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make your own safety glass and other shenanigans - colored glass window film

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
make your own safety glass and other shenanigans  -  colored glass window film
Do you know how the windows don't break like normal windows?
When they are broken, they drooping like fabric.
What magic is this?
This is the safety glass, great!
Safety glass is made of two pieces of glass laminated with a piece of plastic in the middle.
You heat this little sandwich and press everything together and the plastic will melt and stick to the glass.
Once everything cools down, it looks like a normal piece of glass, but if you break it, plastic puts everything together.
Glass is now a composite material that is much harder than a single glass.
It turns out it's really easy to make this yourself with a little plastic, Binder and toaster oven.
Life will get better and better once you can strengthen the glass. Ready? Go!
I'm just trying this stuff, so I'm using very small material.
The same process, however, applies to larger glass.
I used: glass microscope slides--$.
Take one copy from your local science warehouse.
Tonight, I learned that in Manila, you can get microscope slides at the pharmacy.
Isn't that great? EVA film --
This is a thermoplastic film that binds your glass together.
You can buy cheap ones on ebay.
Buy yourself a nice roll because you will want to play with this. Binder clips --
Any paper looseleafA valuable toaster available.
While playing with chemicals, I like to use a dedicated device so that I don't accidentally eat my experiment.
Heated plastic plays with our bodies in a variety of ways that we don't understand.
For just $10 I can get an extra toaster to avoid being an inadvertent guinea pig. Plus--Science toaster!
Make the sandwich and clip it.
There's nothing to show here. -
Cut a piece of EVA and clip it between the buns.
Clip it crazy with a binder-
The pressure distinguishes a beautiful safety glass from a beautiful ugly poo.
Now throw that suction cup in the oven.
EVA melts at 80 degrees Celsius and your oven will be much hotter than that.
You know when it melts, because it becomes completely transparent. EVA is index-
Matches the glass, which means that when the plastic is pushed directly onto the glass, the light passes through both, as if they were a material.
As soon as EVA becomes transparent, turn off the toaster and carefully pull out the sandwich.
Let it cool down and pop the clip down.
This picture came from an early experiment where there was no binder on my sandwich. You should--
Everything, Binder and everything goes into the toaster.
Okay, you're done. I know--
Super easy, right?
Your glass should be transparent if all goes well.
Hit it with a hammer and be surprised that it doesn't break like normal glass.
Now embrace a sad banker.
I started playing with glass lamination because it was the way people used to make solar panels that lasted 20-
Five years of outdoor activities, my mission with my friend Sean was to make the best small-
Solar panels of scale never seen in the world.
If you make your own solar panels from scratch (
Here are some simple instructions we wrote to show you how to do this)
, You can package the panel in glass and EVA to make waterproof, Longlived panels.
This is the image of the first test panel I made using this method.
You can also put other things in the glass.
I played between the garden with laminated leaves and a few EVA pieces that were spent in the glass.
I am particularly satisfied with the results of my cantaloupe flowers.
Wouldn't it be cool if you had flowers on your car's windshield?
Play It!
Plug all kinds of things into the glass.
Glue the glass and EVA to the front of the surface
Cute board making, glass-
Facing the pcb that everyone will like.
Stick the glass slide on the wall.
Stack two pieces of glass and some spacers together to make your own double-layer glassglazed windows. Go nuts!
Well, that's what I get now.
Go out and do something!
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