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keep your shiny bezel-less phone safe with the best lg g6 cases and covers - clear polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
keep your shiny bezel-less phone safe with the best lg g6 cases and covers  -  clear polycarbonate sheet
The LG G6 is a powerful phone, but its fragile frame can cause trouble if you lose control.
Drop this phone and have a serious risk of cracks, scratches and other ugly damage.
The smart game is to choose some protection, whether it's a polycarbonate frame or a folio-style case.
Just choose one of the best LG G6 cases we have listed below and you don't have to worry about the inevitable accidents in the future.
Don't forget to perfect your protection with the best LG G6 screen protector of our choice.
If you're tired of matte plastic and monotonous designs, then you might like one of these inciio enclosures for LG G6.
This is a translucent box with a tough panel on the back and a beautiful flower pattern.
The bumper is flexible to take the sting out of falls and bumps.
You will find that there are enough openings to enter the port and camera, as well as a small button cover.
In this case, the design series of inciio is fashionable.
Positive cases with a range of different patterns and prints.
Buy one now from: amazoninciiosometimes, and sometimes the toughest protection can be expensive, but Supcase offers a solid case with a holster at a reasonable price.
This G6 case is ideal if you want full coverage as it has a built-in front panel
In the screen protector, it will clip in the doublelayer shell.
The beauty of industrial sheet metal is actually made of polycarbonate and TPU.
There is a texture on the side to improve the grip, but even if it does slip from your grip, your LG G6 should be safe.
Buy one now from: AmazonDespite, and although it is thin, it offers great drop protection.
It will keep your LG G6 from falling up to 10 feet.
This is a translucent housing with a dark, thick bumper section that checks the pattern and absorbs the impact.
The opening is accurate, so it is easy to plug in the port and use the camera or fingerprint sensor.
It has different colors, so you can get it with a transparent, rose, blue and white bumpers, or a gray back with a black bumpers.
Buy one from Amazon best now and you don't need to spend too much money to catch your eye
Grab your LG G6 bag unless you want genuine leather.
This one is made of polyurethane, which can open three card slots.
There is a slim TPU housing that holds the phone in place and you can fold it up to support the phone in the landscape view. There are cut-
In order for you to use the phone with the case turned on, but using the flash will cause problems because they are very tight.
The case also comes with a magnetic closure and a removable strap.
If you don't like the design of cupcakes, there are other options, including pure black, red, brown.
Immediately seek simplicity from: Amazon?
This cheap matte TPU case is as simple as they came.
The textured finish adds grip and no stains or fingerprints appear. The cut-
Out provides easy access to all ports and features, and has a thick button cover for volume control.
You will find this plastic case easy to install with a slight lip on the screen to protect it.
The only real detail is the subtle Diztronic logo on the side.
Don't worry if red is too fancy for you-it also has black, navy and duck.
Buy one now: Amazon G6 looks beautiful, so why cover it up?
Ringke Fusion is a great choice for protection, and it does not sacrifice the inherent style of 66.
The rear panel is made of hard crystals
Transparent polycarbonate, supported by a flexible TPU bumper.
Fit well, there is a protective baffle around the screen, precise opening and port cover to prevent dust and debris.
You can get a translucent version at the moment, or you can choose a colored bumper.
Buy one now from: AmazonIf, and if you're looking for reliable, sturdy drop protection and look a bit futuristic then UAG is covered for you.
The case is actually lighter than it looks, but not stingy with protection.
Each angle of your device is covered with a raised lip around the screen and a special mat on the back to prevent your phone from moving or sliding down. The cut-
The output of the phone port, fingerprint sensor and camera is also generous, and the volume rocker also has a cover.
If you wish, you can choose a clear plastic case with a darker color.
Buy one from here now: the soft leather look of this wallet case is amazing
Very comfortable to catch.
Open it and you will find three card slots and a larger money bag at the back.
There is also a clear plastic housing that will securely secure your G6 in place while having easy access to the ports, buttons and controllers of your phone.
The interior leather and closure show a lighter, contrasting pink color that is less obvious if you choose a variant of blue or black.
Buy one now: mobile fun Amazon this LG G6 case is shocking
Water absorbent, brushed black TPU housing, smooth bumper, available in five colors.
The bumper sticks to the top and extends a little around the screen to reduce the chance of scratches.
It is thick enough to prevent falling damage caused by small waterfalls.
Accurate cutting
Output of fingerprint sensor, camera and port.
Good bumper-
The button cover defined for the volume key.
There is no doubt that this bulky LG G6 case adds some volume, but this is the drop protection price you can trust.
