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by:Cailong     2019-07-05
leigh paatsch\'s guide to movies | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb5333 bu  -  pet film producer
If you're looking for a dayor a night -
In the movie, read Leigh's list and find out the best films currently shown. ARGO (M), A real-
The world drama needs a real Hollywood ending, we, 118 minutes, one reason we all turn to the movie: escape.
This wonderful thriller Argo tells an amazing real story about a world superpower who has turned to movies for the same reason.
At the height of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979, six U. S. embassy staff escaped the capture of militants.
As they continued their secret hiding in Tehran, a CIA agent (Ben Affleck)
Made up a strange plan to take them home.
The spy, posing as a film producer, must convince the Iranians that he intends to make a strange sci-fi film.
Film production in their country
Praise Argo for being an efficient movie machine is a big compliment.
The product it produces
Not only is there a thrilling drama, but also a great comedy --
Just can't forget.
The script is the key to knowing when to stick to the facts and when to beautify the facts.
Directed by Affleck, it quickly became one of the best companies in the industry.
1/2 single women (MA15+)
Completely violated all pre-
Wedding conditions, the United States, after 95 minutes, do not list single women as cheap and annoying copycats of popular comedy Bridesmaids.
Of course, this is all about some major mistakes in running.
Before an important wedding, yes, humor came in and outgo-
Go there as you please.
Still, being single is different enough.
Enough, I dare say.
Worth a look-see.
The comedy emotion of the film is darker, dirtier, and more depraved than the bridesmaids, and is often equally interesting.
Kirsten Dunst, who led the entourage of a whistleblower bride, threatened to ruin their big day with their friends --
It was a big night before. ***DREDD (MA15+)
Judge, we, 95 minutes of futuristic action are of an amazing quality, enough to erase the horrible Judge Dredd of Sylvester Stallone (
Adapted from the same cult comicbook source).
Carl Auburn plays the title role, tough, no.
When a killer drug nicknamed Slo, cheap police destroyed a battle
Mo is on the street of Mega-City One.
Some clever settings
Piece chase and skirmish, along with a sly sense of humor, have made our efforts more solid. Co-
Star Lena Headey.
* End of Watch (MA15+)
When it was not so sweet to deal with it, we, 95 minutes later, a senior police drama had a hail on the audience.
It's not just an unapologetic attack, it's also a welcome, absolutely engaging authenticity.
Young Los Angeles police officer Brian TaylorJack Gyllenhal)
Mike Zava (Michael Pena)
May not always do things by book, but they are always on the same page.
While in a graphic violent way, rather than going beyond the strange cynical cliché, the End of Watch still wins the audience's respect, attention and concern by telling stories in the most natural way possible.
Non-mandatory chemical reactions between Gyllenhaal and Pena
Like at home, when they mess up a bad family --
Reducing the burden is often heavy.
1/2 frankenwiney (PG)
How to teach your dog to play un
Dead, US, an animated family movie about resurrection in 84 minutes
Making animations for dead family pets can only be the work of director Tim Burton, a proven master
It is strange that the absolute attraction is almost shocking.
The story happened to a weird black man. and-
In the white world, everyone looks like they were born and raised in a 1950 horror movie.
The young Victor Frankenstein set off a boom among his peers, bringing back the dog he trusted from the afterlife.
Opened soon.
During the urn season at the local pet cemetery, all Victor's classmates followed his terrible leadership. A stop-
The film is sure to shock and delight both children and adults, and there is no doubt that frankenwyney is Burton's best work named in Yonkers.
Hussos VS authority (MA15+), Half-
Fighting for wisdom and humor, Australia, 107 minutes if there is an aggressive Olympics, comedian Paul Fink and his team will be on the podium with fierce strength in every match
Every ethnic minority known as a police officer, the same is true of wheelchairs. Bound, drugs-
Addiction, unemployment, employment, madness, sanity, alive, even dead.
It turned out to be bad. a joke. to-
7 parts miss a part of the hit laugh ratio.
