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making gifts of plastic is fun—and saves money - clear acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-07
making gifts of plastic is fun—and saves money  -  clear acrylic sheet
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Small table, stand, plant stand, photo frame, tray, phone booth for book head, game board-
These are just a few of many items that are easily made of plastic.
These colorful hand-created scans provide economical and unique solutions to many gift-giving problems at this time of year, as most of these projects can be completed in a few hours, most people still have time to finish a few before Christmas.
Whether they are making gifts or just doing things for their own use and enjoyment, more and more people who like to work with their hands turn to plastic as the ideal working material.
Men, women and children-many have little or no experience in using tools --
Great fun by making a variety of beautiful and unusual looking objects with paper, sticks and plastic blocks.
Why so many enthusiasts turn to plastic?
The answer, according to a fan, is that plastic is "today ".
The other is that the material has a shiny, light surface and bright edges, with a "perceptual" nature.
"Consumer interest in acrylic plastics and sales of these products have increased tenfold over the past five years, "James Grad of Almac plastics, a national company selling these materials on Long Island, said through branches in many cities.
Enthusiasts who buy acrylic sheets (
By far, the most popular plastic type used by people who do their own work)
It is usually required by one of the well-known brands such as plexiglass and Lucite; or Acrylite.
As described in the following paragraph, it is easy to cut and polish the edges, and he can quickly glue the pieces with solvent cement.
In addition, a special belt heater can be purchased from most dealers in kit form and parts can be heated to allow bending to the desired shape.
One factor that advertising has been contributing to the popularity of plastic products is that this craft is useful to many people who are actively engaged in other hobbies.
Make a tray with a needle and thread bar to show your own canvas;
Photographers make photo frames to show their photos;
Butterflies and coin collectors make cubes to show their specimens.
At Stamford, Connecticut, Sandra o'rek installs the case in a display cabinet made of acrylic and sells it to the gift shop (
It's not uncommon for amateurs to turn this activity into a commercial adventure).
Workshops that use plastic do not need to be large or complex.
Because acrylic is a clean material that can be used, a small shop can be set up in a corner of the kitchen, or even on a table in the unused corner of the home or apartment.
When a person develops to the ground step of purchasing chainsaws and other power tools, it is better to use a rag to capture plastic dust and debris
Or a more complete store can be built in the basement or garage.
There are basically five working techniques to master: cutting: acrylic sheets are covered with protective paper on both sides, which should remain the same for as long as possible to prevent scratches on the surface during the manufacturing process.
Paper up to inch thickness can be cut using a scoring tool (cost, $2)
Use a ruler on the metal side as a guide, called a scribe.
After making several score lines along the line to be cut, place a pin under the material, the score line is up, and the two sides are forced down.
This product breaks cleanly and is ready for edge finishing.
For cutting with chainsaw, use a fine tooth blade and apply wax to the blade to help prevent debris.
The material should be held firmly with a clip so that the saw can be guided freely with both hands.
Drilling: For acrylic resin drilling, variable speed electric drill should be used at low speed.
Use special drill bits for sale (
The price is from $1. 10 to $5.
75, depending on size)
Use the vise to hold the piece that is being drilled.
Be sure to open the masking paper while drilling.
Edge trimming: scrape the cutting edge with a wooden scraper or a temporary scraper, which is located on the back edge of an abandoned hacksaw blade.
Then Polish with No
200 silicone paper.
This edge will be sufficient for cementing.
However, for highly polished edges, it gives out a bright flash, which makes acrylic very much like a diamond in appearance and needs further finishing: no sand
400, then no.
600 "wet and dry" paper.
Then wipe the jeweler's Rouge with a soft cloth, or wipe it with a compound applied to the electric drill polishing accessory wheel.
Use the buffer at high speed, remember to apply the compound to the buffer instead of polishing the material.
Bending: The belt heater is used to heat acrylic to a certain degree of softness for bending.
You can buy it for $6.
