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kelly hoppen's holiday heaven and hell - polyester sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
kelly hoppen\'s holiday heaven and hell  -  polyester sheets
Which is your best holiday?
My 50 th birthday party last year on Ibiza was probably the best I 've ever had.
I rented a great house with 16 guests who were all very close friends and new friends.
We had a great time.
David wallyms lived for nearly two and a half weeks;
Matthew Williamson was an amazing guest;
And Pete don dijed.
I will also get Ben de Resi back countless times as he cooks like a troublemaker.
My birthday dinner was originally a 30-year-old, but after my daughter Natasha put everything together, I ended the 250 party.
Great. it lasted until seven o'clock A. M.
The best hotel you have ever stayed in?
Scalinatella in Capri, I 've been there since I was 12 when my parents took me there.
This is a small, unpretentious hotel run by Morgan, and the staff are the same as when I visited a few years ago.
I met great people there and the same people went year after year.
This is very traditional, typical Italian style with a true cross section of the ugliest and modern furniture, and it works even though it doesn't have any effect.
Nikki Clark broke up girlfriend trend Kelly hopburn designed a shocking read for her famous friend celebrity travel home page perfect holiday needs?
I like the sun instead of the cold and the soft white sand, friends and laughter.
I have to relax because I hate anything pretentious.
I hate big hotels too, so I prefer to rent villas so I can control when I eat and what I do.
The environment, weather, beach and bar are great.
I like the hotel room very much. I am very special.
For example, in the villa on Ibiza, I sent my PA to organize everything first.
What do you always carry?
My personal trainer, he is a good friend because I like training and have done it since I was 17.
I also have my iPod with me, it has 7,000 tracks and I like a good autobiography.
Last time I read Alan Carr, he was my good friend.
What is your best travel advice?
Make sure you know where you are going and it will tick on all the boxes.
If you are as busy as I am, the holiday is really important.
Also, bring enough clothes.
It took me many years to try to cut back on expenses, but as I got older I realized that I never knew what I would do, so I might as well take a big suitcase.
Where do you want to go next?
I really want to stay in Brazil and Argentina for a while.
Everyone says these two countries are special and this is part of the world I have never been to before.
I'm not interested in Rio Carnival.
What I'm talking about is going, looking at this place, traveling.
Which is your worst holiday?
At 1997 of Krabi in Thailand, I had food poisoning and no doctor could help.
I lost a half stone in a week, had to give an injection every day, and almost had to air it out.
Your worst experience abroad?
A client lent me a house in Florida and I accepted it.
Children, Savannah, Siena [Miller]
Natasha was 12, 11 and 10, respectively.
The whole house was minimalist and white, but I thought, "Oh, it's okay, we'll be on the beach all the time.
"We came here with our bikini and it was raining for two weeks.
We had to go on vacation at home and I ran around scared: "Don't eat their chocolate!
"Or" Don't touch it and make a mess!
"It was the worst holiday of my life.
What is the biggest packing mistake you make?
Not enough clothes.
I was told during a family vacation in Mexico that I only needed a bikini and packaging, which taught me a lesson.
Now I always wear long skirts, high heels, jeans and sweaters.
I didn't realize that I could go to the most incredible party every night.
Which is the worst hotel you have ever stayed in?
About seven years ago, I worked in Westchester, outside New York, where I built a 40-square-foot house.
It was a huge facility so I took my seven teams out but the only hotel we could find was the Holiday Inn.
This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.
When I went to bed, the polyester sheets felt electric spark.
The service was terrible and the rooms and bathrooms were terrible.
The window looked at the wall and everything was chocolate brown, including the sheets.
What do you avoid during the holidays?
I can't stand the club and the crowd.
I left in order to leave, and I was not interested in the big night clubs and places others went.
I always try to find things that others don't find.
Luckily, my friends are all the same, so we always pass on the tip-"You have to do that.
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