The conversation here is usually just a steaming curse from the speaker (and move)
It's like they have sharp gravel in their underwear.
It's as subtle, sad and pointless as a brick thrown out of a kindergarten window.
* Not touching (MA15+)
112 minThis is a very cute French feel comedy that states in advance that it is "based on real events ".
"Yes, in Paris a long time ago, it was true that there was a tycoon who was paralyzed by limbs who hired a street --savvy ex-
To be his main caretaker.
One is rich, the other is poor.
One likes art and classical music, and the other likes graffiti and hip hop music. hop.
One is white and the other is black.
Let's not look at the obvious things: this is the strange couple taking steroids.
Nevertheless, the advantages of intouchables as crazy and cheerful people in the crowd are not limited to the scenes that are generally available --up.
The chemistry between the two protagonists is vivid, contagious, and truly special.
Francois cruzette presided brilliantly over the meeting as a paralyzed millionaire.
At the same time, his interesting colleagues
Star Omar Sisi, the charm can burn enough to make the stupidest, Suzy joke of Intouchables --
And there's a few more-
Looks smarter and cooler than they should be doing. *** 1/2LOOPER (MA15+)
History was rewritten as the death penalty, the United States, an ambitious, exciting sci-115 minute
Almost all the time is a sci-fi thriller of the brain and muscles.
First of all, the brain is a bit.
Holster is time-
Travel movies, some heads
The theory of how time machines are used by gangsters to destroy enemies. Joseph Gordon-
Levitt plays Joe, the killer of 2044. his most recent mission is to kill himself in the future.
Bruce Willis is old Joe and he will not let the past himself escape murder. What follows (
And easier to understand than it sounds! )
It is a quality film that is quite exquisite.
In fact, in the final act of the cliffhanger, Looper fell into a feeling of contemplation and eye-catching.
That momentum, more
The orientation plot gathers in one place where you will be absorbed and even moved by what is about to pass.
Only his third feature, the writer of Looper
Director Ryan Johnson revealed that he was the most exciting unorthodox filmmaker since Christopher Nolan.
* Master (MA15+)
The first worship is the deepest, the United States, 137 minutes.
Director Paul Thomas Anderson
Phuket night, with blood)
There are two stories to tell.
One is the story of a person, and the other is the movement he created himself.
The other is the story of someone who can't take any action.
Whether these different yarns are combined together to form a coherent whole will be the subject of many debates in the years to come.
Philip Seymour Hoffman plays an attractive character (
Largely based on the controversial founder of ScientologyRon Hubbard)
He became the creator of a strange new belief system known as the "cause.
Joaquin Phoenix plays a new member, a tortured creator who enters and exits under the strong influence of his mentor.
The seductive plot that the master originally summoned
This promised a lot in the first hour of spelling.
Slowly dissipated on the edge of indestructible.
This is a complex mystery that will certainly be celebrated and whips casti to the same extent.
* Supernatural activity 4 (M)
Something you can't see will hurt you, US, 83 minutes.
A series of lenses that can continue crawling.
This time, a ghostly little boy with a bowl-shaped hairstyle and crazy gaze became a living magnet for all non-living creatures. Co-
Director Henry Jost and Ariel Shulman did a good job on PA3, but this time he found it increasingly difficult to find a formula that has now been determined.
The film has the best time to peel back its essential elements: a static screen, ominous, lingering silence, and the "gotcha" moment that you can feel almost every time.
So, Paranormal Activity 4 was just a fright.
The fifth star is someone who producers and audiences should not be afraid to go their own way.
** 1/2 session (MA15+)
We, mention the desire to wait 95 minutes, and when it comes to meetings, it is better to review the packaging that some people initially thought was not attractive.
Inside is a gift that has been given for a long time.
This very warm, interesting and touching film tells the true story of Mark O'Brien (
Played by John Hawkes)
A famous writer is paralyzed under his neck.
However, many of his achievements in his career are not the focus of our attention.
