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Kids’ crafts survival guide: Stained-glass kite - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
Kids’ crafts survival guide: Stained-glass kite  -  clear plastic sheets
You know those craft projects that require a PhD, which inevitably end with tears and time --
Yes, so do I.
We thought this lovely colored kite would be a great afternoon project to remind us of the breeze and Sea Breeze of Summer.
We were so naive.
Building and paper towels, scissors and transparent plastic MACtac are placed on the table, and our panel of experts is ready to handle the latest Pinterest project, which looks simple.
Jillian Juhl, 3, little dictator Jason Osman, 33, Princeton Review organic chemistry teacher, obsessed perfectionist Drew pinsonneult, 37, when no indication was found on this particular project, the detail-oriented thing went south almost immediately.
The more scientific minds of this group are trying to imagine a way to cut the shape of the kite easily, while those of this group who don't have the scientific mind (that's me) start cutting wildly in the folded placein-
Half of the building paper cuts four small triangles into a large diamond.
Drew poured coffee.
Gillian ate a cookie and made no comments.
Jason folded his green paper in a mysterious way, trimmed the edges, and then opened the paper to reveal the perfect kite shape.
He used scissors X-Acto-
Style to carve triangles that almost match our project Guide.
At the same time, I made a rough attempt at Gillian, who tore it into pieces, hid it on the ground with her cookie crumbs, then swept the whole thing to the floor, and then
"Well, do you want a piece of construction paper ? "
Given our lack of instructions, he declined and preferred the role of a scientific observer.
Jason cut a Margarita carefully and Gillian was lured back to the table.
"Maybe this is for the teacher," he thought . "
"They can prepare everything in advance --
Complete all cuts and settings-
Just stick it in a paper towel. ”Makes sense.
For Gillian, we didn't get through the cutting section fast enough, and Gillian walked into the living room and wouldn't allow her to touch the plants.
Then there was an incident that, if seen separately, would have a bad effect on the child and the mother, and the last child screamed and an adult continued to make handmade patterns, another adult tore the paper towel.
Jason was right: when everything calmed down and the project began to get tricky, the child immediately returned to it and happily nailed down the various lengths of tissue, pull them again and reset them and wander around the house with her little kite.
Guys, here are a few lessons to learn, but most importantly: it's fun to make with your kids, but sometimes they don't like it.
You can go ahead and set up as we did, or drop the whole set up for an hour or a day.
Even if something goes wrong, you should have a good time.
Provide a great opportunity to connect with your favorite scholars.
If these works are prepared in advance, it will be a great project for kindergarten teachers or older children, but for toddlers and craft --
Damage is just a long tissue.
The road to failure.
Five tears for a frustrating hour
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