Tanna with original illustrations, starting with Russian Gothic Selwood print at the top of Frome West, to modern works next to the railroad below.
This made an unforgettable speech for the double crown club, leaving his audience speechless with his knowledge and laughter.
Joe Tanna did a good job by acting in secret.
He paid for the catalogue of the basholborn Museum of Art, a favorite of many local charities, and saved the last --surviving two-
Color Wharf publishing house of type Museum.
But the first and the last is the well.
Butler and tenner got him engaged.
Almost the last time he went out was through-
Line was installed just a month ago.
He could hardly walk, but his love for it added many days to his life.
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