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man falls through roof at london fashion week runway show - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-17
man falls through roof at london fashion week runway show  -  corrugated plastic
Following @ canoeliffestylea builder working on a construction site at London Fashion Week on Tuesday, he freaked out star guests as he plunged into the glass roof.
The accident took place during a fashion Oriental event in the display space of a top store in the city, and participants, including former MTV host Chung and pop singer Pixie Lott, were shocked by the accident.
Witnesses reported that the victim fell from a corrugated plastic roof panel, bounced off a large metal tube, and then fell 50 feet on his back.
In the Topshop show space in Londn, a man falls on the roof at a fashion show. (
Daniel Demi/Wencom)
The medical staff received a phone call and the unnamed man was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital.
A witness told the Daily Telegraph: "At first, we were confused and thought it was a falling light.
Then the security guards began to run in the background and make a loud noise.
The strange thing is that the show is still going on.
The whole audience was confused.
A spokesperson told Vogue, "the way the Topshop space is built, the walls that separate the fashion show and the audience space from the backstage will not extend all the way to the ceiling, so one can see that something has happened, but it did not jeopardize the audience in any way.
It's not happening on people's heads, and there's no one in the place where he's down.
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