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looper - review - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
looper - review  -  plastic sheet
Ryan Johnson, 38year-
Looper's old writer and director is a genius.
He changed the time.
Travel the thriller with extraordinary creativity and passion here.
The opening ceremony of the ruler collapsed.
In the corn field, boring.
A guy practicing French phrases is holding a ticking pocket watch and an original shotgun waiting next to an empty plastic sheet.
In front of him, a restrained figure with a headscarf suddenly appeared, and he immediately killed him before throwing the body into the stove.
In the next half hour or so, we will have a fair exposition of the whole device.
We were in Kansas in 2044.
A shabby version of the future, with few developments in technology, street wandering and random violence.
"Time travel has not been invented yet, but it will be in 30 years," our guide, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Let us know by voice.
The invention, which was immediately declared illegal, was used by criminal gangs in 2074 to dispose of victims, and because of "tag technology, etc. " It was not easy to do it in their own time, Joe explained, we are not technically in trouble.
These dedicated assassins, known as ring killers, are rewarded with silver ingots tied to the body
The problem they face is that in order to keep the crime secret, if they live for 30 years on their own, they will also be sent back and terminated by the young themselves, a process called "closing the loop.
So Loopers tend to be good-
Time guy, cheer for yourself with a strip and drugs, not a big forward --thinkers.
If they let their older self escape, the consequences are never sent back by a ruthless boss (
Old Jeff Daniels), are horrific.
One of Joe's weedier's friends, Seth (Paul Dano)
Is this intentional? In a very annoying and creative scene, he was asked to pay (
In his two incarnations).
Joe did it by accident, though.
His future self, Old Joe, came here in a very bad mood, in plastic sheets, ready to fight.
He's Bruce Willis. he has a plan.
If he can destroy the "Rain Maker", the mysterious criminal mastermind will be busy closing all the cycles in the future of his birth, when the rain man is still a child, maybe he can change all the results?
Young Joe still thinks his best bet is to kill old Joe
While not only does old Joe need to avoid suicide when he is young, he also needs to stop others from committing suicide.
They are the same stubborn person, one with youthful arrogance, one with seniority arrogance.
When young and old people face to face in the restaurant, Johnson gave us a brave scene (
You can think of it as a more rough version of one of Max Beerbohm's favorite cartoon scenes --
For example, rich old Arnold Bennett said to his young self, "You see, everything goes as planned!
The young Bennett angrily retorted: "My plan! ”).
"Why don't you do what the old man does and die?
Said young Joe.
Old Joe just called him "boy! "With contempt.
Do we believe they may be the same person? Not quite —
But we will not reject the idea altogether. Joseph Gordon-
Levitt has put a lot of work into becoming William, not just with make-
Up, the prosthesis changed his nose, eyebrows, and lips, wearing a vest free of charge, but also actively adopted all the habits --
The heavy walk, the warning smirk, the rhythm of the sound.
As far as Willis is concerned, as a father, he has turned to Gordon --
Levitt's not at all.
During the 30 years of fast shipping we got, the actual switching between the two actors was very bumpy --
But once you put your penny in the slot, you buy the bag.
The first half of this sleeve is very sharp.
Witty in many ways-
Shoot quickly and skillfully, refer to other movies, enjoy the fun of vintage and Western style costumes, play different guns
This is an irresistible enjoyment.
Before the last shot, the second part was much slower and strangely deviated from the supernaturalup.
Emily Blunt appeared as a single
Mother is at the heart of current/future challenges.
She looks strong though.
She doesn't quite believe in jeans, so this whole segment isn't that notable, even if it does bring one of all the evil children's shows --
Time from young Pierce cannon.
This has also become a bit of a sermon on the salvation power of selfless love. Never mind.
We have Bruce Willis here giving a reasonable reason at the age of 57 to have him come back again as a tough guy. How could time-
Travel is a better job?
As it happens, I 've seen a living jacket twice now.
I can tell you that this is the second more enjoyable time.
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