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just a wee bit of trouble in chennai - joining polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
just a wee bit of trouble in chennai  -  joining polycarbonate sheets
For a large, fast
In the developing metropolis, Chennai failed to meet basic needs --
Clean public toilets are provided on the street.
According to Chennai, the city has only 960 public toilets for the population over the age of 6. 5 million.
These are not even the best shapes.
According to 2012 Tamil Nadu urban health policy, the near toilet does not meet the standard of one toilet per 60 people.
In fact, a study by the transparency Chennai research team showed that in the undeclared slums, there was an average toilet per 1,056 people. D. Neeladevi (name changed)
A resident living in the Chintadripet slum shared a toilet with more than 500 local people.
There is only one public toilet in the slum, including two toilets for men and women and one bathroom.
"Every morning, when I go to the toilet, there are sanitary napkins and used clothes in the toilet.
It is impossible to intervene without putting your hand on my nose.
This is especially difficult for women because sometimes they have to use the toilet several times a day, "she said.
Agnes Amara, a researcher at transparency Chennai, said this is not an isolated case.
She noted that there was only one toilet serving 173 people in Mulama Nagar, district 3,500.
In addition to the stench and dirt that pervades most public toilets in the city, residents say there are other problems: men drink in it, the light is not good, women are hard to use after dark, and there are no buckets and cups.
"There are also leaks in many toilets as they are not properly connected to the septic tank or drain.
Also, many toilets do not have admins or anyone to maintain except for some of the toilets that are free to use, which causes them to not be cleaned for a few days at a time.
For example, in jayalakshmiuram, the toilet is free, there is no administrator, there is only one light for the four toilets, there is only one cup for the two toilets, "Ms. Amala said.
While "paid and used" toilets in slums are generally better maintained, they often fail to meet the intended purpose, said Kamala of the women's social movement Penn urimai iacam.
"Public toilets are essential for women with poor economic backgrounds.
But even if the toilet is charged between Rs2 and Rs.
"Every time I use it, I know many women can't even afford it, especially when they need to use it a few times a day," she said . ".
An official at Chennai said every district official was responsible for maintaining public toilets in her area.
"Ideally, health inspectors should visit the toilets on a regular basis and report to officials on the maintenance of the toilets," he said . ".
Last year, the company proposed installing 5,000 toilets in the city.
Later, the number dropped to 2,000.
These toilets were supposed to be built in a public place.
Polycarbonate sheet or high-
Polyethylene density.
But a company source said it would take at least two years to complete the installation of the toilets.
"After removing the old toilet, the new toilet will be placed in some places.
But the official added: "The company does not even have a list of toilets to be removed, and even the bidding process has taken an unusually long time . ".
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