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kid-friendly rice paper wraps - clear plastic rolls

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
kid-friendly rice paper wraps  -  clear plastic rolls
Christian, Toronto nutritionist?
Webb, founder of a healthy eating company called spout Right, teaches her daughter to make these lunch packs.
Watch the video at sprout right. com.
Use any vegetable, protein and dipping sauce rich in color (
Even fresh herbs or bean sprouts)that you like.
Prepare your vegetables and noodles the night before, but make the packaging fresh in the morning.
Young children may only eat one, while older children may want two or three.
Clear plastic packaging in dry rice paper packaging, usually from Vietnam, is sold in the Asian region of most supermarkets.
There are several sizes of rice noodles-
Select the thinnest one. Kid-
4 ounces of friendly rice paper (110 g)
Thin, dry rice noodles (
1/4 of 1 pound/450-g package)
Carrot, peeled, leaves removed (
Cut into long and thin matchsticks)
1/2 sweet pepper in yellow, red or green, cut growing, thin striped 1/3 British cucumber, cut growing, thin striped slices of smoked salmon, cooked chicken bean curd powder or plum sauce (optional)
Put the fans in a bowl.
Cover with boiling water.
Let's stand for 5 minutes until flexible. Drain.
Refrigerate until cold if possible.
Fill the pie plate or large, shallow bowl with warm water.
Dip each pack of rice paper into the water for 5 to 10 seconds until it is soft and soft.
Put on the cutting board or on a clean tea towel on the counter.
Taste noodles, carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers and salmon, chicken or tofu vertically in the center of each package, leaving 1-inch (2. 5-cm)at bottom.
Leave the leftovers for the next time.
Fold up and down fill.
Fold the left side over the filler and scroll closely. (
The top will open.
Stay 1-if you want-inch/2. 5-
Cm space at the top, fold after the bottom. )
Cut all or in half and dip in soy sauce or plum sauce if needed. (
At school lunch, wrap in a covered container in a dip sauce and place it in a small bathtub with a lid. )Makes 4. Star-
Test by Jennifer Bainjbain @ thestar.
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