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john holland not responsible for perth children's hospital asbestos, report finds - clear roof panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
john holland not responsible for perth children\'s hospital asbestos, report finds  -  clear roof panels
Construction company John Holland is not responsible for the asbestos found in the roof panelto-
A temporary report shows that the Perth Children's Hospital is about to open.
The report, chaired by Peter Gow, the national building commissioner, found problems in the process of panel production in China.
"There is a problem or hiccup in the production process in China, inappropriate or inappropriate
In fact, the panel contains materials that meet the requirements, "he said.
This deadly material was found on the roof panel of the hospital.
Provided by Chinese companyin July.
Just a few days ago, asbestos was found to be widely used.
Pollution washers from China at Brisbane's new government building.
Mr. Gow said that both John Holland and Yuanda stipulated that the materials supplied by the hospital should be asbestos-free and received a test report from China on the roof panel confirming that this was indeed the case.
However, the audit showed that the test report did not actually test whether asbestos was present in the panel.
The Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection issued a statement saying that builders and suppliers must be vigilant about the products they use during construction and must be satisfied that the products they use are asbestos-free ".
The department says it is the responsibility of importers and exporters to ensure that they do not import and export prohibited items such as asbestos.
The report also found that John Holland did not properly address the possibility of dust hazards when the worker cut into the panel --
Some people were exposed to asbestos dust.
Mr. Gow said that if the dust control management procedures were better, the risk of workers would be reduced.
He said the company also needs to improve the process of testing and preventing the presence of asbestos.
The Australian agency responsible for stopping asbestos at the border then revealed that the agency only tests a small portion of the shipment of the substance every year.
Mr. Gow said it was not possible to determine that asbestos was not included in the imported material.
"The construction industry in Western Australia and Australia from non-Australia faces ongoing risks
"It's in line with building products," he said . ".
The industry needs to find better ways to detect hazardous products and prevent exposure to workers, Mr. Gow said.
The Commissioner will not comment on when the hospital is delayed
Including lead found in water recently. will open.
He said an investigation into the clues is under way.
"At this point, we don't know where the lead comes from," he said . ".
Yuanda Australia said in a statement that the company is "continuing its own thorough review to determine how incorrect products are used during the manufacturing process ".
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