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living in paradise on the palmyra atoll - corrugated plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
living in paradise on the palmyra atoll  -  corrugated plastic sheets
Palmira Atoll, a lagoon surrounded by coral reefs in the central Pacific Ocean, is about 1,000 miles from the nearest inhabited land --Hawaii.
This remoteness makes it a truly remarkable place to allow scientific research in other places with a large population.
Most of Palmira is uninhabited.
It does not have an indigenous population, and there are only a small number of staff to support 15 or 20 researchers who come one week or one month at a time. A non-
The Nature Conservation Society's Profit Group acquired Palmira seven years ago.
With America. S.
The Fish and Wildlife Authority manages the atoll as a place for science and conservation.
Rob dunba, a Stanford scientist, worked on the island.
"This is one of the few places on earth where you can look at real climate change signals and see what impact it has on coral reefs," said Dunbar . ".
Distance gives an elegance.
The influence of civilization spread from the vast majority of the world's land, but Palmira was almost the last place they arrived.
In the past, scientists lived in a rural residence in Palmyra, and people lived in tents.
But a few years ago, the conservation society built more than a dozen bedrooms with small porches.
The windows of the cottage are made of corrugated plastic and can be held open with sticks and screens to prevent insects.
Each cabin has power, lights and fans on top of the head.
All of this is connected to a nearby generator.
Laundry facilities, shower facilities, toilet bowl and septic system are available.
There is a chef's kitchen for everyone to eat well and there is a full science lab which is the only building on the island with air conditioning.
Tommy Adkins lives in Palmira and he is the one on the island where everything goes well.
"On a great day, it just makes sure everything works and works.
"On a bad day, there are three or four items that have hiccups and need to be repaired, and usually they need to be repaired once," Adkins said . ".
Adkins is also the best person to find fresh fish.
He went for tuna by boat.
They're outside the lagoon.
Weigh 60, 70, or even 80 pounds.
Visit Palmira and line up. There are only a few ways to experience Palmira.
A list by the Nature Conservation Association
Volunteer on the atoll and hire some technicians like Adkins.
Sometimes, very lucky students will also visit.
Some of the people who boarded the island found a berth on the "Robert ximans", a sailing boat owned by the Institute of Marine Education, chartered by Stanford University for a seminar on marine research
Recently, about 30 students and six professors drove into Palmira to study coral reefs, marine life and birds.
But there's another way for those who don't have time to go back to school.
The Conservation Association relies on the generosity of donors.
Most generously, it offers rewards in addition to the tote bag.
An official declined to comment on the amount of necessary contributions eligible for travel.
But those who make bunk beds in a small and clean placeit-yourself cabin.
About 200 feet from shared bathroom. And a tip —
Last site record
For those who arrive on the island: shake out the sheets before going to bed.
Usually, silver-sized brown spiders live in folds of the bedspread.
A radio show produced by Steve Proffitt.
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