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live from... - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
live from...  -  polycarbonate lenses
Cold entertainment hot equipment January 23, 2004-
15: 22 this is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Kyra phillips, cnn anchor: Well, there may be bones --
The temperature outside is chilling, but it's the best time of the year if you want to ski.
All you need is perfect equipment and Ali Wahi. (Start Video)
Woman: this is a free trousers with a North Face.
Fully waterproof and breathable.
Ali Weixi, cnn correspondent: I'm wearing a normal high-collar shirt.
It's about $20.
Unidentified woman: This is a layer that must feel good.
There must be enough in it to keep you warm.
Will: I need this.
Tell me something I have in my hand.
This is north.
Woman: completely waterproof, fully breathable.
VELSHI: Is there anything special about ski gloves? Or just warm gloves?
Unidentified women: they are usually more insulated.
These goggles are very valuable, the field of view is very good, and what you want is very suitable for your face.
Unidentified Woman: The most important thing when buying a boot is not to buy this boot or that one.
This is really based on what works best for your feet.
In fact, the story of the past few years is that the low-end performance has risen. VELSHI (voice-over)
We will review the price later.
First, let's take a look at the highend gear. (on camera)
I wore a different set of trousers.
Woman: These pants are three.
Thickness, so tough, fully recorded, completely waterproof.
This is a soft shell.
Generally speaking, new things for ski clothes and outdoor clothes are softer.
Will: What is this?
Unidentified woman: This is three more
Completely waterproof like pants.
Then gloves, these fingers are clearer.
You have more adaptability here.
This will keep the snow out.
VELSHI: why don't goggles like it when we're interested in everything?
Unidentified women: a little more streamlined, polyfat lenses.
With higher performance, it means you will get a harder boot that fits your feet better.
This is a higher one.
The last set of skis, which comes with these bindings.
Unidentified female: Yes, both have a better performance when binding and skiing work together. VELSHI (voice-over): OK.
I wear budget gear on the left and high
The right side is the end gear.
Skiing equipment is not cheap.
The budget is $150 and the gloves are $50.
Skis are $300.
As a result, the total amount of ski equipment on the budget is $1,215.
The high-
End pants cost $240.
The skis, including this one, cost $900.
Total cost of high cost
End gear, $2,485, is twice the cost of the budget gear. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Now, Kayla, take it from a jar like me.
No matter how silly the hat looks, don't worry about high fashion.
Keep warm on the slopes.
This makes travel more interesting. -Kyra.
You can wear anything and we will never make fun of you. We love you.
Okay, now, just tell me how you convinced CNN to give you this show.
I seem to do a good job in this, Hey Kayla?
It's important.
It's winter now, making big money on such things.
Leisure is back.
Americans are looking for holidays.
They want to stay close to home or something like that.
Phillips: Ali Vichy, the next time you hit a slope in a place like this, we will produce it for you on the ground. Thank you.
Phillips: Okay.
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