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keeping it real: subversive abstraction, whitechapel art gallery, london - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
keeping it real: subversive abstraction, whitechapel art gallery, london  -  clear plastic roofing
Gross Lancaster of Dane Rose (Big Landscape)
Strangely, on the brown land, a golden sun sets, and some Germans may see it on Gustav Morro.
Then you will find that Ross's sunset is not familiar with art history, but a deli made of cheese.
The work has been 40 years old, so it's hard to say what kind of cheese is used-maybe a nice round gelber Käse?
Although its decay is a coincidence of painting. And why not?
After all, Raphael's work is egg yolk, which is used by most painters.
To make things worse, Rose pressed the cheese on the roof felt and crushed the land with a transparent plastic film, making his scenery like a particularly unsanitary supermarket(
Ross also likes to be called Dieter Rott. )
Its fascination with food has made gros lanzford a burden of Modern German Art that remembers hunger after the war;
Rose used felt to turn us to Joseph Bayes, who also had yen for saturated fat.
Therefore, it is not a manifestation of a thing, but a manifestation of many things, a historical painting with many histories.
Gross lanschford is also a picture of nothing, and a rotten cheese is squashed with transparent plastic, which is probably why Rose's work is on white church.
What is abstraction?
More narrowly, how long is a rope?
In the view of the 1920-year-old British, Paul Nash is an abstract artist, although the scenery he painted is obviously a landscape, and the name also has stone cliffs and the like.
An obvious way to subvert abstractions is to draw known things and then call them abstract, or to make abstractions with materials that can be identified as objects: such as cheese.
As we usually know, this is the opposite side of the abstraction, and the purpose of this style is to look nothing at all--
For example, Mondrian's representative rectangle, or Jackson Pollock's movies and movies.
Ross's suggestive abstraction sounds like eating your cheese, but that's the point.
Take the door that Robert Cooper opened.
The sculpture of Gober is more or less what it calls the traditional white --
Painted wooden doors cut horizontally, reassembled
Looks like a Nazi, hanging on the wall.
If it weren't for the door, it might be Donald Judd, a minimalist sculpture.
But it is always a door.
The Judd wall may look like a shelf, but that doesn't mean;
The sculpture of Gober looks like a door. Why?
This is a problem running through the white church program.
The second in the fourth series is called Keeping true, and the subversive abstraction is extracted from a collection of Greek yogurt millionaires named D. Daskalopoulos.
Food is a heart-to-heart thing that makes you make money, and the collection of darculopoulos seems pretty brave.
It's not a new brain pain for him.
Geologically abstract like Tomma Abts,
Occasionally tacky)
An abstraction that starts with a known object.
So Mike Kelly's transplant is made up of three cloth blankets with toy linen made from pieces of useful fabric;
This is a yellow plaid leg with a tail of Laura Ashley.
Part of Kelly's work is not clean because of what you might call a "go" process.
Make familiar things look unfamiliar and abstract the appearance.
Same is true for capsule/thermal cabin
The water boiler at Nikos Kessanlis, which I always thought he was a painter, seems to be involved in a Greek art sculpture as well.
The question of all this-only one trivial one-is the question of intent.
I can imagine Mr. dardakalapoulos collecting what he likes, but I doubt more that he would say at the beginning, "I'm going to buy something that subverted the abstraction today.
"In his collection, or at least this part of it, from the curators of subversive abstractions. In these anti-
In the elite age, you can't really put on a show called D. Daskalopoulos Collection for loans.
Things must be contextual. personalised.
The white church, therefore, compressed the work to accommodate a theory that was convincing most of the time, but not all.
Why did Daniel supkov get hacked?
Is the canvas a subversive abstraction? Search me.
But it was a wonderful show and a smart show, and I should go if I were you. To 5 Dec (020-7522 7878).
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