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kevlar sail curb causing turmoil - dupont mylar polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
kevlar sail curb causing turmoil  -  dupont mylar polyester film
1983 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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With the decision to partially ban the use of kavelar in the sail, the Ocean Grand Prix is in chaos.
Although the details of the ban have not yet been formulated, it will take effect on February. 1.
This puts the owners and sailing makers who are looking forward to what kind of sails they should build next season in trouble.
S. yachting manufacturers are disappointed that the sport's national authority, the American yacht racing Alliance, said the ban should be suspended for one year in the country, giving yacht owners time to comply with the new requirements.
The ban was passed by the offshore racing board, which manages the Grand Prix, at the annual meeting of the International Yacht competition alliance held in London last weekend.
The international group has also opened the way for commercial sponsorship of yachts, approving a rule change that allows the yacht to be named as a sponsor from January. 1, 1985.
This change may apply to the next Copa America competition scheduled for 1987.
Although the keel board of the International Union had previously agreed to allow 12-
Instrument yachts, such as the one that Australia II used to win the World Cup this year, the offshore racing board actually banned the winged keel in the Ocean Grand Prix
Racing yachts and maximum crew restrictions are established.
Advertising is much stronger than steel, but the ban on Kefla fiber will have the most direct impact, five times as much as DuPont fiber.
Kefla fiber has been used in the sail experiment for nearly ten years, and in the past few years alone it has become a viable canvas material, as sailing makers and fabric manufacturers have learned how to use it with Mylar, a polyester film.
The Kefla fiber is a kind of sail material because it does not deform.
A year ago, since next January, kaifla was banned from advertising.
1, because it is considered too expensive, too unreliable, easy to break when the sail is slapped.
Some bans are prohibited from being used in the larger Genova jibs. 1 and 2.
It is not clear the number of kaivelar fibers allowed in the main sail.
The Council indicated that Kefla would be allowed to harden but did not specify how much or where.
This will be decided at a meeting on January.
In Amsterdam.
However, these restrictions apply to grand prix yachts with a length of less than 70 feet m.
Maxis lifted the entire kafflar ban.
Ship 70 to 80 feet.
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Organizer of the South Ocean Racing Conference, six-
At the national championship in February, they said they would allow the kaivelra sail in last June.
Therefore, the Grand Prix Yacht race that takes part in the conference requires the kavelra sail, which is superior and competitive.
But in order to compete on the Long Island Strait two months later, the yacht needs a second voyage list to comply with the parts ban.
Tom Whidden, head of Sailstad, confused "it's terrible," as he sailed in old sebrook, Connecticut.
I'm talking about the ban.
"I'm sitting here with a new ship, revenge, it takes two weeks to sail and I don't know what to use to sail.
The owner did not want to take the mai la/polyester sail to the track, nor did he want to see someone else racing with the Kefla fiber.
On the other hand, after the track is over, maybe everyone will still be racing with Kefla anyway.
"Dave Hirsch, chief designer of northsail, Milford, Connecticut. , agrees.
"How do you tell people who have been using Kefla fiber for a year now --
You know the sail will last another year.
Will they have to buy new inferior sails they don't need? '' he said.
Hirsch said the commission had decided to ban the use of "outdated" data.
He and Whidden also believe that the original problem of keflaer has been solved.
"We have been in the summer for 12 and a half years --
"I'm racing with the kavelra sail and it's not broken," Whidden said . ".
"The cost is falling, the sail is lighter and better handled.
I don't see any good reason for the ban.
If this is not good for the sport, why do you allow the Maxie boat to use the kaivelra sail?
"A version of the article appeared on page 5005009 of the National edition in November 27, 1983, with the title: The kaiflafan containment caused confusion.
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