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Man guilty in beating death of San Antonio man whose legs were sawed off - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
Man guilty in beating death of San Antonio man whose legs were sawed off  -  plastic sheet
On Monday, a jury in Bexar County spent less than 20 minutes before it was found guilty of murder in the brutal hammer beating and death, and his body was dismembered by a tree --
Trim saw and ignite.
A forensic medical examiner testified that the 56-year-old, who died in May 4, 2013 from a blunt injury, had been hit 19 times by a hammer.
When his leg was cut off, he was dead.
One is on the knee and the other is above the thigh.
The prosecutor told the jury in the final debate that the case was about "anger and total destruction of humanity ".
"What a terrible way to die," he said . "
"How terrible it is to treat your body after death.
"When the San Antonio firefighters went to their home on the north side of grra to put out two separate fires, they found the victim's burning body on a plastic plate next to the tool.
The 53-year-old Quinn said in a video interview with the police that the death was due to the fact that he had beaten a woman who was involved with both men.
40-year-old Yanez and Guerra just broke up, and Quinn said the couple went to Guerra's house to pick up things on the night of the killing.
Both were charged with murder, and each issued a statement acknowledging the murder, despite the prosecutor's denial of Yanez's confession, which she refused to testify on Friday on the grounds that she opposed the Fifth Amendment to herself. incrimination.
Quinn did not testify until after the verdict of guilt was read out.
He told the jury at counsel's inquiry that he and Yanez had always planned that Quinn would take responsibility.
"I told her I would take responsibility," Quinn said . ".
"I'm not going to be caught.
Quinn told the jury that, apart from the fact that he did cut off the leg of grra, what he said in the candid video to the police was not true.
He said that he did not remember hitting grra with a hammer because he did not eat, and when he started sawing off the victim's leg, he "killed" a whole bottle of tequila.
Sometimes his own lawyer's answer to the question seems incoherent, digressing, but he insists he doesn't remember the terrible killing.
When asked by Goss, he said he did remember that Yanez brought him a saw, that he remembered to cut his body, that he remembered blood, and that he asked Yanez if she had a plastic cloth
When asked if he felt guilty, he said he was "sorry that I was cheated.
"In the closing statement before the judgment, the prosecutor reminded the jury that the autopsy conducted on grra found that the victim's system contained benaji and quzini, as well as blood pressure drugs.
"The man was asleep," the prosecutor said . "
"Why is there a fire in the bed and in the living room, there is a separate fire in the bed, because he was killed there.
Most of the blood was there because he was asleep.
Goss recalled that Quinn said he had decided to burn the body because it was "difficult" to get a saw and added, "This man used a saw that trimmed the trees through the femur.
Of course, it's hard.
Hicks pointed to Yannis's video confession and said Quinn called his brother that night and admitted that he had "hacked" the victim, but he never said he had killed him and never said
"On Tuesday morning, testimony at the trial penalty stage continued in the 437 state district court.
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