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major expansion in film and chemicals set by olin - polyester film plant

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
major expansion in film and chemicals set by olin  -  polyester film plant
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Olin yesterday announced a $65 expansion plan that will make the company a major producer of polyester film and will make the production of polyurethane foam and chemicals from coatines
President and Chief Executive Gordon Grand said that in order to expand the field of polyester film, Olin will operate under the permission of Ge vaert-agfa group in the United States, the world's leading producer of photographic equipment, films and other products.
The group is jointly owned by Gevaert photo products. V.
Belgium and Agfa,. G.
West Germany.
The mylar film plant will mainly produce tapes for computers, tapes and video recorders, which will begin production in early 1973 at a location to be selected.
Another project will be a comprehensive chemical complex along the Gulf Coast that produces 90 million pounds of toludiammonium per year.
A version of the file was printed on page 62 of the New York edition on September 30, 1970, with the title: a major expansion of films and chemicals set by Olin.
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