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lambert’s unique and innovative business model key to company’s growth - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
lambert’s unique and innovative business model key to company’s growth  -  pet manufacturing process
Headquartered in Lambert, automated machinery for some of the world's largest healthcare and rapid manufacturing
Consumer goods companies.
Due to the terms of secrecy, its owner cannot discuss most of its customers, but walking along any supermarket aisle you may find a product made using a company machine.
"From razors to diapers, these products are millions of dollars," says Matthew Cox, Lambert's sales director . ".
Lambert operates a unique business model, half of which is a consulting company and half of which is an engineering company, working with customers to develop complex manufacturing platforms.
Customers retain intellectual property rights for products designed by Lambert, which are introduced from the production line.
"There are only less than 10 big companies on Earth doing what we should do," Mr Cox said . ".
Growth is generated through two channels, Cox said: Lambert Studies top companies in its target Industry, finds pain points, and then "throws the kitchen sink at the problem ".
Or, once a relationship is established with the brand, sales will have an opportunity.
"Our customers are global organizations, so they have factories everywhere," he explained . ".
"Once we have made some equipment for Central Engineering, our machines will slowly be promoted around the world.
"The turnover so far this year has increased by 30 PCs over the past 12 months and will reach £ 25 each year --end.
"Our goal is to reach £ 35 in three to four years," Mr Cox said . ".
Many new sales come from developing countries in the Far East and around the world.
"The East is becoming more and more complex, faster than anyone can imagine," Mr Cox said . ".
"They don't just make cheaper products, they also need to make high quality mechanical equipment
Also terminal products.
"In the medical sector, more diagnostic products are needed to detect diseases such as asthma or diabetes as early as possible, which is a huge growth momentum for Lambert.
Innovation is the key to the industry, and that's why Lambert has connected with world engineering giants such as Siemens and Rockwell Automation, with exclusive access to cutting
Edge manufacturing expertise is available anywhere else.
"When they launch their new robots, we use them to develop and test products at our innovation center," Mr Cox said . ".
"Together we create a world --
Manufacturing process.
"Six years ago, the company recognized that the only obstacle to growth could be a shortage of skills.
The number of British engineers is seriously insufficient,
It is estimated that there will be a shortage of 1 million new engineers and technicians in the UK over the next five years.
This year's Hays Global skill index found that the UK's skill shortage has deteriorated for the fifth consecutive year.
To solve this problem, Lambert is now working with local schools and universities to praise the merits of the engineering profession.
It has established close ties with the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield, recruiting about five graduates each year.
To date, the company has worked with 1,000 students through a range of educational activities and has launched a popular apprenticeship program that will recruit 10 new members this year, at present, more than 20 of the 180 PCs have been produced.
Strong workforce
"We don't have a strong engineering foundation in our local area," Mr Cox said . ".
"Leeds is a financial center and York is a tourist center, but we now find that people are willing to work for us.
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