On the contrary, it is his desire to lose his virginity.
A series of consultations, Cheryl (Helen Hunt)
As a "sexual agent", O'Brien began his intimate experience.
The movie's bedroom scene is risky, and in their clear description of this unusual treatment brand, these scenes are both face-to-face and comforting.
Returns are by no means unpaid.
The intimacy we witness
Although on the surface it is of a clinical nature
Revealing inspiring connections between two people who have nothing to do with sex.
Beautiful writing and acting.
Highly recommended. Co-William H star. Macy.
1/2 mental patientsMA15+)
We, don't let the title put you off for 103 minutes.
Especially if you 've been waiting for someone to run with a ball that Quentin Tarantino put down after the reservoir dog and pulp novel.
This is a crazy crime thriller with a sharp comedy advantage: threatening, unintentional and massively hilarious.
Colin Farrell plays an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter trying to write a script about the psychological killer and is forced to study the topic at the actual nut work Company.
Sam Rockwell, Woody Harley and Christopher Warken were at their best when the chaos broke out.
Martin MacDonald (In Bruges).
* 1/2 shots 2 (MA15+)
France, bang, bang
We, 92 minutes, you remember shooting, right, the most basic Liam Nison revenge thriller of 2008, and what made it sensational was to see the bad prospects of the past.
St. Nison puts his dignity in the back pocket so he can plug in some bad guys full of lead. The oh-so-
Mandatory sequels are deprived of the ability to inspire any element of surprise, thus not balancing or wandering around the destination for most of the running time.
The same is true of Nisen, who looks a bit embarrassed to go through these moves again.
Turkey has taken action, and the pesky Arab sex traffickers have ruthlessly kidnapped Nisen's cunning ex. wife (Famke Janssen).
Those who have a short memory and desire unnecessary violence like it best here. Co-
Starring Maggie Grace**SAVAGES (MA15+)
United States, 130 minHere is wacked by director Oliver Stone-
Say there is no war on drugs, only war on drugs.
With the introduction of the law, large manufacturing cartels are free to fight each other.
Ben is the best friend (Aaron Johnson)and Chon (Taylor Kitsch).
They develop best in the United States, and their business model is not entirely for money.
However, when their shared girlfriend (Blake Lively)
Kidnapped by an evil Mexican drug baronSalma Hayek)
The boys must give up the beautiful Push push and become annoying as soon as possible.
When it comes to pesky savages, they live up to its title, and then some people, with a wave of weird violence --
Inevitably involving the psychiatric followers of Mauricio del Toro
Use a chainsaw to show all the subtleties of the hairdresser on the screen.
Treat this odd and twisted thing as a guilty grievance.
Maybe it's a natural killer-
The Barbarian may work for you the way you want it.
* 1/2 go to Rome with Love (M)
Friends, Romans, compatriots!
Borrow a script from Woody!
America, at midnight 95 minutes later, staged one of the biggest hits of his long and decorated career in Paris, Woody Allen now makes tracks for the Italian capital to keep
It's a shame that he forgot to pack a decent script for the trip.
There are a lot of beautiful scenery and a lot of gabby
Obsessed Americans can never overcome the fact that they are in Europe.
But there are few interesting reasons to link everything together.
The empty conversation was awkward.
The cheeky things Woody envisioned were like squeaky things.
Quality actors, including Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis, Penelope Cruz, and Alan himself, were hardly convicted.
I'm afraid there's nothing to write here.
At least we will always have Paris.
You will be my son. M)
France, 92-year-old minVeteran actor Niels Arestrup dominates Paul's main character, a workaholic winemaker whose understanding of family responsibility is associated with his grape
His son, Martin. Lorant Deutsch)
In life, people will think that he will be guided in business.
However, his father did not judge him.
Not only from the need to make good wine, but sadly, as a person.
Although this is a fairly familiar story in many ways, the uneasiness and misdirection in their characters are holding back predictable developments. A must-
See people who appreciate highly skilled performances and seemingly intuitive storytelling.
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