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MAC's Lesley Keane creates three IFTAs looks - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
MAC\'s Lesley Keane creates three IFTAs looks  -  where to get mylar
MAC is the official makeup partner of IFTA and the faces of many stars who will attend this year's ceremony at the Dublin Convention Center on February 9 have become more perfect.
Learn how to get the gorgeous makeup below.
First of all, start the skin using MAC Prep Prime smooth to eliminate any defects, which will create the perfect foundation.
Use the MAC #188 foundation brush, apply the MAC Studio engraved Foundation SPF 15 on the face, and use the MAC Pr Longwear cover conce cream where redness needs to be reduced.
Use the new MAC Veluxe eyebrow liner to fill any gaps on the eyebrows and recreate a single hair with a quick up stroke action.
Use the MAC #252 big Shader to highlight the eyebrow bone using the MAC Eye Shadow in Mylar.
Apply MAC eyeshadow honestly to the eyelid and mix MAC Eyeshadow in Cork using a MAC #217 Blend brush on the socket line.
Using the MAC #210 precise eyeliner brush, start in the middle, work outward, align the top lash line with the MAC Fluidline on the black track to create a long one, A slight raised cat flick at the end.
Finish the look by preparing the lips with MAC Prep Prime to ensure a long lasting p-gas, then lining the lips in the cherry with a MAC Lip pencil and filling the lips with a MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo. Step-by-
Smoother skin with MAC Prep prime, start with fresh, clean skin and Prime.
Put the MAC #130 short Duo Brush MAC Face & Body Foundation into the skin and build it slowly for a uniform, seamless finish.
Apply MAC Select moisturizing mask under your eyes, nose corner and chin when needed.
Use the MAC Cream color base to highlight the higher plane of the face in the flush.
Clear finishing powder for MAC Prep Prime.
Use the MAC #217 hybrid brush to apply the MAC Eyeshadow in Vex to the eyelid, all the way to the bottom of the eyebrow bone, leaving a small gap in the center.
Mix MAC eyeshadow with MAC #239 shader brush in the copper version of the socket to increase depth.
Shape and fill the eyebrows in lingering or spikes with MAC eyebrows.
Prepare your lips with MAC Prep Prime Lip for supply.
Arrange with MAC lip pen on the lips that hug me, create a heart shape and fill in MAC lipstick in town girl.
Done on clear MAC Lipglass for 3D effects. Step-by-
Fill your face with MAC Prep Prime.
Apply the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation with the MAC #188 small double fiber brush to ensure the Foundation is fully fused with the skin.
With the same brush, buffer the MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush to the face depression to create the defined outline.
Gently press the MAC and apply the loose powder to the face to lay the foundation and blush.
Use the MAC #213 velvet brush to apply the MAC eyeshadow to your eyelids and gently under your lashes.
Next, mix the MAC eye shadow in the wet eye socket.
Outline the eyes with the MAC Kohl Eye Pencil in Teddy and gently mix to soften any dark edges.
Use small nail clippers, cut MAC #36 lashes in the middle, apply longer lash strips on the top lash line, and shorter lash strips on the bottom lash line to add drama.
Fill the eyebrows with MAC Eyebrows in lingering places and set them clearly with MAC eyebrows.
Bare lips with a MAC lip pencil and bare again with MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick.
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