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let the sun shine in with garden window - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
let the sun shine in with garden window  -  clear plastic sheets
Q: I can't afford a Sun space or a large bay window so I'm thinking of installing a mini bay window
Garden window kit on my kitchen window.
I want to plant some plants and get more natural light.
What is there?
A: There are many new designs in the garden window kit, and almost every option and design change is conceivable.
If you are convenient for tools, it is not difficult to install a kit yourself.
In any case, the garden window kit is a great option if your window needs to be replaced.
The installation of a room can make the room more spacious and open.
Some models use special curved insulated glass to eliminate the central frame members for a more modern open look.
Garden windows were built to save energy.
The seats and shelves at the bottom are designed to accommodate pots or pots, they must be well insulated to maintain a balance for a year
Round temperature required for healthy plants.
Because the windows of the garden extend outward from the outer wall, they can even catch a slight breeze in the summer for effective natural cooling.
Super in winter
Efficient glass selection and air tight sealing to minimize heat loss. Side-
Open windows are often used.
These can have hinge sides near or far from the house.
For the sake of safety, they also have double-lock latches on both sides and seals when closed.
Other window options are front awnings (
Hinge on top, swing outward)
And top exhaust (
Top Hinge near House).
These configurations are ideal for rainy days, so Windows can be kept open slightly.
Many use vinyl frames with White, Brown and Brown.
The free and channel inside the frame improves insulation.
Some vinyl frames are filled with extra insulated foam.
The windows of the garden also have charming natural wooden frames that can be dyed or painted.
If the plant you choose is very sensitive to the cold, please select the garden window with a special insulated seat (
Also called silencer)and sides.
There is a hard foam insulation material on the seat and side.
If your budget is limited, do oneit-
Windows in the garden.
Because it uses single-layer glass or simple glass. to-work-
With clear acrylic plastic sheets, please keep the existing window cracks for winter efficiency.
To reduce the heat increase in the summer, make a sloping transparent roof covered with a 1x4 timber batten mounted on the edge with a spacing of about 5 inch.
The slats allow the diffuse light to enter from above, but block the direct light of the sun.
Write update announcement number
658 buyer's guide showing 20 garden window kits with frame material, color, style, glass type, features, price and do-it-
Explain yourself low-
Garden windows.
Please include $2 and a business. size self-
The address is a stamped envelope and mail, and the address is 6906 James Dudley, Los Angeles Times, 45244 Roy Green Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Email, send announcements in a hurry
Q: whenever I take a shower, someone flush the toilet or turn on the cold water, I almost get burned.
To save energy, I keep the water heater at 120 degrees.
Should I set it lower?
A: It doesn't help much to reduce the temperature of the water heater.
When cold water is used elsewhere, your problem is caused by an imbalance in pressure.
Your best solution is to install a new pressurebalancing anti-
Scalding shower valve (about $90).
When the other tap is on, it senses the pressure drop and automatically compensates to reduce the hot water pressure.
A simple solution is needed for a leaking greenhouse.
The porch behind my house.
The roof leaked in the heavy rain.
My budget is limited.
How can I fix it permanently without a special tool or device?
A: the greenhouse roof is seriously affected by the weather.
They are usually exposed to sufficient sunlight with very small spacing;
The level of humidity inside the roof is constantly changing.
Install a flexible mobile home roof
"End" is one of the easiest ways to fix it yourself.
You can buy tough and flexible skin and decorations at the mobile home repair shop.
Choose light colors to reduce overheating in summer.
* Letters and questions to Cincinnati Durley
Engineering consultants based in Los Angeles Times James Dudley, 6906 Roy Green Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, may be sent to OH 45244.
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