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make a liftable visor for a full-face mtb helmet (longboarding :) - polycarbonate sheet cut to size

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
make a liftable visor for a full-face mtb helmet (longboarding :)  -  polycarbonate sheet cut to size
This instruction will cover the sunshades of how to cut and bend the polycarbonate sheet into a helmet.
Warning: doing so can lead to toxic smoke inhalation, so be safe and take the risk on your own.
What you need :-
1mm polycarbonate sheet (
Enough for a few attempts)-
Size paper A3-
A thick pair of scissors
There are no photos of this part. . . -
Fold the paper in half and vertically align the center of the visor hole. -
Trace the profile from inside the helmet. (
Use some tape to keep the paper in place)-
Take off the paper and look at your helmet and decide where and how much you want the sun visor to overlap on your helmet. -
Draw a new outline outside of the previus one (
Remember that it has to reach the bolt hole from the MTB sun visor)-
Now you have a template to cut the polycarbonate sheet, cut and spread the paper around the border.
Use a thick pair of scissors.
The tricky part is coming.
At 155 degrees Celsius, polycarbonate melts into a jelly at 147 degrees Celsius and is deformed at about 130 degrees Celsius.
So, turn on the ventilation, place hoven between 120 and 130, and wait until the temperature is reached to place the sun visor like in the photo. . (
2 good face)
Note: it starts popping up every once in a while, using kitchen gloves to put back in place, it won't exceed 7-
According to the effective temperature inside, 10 minutes.
The best thing to do is you take it out from time to time and check it out, the sooner the better.
Then it's better to bend it below. . .
We almost finished. . -
If you haven't done so yet, then sometimes they are cut sharp. . -
Squeeze the sun visor on the helmet and select the point to drill. -
Drill holes using raw screws. -Add stickers . . GO BOMBING!
My have been through abuse for 2 years and so are all scratches, but visibility is still large and there is no visual deformation. .
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