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loans under needs, boon to them - suppliers of polycarbonate roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
loans under needs, boon to them  -  suppliers of polycarbonate roofing sheets
Young entrepreneurs, including women, have performed very well in lending as needed, and many of them have been looking for expansion plans to open up growing markets in Southern states.
Young entrepreneurs
Rishaba Dev, a graduate in mechanical engineering, has built a calcium filler at Rs cost for the plastic manufacturing department. 1.
5 crore from the village of thounuthu said calcium filler is one of the raw materials for making various plastic products.
"We import lime from Vietnam and Malaysia to make calcium-filled particles.
The calcium filler increases the hardness, provides opacity and surface gloss, and also improves the surface finish of the plastic product.
Demand for filler in the region has been growing.
He added that he produces 100 tons of calcium filler per month.
Another entrepreneur.
Bhuvaneshwari, owner of the Galvalume plate manufacturing plant, has an ambitious plan to expand her business.
Now she sells roof sheets throughout the Southern District.
She plans to make metal roof plates that are heat resistant or heat reflective to eliminate heat under the roof.
The sheet metal supplier will launch this sheet soon.
She added that the department will also carry out large-scale expansion to tap the market with great potential. A. C.
Manoj Kumar, who runs a paper cone manufacturing unit in the village of Kanniyapuram in Natham block, said that as textile mills recover from the recession, demand for paper cones has recently started to do business well.
Demand for cones in the region has also been growing.
"At present, our production meets the domestic demand.
"Now, we plan to increase production and open up business in the nearby area," he said . ".
When interacting with entrepreneurs on Friday, collector T. G.
The central and state governments have been giving subsidies to help young men and women start businesses, Vinay said.
Rs subsidies have been issued by the district industrial center. 7.
68 crore who have helped 55 people so far.
Young people should try to be employers rather than employees, he said.
M. Ramalingam, managing director of DIC, said these entrepreneurs only get loans based on demand plans.
15 Project proposals are under way.
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