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lightsaber martial arts is a thing, and we tried it - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
lightsaber martial arts is a thing, and we tried it  -  polycarbonate
I am not a warrior of life.
I spent most of my time at school designing many different ways to escape arguments that might turn into bodies.
So martial arts has obviously never been for me-I don't like the idea of hitting someone, and I definitely don't like the idea of being hit.
But add lightsaber and Tai Chi to this combo and I'm right there.
This is the place to come in.
It was built by Faisal Ahmed Mian and Nick Musson to teach kids meditation and focus techniques through unarmed martial arts, but then LED military knives went on sale.
Faisal told me, "LED Saber walked into our lives," he said, "Hey, not only can you realize your sci-fi fantasy, but all of a sudden, you can train without the threat of serious injury, as it is a polyester tube.
The worst thing you can get is bruises.
It is not only a safe weapon for children to practice, it is also something they can contact.
The classes started very quickly, and soon adults learned something about them.
I went to one of the silver sword studios in Finsbury Park, met with Faisal and tried a form of martial arts that promises to be an exercise for both the body and the brain.
With 25 years of experience in martial arts and tai chi, Faisal has been looking for new ways to preserve and inherit martial arts traditions.
His swordsman also made a deep impression.
He joked that's why we don't bother to train our weight. When I tried to hold a big knife called "artillery" by his own teacher, he joked.
"With the machine, if you're doing a bicep curl or something, it'll give you a big bicep, but it won't teach you how to connect the bicep to something in the real world.
"Many times people get healthy because they want to look naked.
"Motivation is vanity, which is completely different from being able to do things for yourself.
Faisal made it clear that his course is also about developing skills and passing on long term
Keep the traditional martial arts because they are for fitness.
But his lessons are not blindly devoted to martial arts traditions.
We are free from the baggage of culture and history.
Weapons of martial arts
Because we have galaxies from far away.
"He handed me my first lightsaber. (
"Led sabre", gave it a proper name, but it lit up, it was blue, it made me feel like a Jedi, it was a lightsaber. )
It is very light and balanced on my index finger.
It seems impossible to be strong enough to withstand any kind of shock, but it is surprisingly strong.
We went to the floor and Faisal showed me a few simple poses and I grinned like a madman.
Soon, surprisingly, the little voice in my head was singing, "I'm a bad Jedi!
Disappeared and instead, when my glowing military knife was woven in front of my eyes, it focused on the almost hypnotic calm of my goal.
This is the mindfulness element of the class-he found it easier for his students to reach this level of concentration with LED sabre.
Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into itStar Wars]
All of a sudden, people get familiar with it, it's not an alien, it's not a foreigner, it's not unorthodox, it's part of the culture they never expressed during their growth.
"You ask them to meditate, they are like 'hell', but you ask them to pick up the lightsaber, and they pick up the lightsaber and shut up.
In this way, the work is done.
Thank you, Mr. Lucas.
"I also quickly realized that although the military knife was not heavy when I first picked it up, in control and calm, the military knife moved around your body for half an hour.
Again, maintaining the right posture, bending the knee, is also an exercise for the thighs.
Faisal told me with a smile that a lot of people complain about how hard the job is and our response is always "Well, you can do it on your Xbox at home if you want a more relaxed journey. ".
"My legs trembled with effort, but I could hardly feel it.
My mind is focused and calm.
When Faisal tested the movements he taught me, some of the focus briefly disappeared and he waved a military knife at me and forced me to stop.
I was wrong more times than I was wrong but he was a patient teacher and soon we had the rhythm of a block and block which made all the exercises in place, and totally meaningful (
Let me feel like a bad Jedi again. .
It's a social movement to be consistent with your opponent, just like moving correctly.
And, since this is a form of drama fighting-although it is in line with the skills and teachings of martial arts-the word "opponent" is not quite correct.
You want to win, but you also want to entertain, so your opponent is like a partner.
For people like me who don't like the competitive nature of sports, this is the ideal choice.
I felt refreshed when I left, and my face was very painful. (
The next day, my shoulder hurt a little too . . . . . . )
For Faisal, martial arts needs to be relevant to a modern audience and, crucially, it's fun.
Adults like these classes as much as children, and he is not surprised.
Deep down, he says, if you don't love what you do as much as a child, then I will find life very gloomy.
Make it vibrant.
Give up the sensual fantasy, pick up the sword, sweat stream donkey back, cut like a Jedi.
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