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led flashlights mysteries: polycarbonate, the titanium of flashlight lenses - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
led flashlights mysteries: polycarbonate, the titanium of flashlight lenses  -  polycarbonate lenses
Poly carbonates is called part of a thermoplastic polymer.
These plastics are widely used in the chemical industry.
They have important properties, such as high temperature resistance and optical properties.
It can also be used to make baby bottles and water bottles.
Due to the optical properties of these plastics, they can also be used to reduce the lens to improve the quality of the light.
Due to its durability, transparency, and high violation index, the polyester plastic is used to make lenses.
Compared with glass lenses or other traditional lenses, the resin lenses are thinner and almost unbreakable.
The polycarbonate in the flashlight lens because the polycarbonate lens is unbreakable, they reduce the risk of damage and are very lightweighted.
That's why they are more expensive than glass and other lenses.
The polyester lens can correct the problem of poor light quality, so it is used in the flashlight in order to improve the light quality.
They also feature scratch-resistant coatings that prevent distortion of the light missed by the LED flashlight, giving off a strong light.
They can be easily molded and shaped as required, and can be installed well in the flashlight medium.
Compared with glass lenses, using polycarbonate lenses has various advantages over using glass lenses.
Some of them are listed below :-
Compared with other plastic lenses and glass lenses, the impact resistance of the polyester lens is ten times that of other lenses. -
Glass lenses can be broken even under a slight force.
The polyester lens is almost unbreakable, so the damage is relatively small. -
The polyester lens has 100% UV protection for the harmful light of the sun. -
Lenses made of polyester plastic are more durable and scratch-resistant. -
These lenses are lighter than glass lenses.
However, there are some significant shortcomings associated with polycarbonate lenses.
This is called oxidation or discoloration.
It is impossible for the naked eye to figure it out, but these polyester lenses are made up of materials exposed to high or higher temperatures to expand.
This can cause debris, dust and UV rays to enter the lens for a period of time.
Oxidation can also cause fading, and the lens can appear foggy and cloudy for a period of time.
Due to the deterioration of the lens, the quality of the light will also be affected and you may not get the same quality as the first few days.
Depending on your retirement, you can choose the product that suits you best.
However, the shortcomings do occur over time.
To experience the benefits, you can still go and buy a flashlight with polycarbonate lenses.
It's always a wise decision to get an LED flashlight so you can enjoy a better beam of quality.
These products are used by people around the world.
You can choose the right products by shopping around and looking at them.
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