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led dia copy - polycarbonate products

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
led dia copy  -  polycarbonate products
Hello, people!
I collect a lot of Kodacrome, Fujichrome, because I am a photographer ,. . dias. Chemistry.
Light and silver.
Simulation photography. 36 pictures.
Waiting for development. Yeah.
Hey, when is that?
Imagine dia in 40 years?
New people don't know what that is.
Instant picture.
Everything in an instant. Smile. Well.
I like to save the light captured by the old chemistry.
I assembled the "dia scanner ". 1.
The best light for Dias replication is-
Point it to the sky on a sunny day. About 5600K. 2.
Thousands of Dias. . .
Load, point to the sky. . .
And it's not sunny every day. 3.
I need artificial lighting. . .
But halogen heat. 4. LED's!
I have very few choices with 6000 K and very few with 4500K5. Battery 4,5V.
Photocopier has been purchased.
There are many in the market.
According to the filter line on the back, there is a 10mm lens and screw.
This is available as a powerful nacro lens. Front side.
Insert the gap of the option.
2mm of the front of the polycarbonate "organic glass-(
Lexan * R is a trademark name-
Usually used in conversations for pc products. . . ).
This front can be replaced according to needs and tastes.
The LED array is guided from a reasonable distance on this white surface to cover a square of 40x30mm with "equal" brightness. . .
I use LED with 15mm angle. . .
Light concentration.
You can see a 47 Ohm potentiometer and a 5 w 12 v motor lamp as a resistor.
I can choose the amount of light and get the appropriate exposure in different ways. . .
My little camera.
It is diffuse light, appropriate Kelvins and strength. . .
Fall on white Lexan on dia copy tube. . . .
Here you can see how the fixture is made. (
Purchased the camera and tube for dia copy. Not made)
I made this fixture with Lexan plexiglass
The Holder helped me in the boring work of dia copy.
Comfortable body position.
The hands are free. Insert. Adjust. Click. An so on. . . . So.
Now is the time to insert diapositive and click. . .
Comfortable from the chair. Or bed. Or. . . . At any time. Night . Evening? (
Don't forget the beer not far from your hand. :))
Sincere you
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