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Kabra Extrusiontechnik spikes up on unveiling its first 5 layer film plant - barrier film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
Kabra Extrusiontechnik spikes up on unveiling its first 5 layer film plant  -  barrier film packaging
The Kabra Extrusiontechnik rupee is currently 40 against the dollar. 00, up by 0. 85 points or 2.
Close 17% from the previous 39 rupees. 15 on the BSE.
The note opens at Rs 40.
00, has touched the level of 40 rupees. 05 and Rs 40. 00.
So far, 50 shares have been traded at the counter.
The BSE group 'B' stock with a face value of Rs 5 hit a 52-week high of Rs 89. 60 on 09-Nov-
2010 and 52 week lows 34 rupees. 80 on 18-Aug-2011.
In the past week, the height and height of the scribbles were RS 41, respectively. 95 and Rs 39. 00.
The company currently has a market value of Rs 124. 90 crore.
The sponsor of the company is 55 years old.
56% institutions and non
Organization held 0. 03% and 44.
41% respectively.
Kabra Extrusiontechnik announced its first month at the new facility Dunetha-
Daman, India, brand "kag ".
The factory is made using our engineering design and technology.
Based in Gloucester Engineering. Inc.
The KAGE series is designed specifically to meet the challenges of the film blowing industry.
The first level full load line has been delivered to the Prropyl package in Kerala.
KAGE plants is specifically designed to produce barrier membranes at a rate and quality level that not only meets or exceeds market requirements, but also improves the operational efficiency and greater flexibility of plastic manufacturers.
The 5-layer 2200mm film line has applications in oil packaging, other barrier applications, and is also used to produce high-quality laminated films.
The production capacity of this production line is as high as 600 kg/hour and the annual installed capacity is 4000 T.
The company welcomes more than 100 invited members of the flexible packaging industry from India and overseas, including special invited personnel from Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, South Africa, on 12 and October 11, an open day was held at the newly completed factory in Dunetha Daman.
Kolra extrtechnik is part of Kolsite group and is a leading manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery in India.
It offers a variety of hi-
Technical Complex single screw extrusion production line for high density polyethylene/PPR, teleduct, single layer and multi layer blown film, etc.
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