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lending vision without sight - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
lending vision without sight  -  pet manufacturing process
Uninterrupted sky of corrugated asbestos, smell of lubricant, grease
Painted with rustic uniforms and constant machine drones, interrupted from time to time by the tinkling of metal, bringing the shed in the rail workshop close to Tiruchi's central bus station, before I looked closely at the staff, I seem like any other manufacturing unit in this country.
The people here have never seen the boss, they only know what they feel like with nails and pins they 've been doing all their lives, and the images of their working space only exist in their imagination, they can tell their colleagues.
Only the voice can separate the workers.
Whether it's the algami who holes in the minister, or the Ravi in a red coat --
Oxidation paint (Pandi), chairman of the administrative committee, almost everyone who manages this award --
The visual challenge is the winning engineering unit.
What they evoke is not sympathy, but admiration, for their firm pace and firm duty.
This is the greatest achievement on the track.
Get rid of ordinary extraordinary without effort
It seems important to accomplish a feat every day. of-fact.
"This unit operates like any other engineering workshop that complies with the provisions of the Factories Act," said Pandi, chairman of the organization for more than 20 years, "The only difference is that, 80% of employees are visually challenged.
From cutting and sorting to packaging and loading, the entire manufacturing process is handled by the bookbinding personnel.
Only some machines are operated by the orthopedic disabled.
"Track manufacturing is a wide range of boiler components primarily outsourced by BHEL and other industrial plants.
Tiruchi and Ranipet employ about 125 workers.
From the days of making units as chalk and washing soap to the days of turning into auxiliary engineering workshops, the organization did not deviate from its excellent track.
The biggest honor was to receive the National Disability Empowerment Award in 2010, which "creates jobs for the largest number of different disabled persons ". The two-
Track, as the winner of the state government's best private employer award, also won the BHEL award for best subcontractor for eight consecutive years.
"BHEL and SBI are the two eyes of the organization," Pandi said . ".
"The former guarantees our employment by renewing the contract every year, while the latter is our source of financial support.
"The organization was founded in 1973 by a group of R-led Rotarians.
Ravindran is a famous eye doctor Dr.
Joseph Gnanathickam, founder of Joseph eye hospital.
The department started with five visually challenged employees and one orthopedic challenged employee, turning to optical engineering to try to increase revenue while creating more jobs.
The workers were trained at special institutions in Chennai de la den and bonamaley.
Thanks to the efforts of its founder, Gnanadurai Michael P. , the track handed over the administration to visually challenged people in 1989, apparently ahead of the timesM. Shafi, A.
Rajasekaran, swamingos, Dr. Ramamoorthy.
Govindarayan and Babu reddia, China.
Visiting this unit proves that the glue that links the industry together is a collective effort and seamless communication.
"No one saw the time here," Gopal joked . " He sewed the dispatch bag together.
"We never worry about the hours we put in.
Sometimes, when the delivery of raw materials is delayed, we have to finish a year's work in nine months, but you can't find someone to complain about.
We all know that our productivity can drive our growth and improve our lives.
Gopal only found an obstacle to his vision in the first month.
"When I think of people who don't even have this opportunity, I feel lucky.
"Another unique thing about ORBIT is the lack of distinction between employees.
"There is no hierarchy here, and all the people are workers," says kayassam . "
Disabled people working here.
"The relationship is similar to brothers," said Pandi . ".
"We call each other Annan, Tambi.
There will be no disagreement and no one will refuse to do any work.
"The track has ambitious expansion plans, but what we want is more industrial institutions like BHEL willing to assign jobs to people with disabilities.
When I finished my team tour guided by Murugesan, I was confident in the development of the organization, Murugesan, one of a dozen plastic surgeons, responsible for operating some because the track is living evidence that vision and vision are really two different things.
For those who only lack the former, the track provides the ten that Murugesan thinks he is --
"Maruvazhvu, this is the second chance in life.
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