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kellogg cites packaging chemical in cereal recall - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
kellogg cites packaging chemical in cereal recall  -  food packaging film
PORTLAND, Ore. —Kellogg Co.
Higher, said Wednesday. than-
The normal content of certain chemicals in its packaging liner led to unusual smells and flavors, prompting the recall of 28 million boxes of grain at the end of June.
After about 20 complaints, food manufacturers recalled Apple Jack, corn cob, Froot Loops and honey flavors, 5 of whom reported nausea and vomiting.
Consumers report that the grain smells or tastes wax, and others say it smells similar to metal or soap.
Others just describe it as old.
The company is headquartered in combat Creek, Michigan.
The company says it has identified an increase in the chemical content known as hydrocarbons as the source.
These chemicals include methanol.
The chemicals are usually found at a lower concentration in wax and film used for food packaging, says Kellogg.
The company says the wax used in its liner is often used as a protective coating for foods such as cheese, raw fruits and vegetables.
Little is known about the risk of moderate exposure to methyl benzene.
The Food and Drug Administration said it was reviewing kelog's information and conducting its own risk assessment.
The quantity of these chemicals is not at the level considered harmful and it is working with suppliers to ensure that this does not happen again, said kelog.
The advocacy group Environment Working Group said that, given the lack of knowledge of chemicals, Kellogg and the FDA were obliged to follow up.
It also stressed the need to improve food and food packaging supervision, the organization said. (
This version CORRECTS "kellogs" instead of "kraft" in the seventh chart ". )
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