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lansdowne road: what a conversion! - white polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
lansdowne road: what a conversion!  -  white polycarbonate panels
What is the story of the painter and decorator?
Green shoots sprout from the soil.
At least 1,000 construction workers have moved away from Ireland's largest construction site.
Yes, guys, the new Aviva Stadium has risen from the ashes of Lance Road in the heart of Dublin 4.
FAI and IRFU have delivered their 410 euro House and the celebration of May 14 will officially open a new chapter in the history of Irish sports. Big time.
Lansdownne Road, which started in 1872, is a sports venue and developed into the birthplace of Irish rugby and football on a piecemeal basis (
The East Stand was added in 1983;
Floodlight as of 1990 seconds).
We like it very much, but even in the 21 st century, it has half of orange peel and cigarettes. time.
Its replacement is purposeful.
Built from scratch and almost knocked me six times.
What impressed me first was how bright the new stadium was.
Transparent polycarbonate panels sparkled like shells on the skyline ---
I can even see the view of the outside city through havlock square.
The whole building moves a few degrees east and the roof faces south, maximizing natural light.
It sparkled.
There are 117 revolving doors-
Rising from 50 people in the old stadium. A new premium-
The horizontal podium runs on the railway line, and the driving range is rearranged into a site running north. south.
Inside you will find the concrete of Lansdowne Road
The heavy "middle man" is a distant memory.
My impression is that the space, lobby and lobby are large enough to accommodate a large crowd (
In case of emergency, the stadium can be cleaned up within 15 minutes).
Light years from the old wet passage.
Then the design details: the Oak Bar on the company box; soft-
The light of the hue replaces the spots of the flower season;
The light gray, elegant green and plain brown color scheme is sprinkled on the stadium itself.
You will even find yourself standing on the carpet!
It doesn't even start with technology, from plug-insand-
A television studio was broadcast on the roof-top rain irrigation grounds.
There are even delicious hamburgers.
You haven't heard of the sloppy pints, rubber sausages, and half.
The time conflict between the toilet and the dining car is likely to end.
Catering for the new stadium is signed with Compass, with a total of 59 bars and food stores scattered across floors and halls.
Compared to the old hodgepodge, it looks like Michelin. standard fare.
There are hot dogs and hot beef rolls, but you can also eat at the frying pan station and slide to the Oyster Bar and yes, the delicious burger that gobbled (€6. 50).
The chefs will flip the beef in the Hereford herd of Carlow, Kilkenny, Meath and Westmeath, served in a packed wrapping paper.
Aviva Stadium is equipped at the same speed --
O2 business of beer faucet (
These beers can be distributed with a pint of beer in three seconds;
Five cents a pint Guinness. Twenty-
Nine bars in the stadium offer 2,000 pints per minute for 5 euros.
But not beer.
Think about it, on a cold plate in six countries, you can have a hot whisky, pick a wine, or have a specialty coffee.
Any still abandoned Celtic cub can buy foam at the champagne and seafood bars.
It's touching and going. Concert-
We know that spectators can bring drinks to their seats, but bringing alcoholic drinks on the day of the match is "decided by the Stadium Management Company ".
From the 1948 grand slam to the Liam Brady strike, which defeated Brazil in 1987, Lanston road regularly releases pain and ecstasy;
Try Jason mccatell's miracle from 1982 of ginger McLoughlin-
Goals against the Netherlands on 2001
Can Aviva have a better prospect of spectacular reconstruction of the Rock Park?
Its second arrival turned GAA's Central station into one of the great European stadiums, which will impress rugby and football fans.
Unlike Aviva, the stadium-
Designed for football and football-
Closer to fans. Absolutely.
Lanstown road has grown organically, with a long history of sporting events in Ireland and Ronnie Delaney (Ronnie Delaney)
In the 40,000 s, 1950 people came to see who participated in the track and field competition.
Ronan Ogala
In contrast, the Aviva Stadium is a new building.
The large "aviva" brand works in the seat on the lower level, and the catering is the responsibility of a contractor (
Let's see what this has to do with the price)
The totem pole for targeted fans will undoubtedly let you know who owns the title. No.
The head of the company said the stadium cost 410 euros and the money had to be recovered in some way.
Aviva has a 10-year title for € 4 a year.
It's hard to know.
Both of them are dead.
Hardcore and fickle fans
When Highbury was replaced by the Emirates Stadium, did Arsenal supporters feel dissatisfied? You know, anyone who calls O2 the point, you 'd prefer Bertie Bowles and thankfully better fit the py grime and the body shapezero models.
