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man's best friend indeed! 95% of americans admit to buying christmas gifts for their pets - and one in 20 say they spend more than $100 on the presents - where to buy pet tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
man\'s best friend indeed! 95% of americans admit to buying christmas gifts for their pets - and one in 20 say they spend more than $100 on the presents  -  where to buy pet tape
For many pet parents across the country, their cats and dogs are like their families.
People will do almost anything for their family, even if they are small, furry and don't talk --
From spending thousands of dollars on healthcare, to spending hours brushing your teeth, cooking, and even managing social media accounts dedicated to their services.
According to a survey by Rover. comof 1,000 U. S.
Pet owners admit to buying Christmas gifts for their pets, which is incredible.
Christmas is the most popular pet gift giving occasion where 95 people will buy gifts for their puppies and kittens, followed by birthdays (61 per cent)
Especially Valentine's Day (11 per cent).
The third pet owner admitted to buying a gift for their pet every holiday and day, while the 78-point person said they only bought one once in a while.
On average, the money spent on pet gifts is about $36, but one of the 20 people admitted to spending more than $100.
One interviewee wrote that I bought a Christmas tree for my cat every year, while another interviewee admitted to taking his dog to a fancy restaurant.
Another pet owner explained: "I do extreme things almost every day.
From a nice bubble bath to brushing your teeth and even a steak dinner.
She is not a pet but a family member.
"Nine out of ten, take their pets to the beautician at least once a month, and only a little less (eight per cent)
The payment of regular pedicure is acknowledged.
More than one pet owner will bring home "people's food" specially prepared or cooked for pets, and 7% admit to doing so on a regular basis.
As for the top pet dishes, beef and chicken with rice is a popular option, but some admit that it has become more complicated, including "chicken mac and pork cheese, biscuits and gravy, and a personal Thanksgiving dinner.
Many pet owners admit to putting on their furry little ones, seven cents claiming they do this often, and 45 points admitting they are going to wear the pet at least once.
Of those who like to dress their pets, 15 points said they do it every week.
Pet owners admit to dyeing their pet's hair, while three other owners have baby carriages pushing their pets around town.
One out of every 20 pet owners admits to setting up social media accounts specifically for their pets.
One out of every ten pet owners gives some form of education to their cats or dogs.
Brandi Gonzalez of Rover said that our pets love us unconditional, so it is not surprising that many pet parents treat their dogs as another member of the family.
The largest dog-raising and dog-walking network in the United States.
"Pet parents will go out of their way to find a nearby nanny, let their dogs sleep in bed, and even pack up the house --cooked meal -
"These are just a few ways we show our dogs how important they are to us," she added . ".
Pet illness is the number one source of stress for pet parents, most owners are ready and willing to spend huge sums to give their pets a long and happy life.
The average high price is $2,320.
However, 20,000 of owners are willing to spend $ to make sure their pets are healthy.
Rescuers sell cars, pay travel expenses for experts, and hold bedside vigil for sick animals.
A diligent pet owner remembers that when my dog had cancer last year, I spent more than $10,000 on chemo and surgery.
He has no cancer for more than a year.
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