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lorikeets as pets - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
lorikeets as pets  -  black plastic sheeting
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They are tree-dwelling parrots.
Their unique feature is a special brush
Suitable for the tip of the tongue to eat nectar and soft fruit.
It's the parrot family.
They are sometimes classified as ori or their own l.
The latest molecular biology studies show that they are closely related to Cyclopsitta and Psittaculirostris (fig parrots)
And the tiger parrot.
Whether a bird is called a "Lori Bird" or a "Lori Bird" is entirely subjective.
In general, the species whose tail is thinner and longer is "ori fish", while the species whose tail is shorter is "l fish ".
There are more than 50 Lorikeet.
Rainbows and scales --
Breasted is the most frequently preserved species in Australia. Some exotic (foreign)
Animals are also kept as pets.
In the United States, Rainbow loridite red loridle Blue-
Striped Lori, shaking Lori and black
The lory of the capping is the most common and the easiest to get.
Credit: small to medium in size, widely distributed in the tropical South Pacific Ocean, including Australia, New Guinea, Polynesia, Indonesia, South-
Parts of East Asia, Peru and the Philippines.
Most colors are very bright.
The tapered wings and pointed tail make the birds very agile in the air.
The feet and legs are strong.
They are not as popular as some parrots, but they are quite common.
Some species, such as rainbow lorickett, are readily available, while others are scarce.
Lorikeets used to be considered difficult to preserve because of their dietary needs and the time and effort spent cleaning them up because of their liquid excretion.
Credit: sizes range from 150mm to 400mm.
Most species are single, which means it is difficult to distinguish between genders.
Whether in the wild or in captivity, the rocky people have extremely active and funny personalities.
They are the clowns of the parrot world.
They like toys that can fight, climb or swing.
They mostly move by jumping and jumping instead of walking.
Lories are curious and seldom meet shy people.
I like bathing best.
It is a group-dwelling, sociable bird that can become a friend of people or pets without other birds.
If they are raised as a bird, they need constant attention and stimulation.
They are usually not firmly combined with a person like some parrots.
They may become cold, but this can be minimized through training and socializing.
They are fun as pets.
They are also very messy and discharge a lot of water and feces.
Credit: good breeding in captivity, two chickens per litter is normal production.
Their reputation is a bit hard to feed.
Some of the larger species (
Shake, Blackcapped)
Classified as high noise-makers.
Goldie's lorikeet is a quiet one in the pet parrot series.
High voice-
A sharp and harsh voice
Black chatter
The capped tongue cap is often considered to be the best person to speak, but most learn to speak at least a little.
Sometimes people think that lory is hard to feed, but the problem is that they can only eat a very small amount of dry food or seeds.
They will eat happily. and do best on)
All kinds of soft and humid food.
This is a very active bird that needs the biggest aviary you can afford.
Cage 60 cm x 92 cm is the lowest for smaller species and 60 cm x 92 cm x 122 cm for larger birds.
They tend to "spray" the feces through the side of the cage, which may require a lot of cleanup.
Using a seed skirt in a cage can help, but you may want to cover the nearby walls and floors with plastic cloth.
The ideal is the aluminum bird house.
These can be washed out.
A concrete floor that is slightly inclined to the drain hole will make it easy for the pressure to rinse or rinse.
The hanging aviary with a wire base is another option as this will allow the feces to pass through the ground.
They must be protected if they are to thrive.
Lories have about 5,000 plants that are fed from these plants.
There are many very fine hairs or nipples on the tip of the tongue.
Collect nectar and pollen on these nipples.
They also eat flowers, some seeds and other vegetable materials.
They probably eat maggots.
There are now commercial "wet" and "dry" preparations, which makes it easier to meet their nutritional needs.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are important. they like the local eucalyptus flowers.
Maintain high standards of hygiene.
Regularly remove uneaten food and rinse feeding equipment.
If their dietary needs are taken into account, it will be easy for the lorickett to live for 10 to 15 years.
Some people live longer.
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