98 obtained from the plastic dealer in the form of the kit, the Assembly direction is simple.
With this useful addition, you can make it on your Workbench: Magazine, shelf, only two bends on a piece of acrylic resin;
There are several curved letter racks on a piece of acrylic rod;
Stand for guest towels or napkins; or a bookeasel.
Note cement: it is really amazing to note cement, or cement.
It takes only a few minutes between the two pieces of acrylic resin to adhere permanently.
The solvent destroys the properties of the material and actually welds them together.
The parts to be bonded should be securely combined with the tape and solvent, and applied directly to the seam using the eye dropper or the special needle applicator for sale (price, $1. 75)
For this purpose
Listed in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory under "plastic: sticks, tubes and paper", each state has a plastic dealer, including Hawaii.
In these stores and many hardware stores, you can buy acrylic plastic of all sizes.
Bigger dealers also have other shapes of goods (
Sticks, blocks and tubes)
These dealers also store solvent cement for connection and fiction, as well as the tools needed for cutting and molding.
For beginners who just want to do planning and assembly for themselves, many dealers even cut parts into certain sizes.
Shirley Cohen of Ayin plastics in Manhattan said, "in many cases, people will plan to make only one item, such as a board, ask us to help by cutting and edge polishing the initial parts.
In the end, they became enthusiastic enthusiasts and started buying their own tools to build new projects from scratch.
"Another large plastic supply dealer, industrial plastics, on Canal Street in Manhattan, advertised that shoppers were hanging out in stores on Saturday like they were in supermarkets --
Search in bins filled with cut-off or strange jewelry-like plastic materials of various shapes and sizes.
Some are alternative shapes that may inspire Calder like a phone or shaped candy tray.
A shop in Westchester starts with the needs of amateurs.
Plastic store on Canal Street in Mamaroneck;
It is operated by Gary Strutin and provides a pre-packaging kit in addition to cutting the size of the paper on the plexiglass.
The kit contains parts for the manufacture of flowerpots, shelf systems, wine racks, tissue racks and similar items. Students in Mr.
The lessons of Strutin on Thursday night show impressive plastic coffee tables, ice buckets, BBK boards and a variety of table accessories.
"Price awareness and creative impulses help enthusiasts to make things that are sold commercially and the price is many times the cost of raw materials," Mr.
Strouting explained.
"For example, a cube with an area of 16 inch square meters could cost as much as $75, but enthusiasts could be less than $25.
The mailbox that bends an 8x18-inch clear acrylic desk costs only $4.
"Many courses offered through local schools and many community organizations also provide guidance.
On a Big NeckI.
Over the past five years, the adult education program has offered a course to work with plexiglass.
Two classes for 25 people: two times a week for each class, one for beginners and one for senior students.
"Half of my students are accomplished artists who work in other media," said Buddy mevolach . "
He himself is an acrylic sculptor who has taught the course since its inception.
"The rest is for amateurs who come home with a full piece of work after their first three hour meeting, such as photo frames, stove racks or other small accessories.
Subsequently, they continued to produce professionally executed items such as sculptures, tables and even chairs.
"In the suburbs of Philadelphia, John Gill taught two classes of 40 students at the Moran adult night school. Mr.
Gill reports that this hobby attracts people of all ages, both classes have the ability;
Purchased at New York State University, the acrylic lecture is part of two art courses offered by George Adamy of Larchmont, who also conducts private lessons in his studio.
The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut also plans to hold similar courses.
Many magazines publish plans for projects that can be made of acrylic, or hobbyists can take advantage of programs offered by mail from Rohm and HaasO.
Pa Philadelphia box 973019140.
The company also regularly issues an updated brochure, "made by itself with plexiglass," which can be bought 50 cents by mail and plastic dealers.
Make charts and instructions for several items as well as a list of sources for purchasing supplies.
■ A version of this file was printed on page 41 of the New York edition on December 15, 1974 with the title: making plastic gifts is fun --And save money.
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