There are five approaches to the new stadium (
New apartments including Bath Avenue and Sherborne Road)
Everything is colored.
The code corresponding to the ticket.
However, leave the motor at home.
There is no parking space other than 250 underground spaces for the disabled, and D4 has not seen any new multiple
The floor we heard about.
The good news is that the Dart station on Langston Road has also been upgraded.
It now includes a front yard capable of transporting 1,100 people to a train, and a new underground passage means level.
On the competition day, the crossing can remain closed, eliminating the risk of chicken running.
Tickets are read electronically when you hit the gate.
Automatic opening of the revolving door (
Although there will be a butler for guidance).
All dining is included in the stadium, in a variety of spaces between the seat and the housing, which makes the weather betterindependent.
Bill Enright, operations manager at Aviva Stadium, told me on our tour: "Every one of the 50,000 seats can see the perfect view of the stadium . ".
Remember, some people are more equal than others. The mid-
Premium rating (
10-with 10,000 IRFU and FAI-
Annual Ticket Holder)
The hotel lobby is equipped with soft cushion seats with elevators and escalators, fresh salad bars and wok tables.
IRFU sold its premium tickets-
Guaranteed seating for all home rugby international events between now and 2020--
The price of 15,000 euros.
At the same time, the lower and upper levels hold the mob (
19,500 per capacity).
But even these enjoy more legroom than the old Lansdowne.
Everyone is sitting down (
Except for players who need to keep their toes)
There are 247 fans of disabled people. Yes.
"There may be restricted views in some areas of the stadium," a spokesman said . ".
"It has not been decided whether to set up seats in these areas," he said . " He added that the contract for reconstruction will be fulfilled.
"There will be 50,000 seats for the absolute first --
"A collective view of all actions," the spokesman said . ".
There are 36 corporate boxes in the new stadium, including 4 50-seaters, 22 24-
Seaters and 10 12-seaters.
All rooms are located between premium and premium, accessible via VIP escalators with private bar and kitchen, LCD screen and WiFiFi.
VIP guests can also look forward to cushion seats with armrests (
They are a bit soft at the bottom).
These are private balconies that enter through sliding doors.
I can guarantee these points, FAI and IRFU box-
Ticket holders can also give priority to tickets for other events.
FAI and IRFU have been selling corporate boxes for domestic and international companies.
But, predictably, they are coming in a report just like Declan KidneyInterview.
A spokesman for the company said iflu had sold "most" of the company's boxes. Five-
Annual contract prices for home rugby international range from 12-380,000 euros
Seat Box 50-850,000 euroseaters.
FAI said that the company's Box sales "target" is clear.
However, both note that time has changed since the demolition of Lansdowne Road in 2007, and some have re-entered
Sales are not excluded. And then some.
The Irish rugby and football team will enter the dressing room through the underground service tunnel with a spa pool, dedicated video analysis facilities and warmth-
The ceiling is high enough to accommodate the last roomminute line-out practice. Then there's no excuse.
There are many highlights on Lansdowne Road, but the toilet is not one of them.
The new stadium still has a long way to go to solve the problem.
According to Bill Enright, it even includes a waterless urinal, saving about 400,000 litres of water on the event day.
There are usually more toilets--
It will be great when female fans hear the news. -
A total of 443 toilets were marked exclusively for women.
The lack of ladies toilets has caused a lot of discomfort on Lanston Road.
The first rugby game on Langston Road is an international game.
Province between Leinster and Ulster in December 1876.
In the first game of the new stadium, the lineups of leinstone and ARST were combined with the lineups of Connaught and Munster.
It happened in July 31.
On August 11, Ireland played a friendly match with Argentina.
2012 Euro qualifier against Andorra (September 7)and Russia (October 8).
All of these fixtures are sold out, but please keep an eye on the FAI website (fai. ie)
Return any ticket.
According to FAI, there are rumors that Manchester United will play in August, but this has not been confirmed.
On the other hand, Michael boubray was a clear message on 25 and September 24.
Irish rugby gets its house-
November 6, warm party when the hoppers will turn their ages-
Old rugby tradition, wear their away colors for the first game of the fall international game.
After that, Ireland hosted Samoa (November 13)
All black people (November 20)and Argentina (November 27).
The Uefa Cup final will be held at the stadium on 2011.
See avivastium.
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