The plastic-able TPU is designed to eliminate any impact and it is wrapped in an almost unbreakable polycarbonate layer. The cut-
For uninterrupted access to ports, fingerprint sensors, and cameras, the output is present and correct.
There is a protective bezel around the screen and the volume control has a thick button cover.
Bonus is a folding stand, ideal for supporting G6 and watching movies in landscape mode.
Buy one from here now: AmazonHere is another solid, double
Layer case combining eyes-
Grip, textured TPU shell with tough, smooth, polycarbonate bumper.
The reclined recessed opening facilitates proximity to the fingerprint sensor on the back and ensures that the housing does not interfere with the camera.
The volume key has a thick round button cover.
The reinforced corner prevents falling damage and there is a lip around the screen to prevent it from touching any surface.
Buy one from here now: the amazingly poetic Karbon case is one of the newest members of the poetic case family and feels like it barely exists.
If you don't like the thick case on your phone but you still want some good protection then Karbon Shield should be your shortlist.
The fit and finish are very good, and when you put it on, the box feels like it was painted on your phone.
This may seem tricky, but you'll be surprised how soft it is when you take it out of the package.
Although it fits perfectly, the soft case is also easy to take off the phone.
The raised texture gives the ita a very safe grip, and the carbon fiber texture provides an elegant, modern look.
Now buy one from: AmazonIf that looks good, not too thick, gives you a demotion of up to 10 feet, the spot of grip of that fortress is for you.
This case has built a pretty good reputation and it will be hard if you lose your phone easily
There is an urgent need to find someone better than that.
It is made of a special material called Impactium that not only protects the device itself, but also maintains the beauty and response of the buttons, even if they are covered.
One of the best things is that Speck supports this with a lifetime warranty.
Buy one now from: Speck Amazon, and few case manufacturers build a reputation for solid cases like Otterbox.
This case is for you.
Protection on the screen to prevent scratches and scratches.
There are three layers of the housing: the inner polyester housing, the outer cover and the screen protector.
In addition, all ports are covered to prevent dust, dirt and other debris.
The Otterbox case has gone through more than 24 tests and more than 200 hours of testing, so this case has actually covered you in terms of additional protection.
Buy one from Amazon now: this box is expensive, but this is one of the most complicated boxes on this list.
Complete 360-
Degree protection for LG g6.
There is a sturdy aluminum alloy frame with raised rubber bumpers in all four corners.
There's a scratch in the back-
Resistant, there is a rubber frame with screen protection on the front.
The case on the camera doubles, adding extra protection to both the dual camera and the Flash. The USB-
Port C is also included.
The most important thing is that the box is dust-
Resistant to testing and can withstand up to 30 minutes of drowning in 1 m of water.
This case comes with Ghostek's worldwide lifetime warranty, black, gold, pink, red, silver and duck water.
If you need more protection then look at the various difficult cases of Zizo.
The Bolt series is of particular interest with an interesting rough look and double
Layered TPU and polycarbonate design certified through military drop test up to 12 feet.
If that's not enough, it also comes with a free lightning shield screen protector that will protect your monitor from scratches and dirt.
Zizo Bolt also integrates a stand for media consumption and it even comes with a removable clip that you can use to connect your G6 to your belt.
Buy one now from: Amazon Mobile Entertainment ZizoIf, if you just want to protect your LG G6 with a simple wallet case, at the same time, borrow a fashion and administrative one and then you can do something worse than Ollie xar's leather.
Purse box.
Made of leather-
Style polyurethane material, durable and easy to clean due to wipingclean material.
The inside is made of TPU silicone, which wraps your phone and stays safe.
There is space for a few credit cards or travel tickets in the internal pocket, and when not in use, the cover folds in front to protect the screen.
It can also be folded on the back of the phone or turned into media --viewing stand.
This is a good small case that will keep your phone protected during the move without fuss.
Now the most important reason to buy a box from: Mobile funbuying is to add protection to a valuable and relatively fragile device.
The real trick is to find a way to balance style and protection without adding too much volume.
Your personal preferences always play an important role in deciding which situation you like, but we think a lot of people will like what Obliq has created with Flex Pro.
The soft TPU adds impact
Absorbance to your device and has passed through MIL-STD 810G 516. 6 military-
Level protection.
The outside of the case is also designed to add as much extra grip as possible, the case itself is thin and has little to no increase to the G6.
Finally, it looks cool.
The combination of military and commercial fashion in the future.
Buy one from: Obliq Mobile FunIf now. If you're looking for more fun with LG G6, check out our tips and tricks articles or our guide on how to make the most of LG 6's amazing cameras.
If you have any problems, we may have solved them for you.
Take a look at our article on how to solve common LG G6 problems.
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