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marble dreams - roll of mylar where to buy

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
marble dreams  -  roll of mylar where to buy
Dave McCullough will hardly tell me the marbles he created today.
We stroll through the factory yard of JaboVitro Inc. through the mountains of pink, turquoise, Opal, Amber and purple recycled glasswarein Reno, Ohio.
"I don't write down the recipe," he said . ".
"I don't want to remember.
"He won't fully explain how the seemingly random pieces of stained glass were shoveled into 2,300 --
Degrees furnace, a small, hot, molten sphere pops up, rolling down the metal spiral, cooling and cooling until they are dropped into the barrel by hundreds of people in the final form: A beautiful sphere of bright orange and white swirls with fine brown and blue stripes.
"If I told you that, you would know too much," McCullough said.
"When I asked McCullough exactly how he could make Ruby marble with a pile of white glass, he just shrugged his shoulders.
"This is a cruel business," he said . " He claims that JaboVitro's rivals have tried to bribe his workers in the past to reveal the secrets of his marble production.
McCullough even bugged an employee to record a bribery attempt like this and said he heard the bribery on tape.
The only thing McCullough will reveal about his marbles is that the inspiration for this batch of marbles today comes from a special bag of Hostess Sno ball--
Sticky marshmallow shell dyed in orange for Halloween ---
It sat on the table in the trailer in his office.
McCullough, vice president of JaboVitro, is a big man with a wide, toothless smile that really seems to apologize for being so mysterious.
However, he has told me a lot about himself: about his duty trip in Vietnam, including being shot dead;
About how he worked in the glass industry in the Ohio Valley, he started working as a glass blower from high school;
About his wife always said, "Dave is not interested if it's not money or marble.
"He even gave me a big white marble that he handed to the children, a marble with" W"W. J. D. ?
"Engraved on it.
"What is the initials of the name Jesus would do?
Said McCullough.
"Now, when you're angry, reach out and think about it in your pocket.
I have to do a lot.
McCullough is in a five.
A gallon barrel full of cooling marbles, put a warm marbles in each of my hands.
"Look, you can't make one marble look exactly like the other," McCullough said . ".
"It's almost impossible.
You can search the whole drum and you can't find any of the two same drums.
"He lingered for a moment under the heat of the drum, staring at his thousands of works.
"This is probably the best run I 've ever done.
"When Dave McCullough created his fall classics, the word spread quickly in the Ohio Valley.
It's early Monday morning, and two men have sniffed around the JaboVitro factory, in the warm orange drum --and-white-Whirlpool marbles
Although men are in the middle
As they grew older, they entered the trailer as McCullough's sofa with their child-like excitement, hands and pockets full of marbles.
Greg Helmick and his partner Rick Lin add up a few dollars they owe.
They drove across the Ohio River from Ritchie County in the western United States. Va.
Not out of a vague sense of fun and nostalgia.
The two are collectors who often look for marbles in potholes and abandoned places in search of marbles.
This trip to the factory is our regular task.
"What you see here, Dave's marbles, will be a classic in 50 years," says Helmick . ".
"Once Dave runs these, he may never do the same color again.
McCullough told Hermick and Rine that he was going to run some turquoise. and-
Later this morning, the Green Whirlpool.
The two laughed, but they were clearly distressed by what they would have missed.
They know that anything running today will disappear when they can come back.
McCullough sat behind a table filled with marbles from the pots and jars, and he just smiled.
There is nothing unusual about today's visitors.
McCullough lives near many marble
Crazy collectors and dealers like Helmick and Rine in rural West Virginia, ground zero in the United StatesS.
Marble Industry.
"The History of marbles lives in the Ohio Valley," he said . "
In a few weeks, marbles McCullough, which runs today, will be sold on eBay or Yahoo auctions or on the electronic bulletin boards of several collectors for an astonishing amount. The age-
The old, relatively gentle toy marbles business suddenly won a shot from a modern source ---the Internet.
A box of 80 JaboVitro marbles-July--
A black, orange, green and yellow whirlpool style called Tye Dye-
It was sold at a Yahoo auction by a collector for $41.
On September, the same set was sold on another network
$90 auction site.
McCullough's collector Prepaid 700 boxes for his fall classics.
"They don't even know what marbles will look like," he said . ".
Today, McCullough's marble price seems to fly in front of common wisdom: the marble business collapsed as early as the 1950 s.
Although it now looks like an ancient history. -
Like Norman Rockwell's daydream, including Slingshot, jumping House and sticky ball-
Not long ago, when the kids were crazy about marble.
In the years after World War II, more than 4 million children participated in organized marble tournaments and competitions in West Virginia, where glassware factories were available and cheap gas was readily available, there are about a dozen marble factories.
But even in the heyday, it is coming to an end.
The United States canceled its post-war tariffs on Japanese toys.
The market is filled with expensive foreign marble.
Reported on the January 1955 news of parksburg: "both West Virginia and parksburg are immediately following the situation. . .
Lack of protective tariffs-
Japan's marble industry pays only two cents an hour. -
The marble industry in the United States is in danger of collapse, only six months from dissolution.
"That year, after a disastrous 1954 Christmas, business fell by 60%, a huge blow.
Over the next 40 years, marbles continued to slow down as American children turned to more upscale toys and games.
They first went to Pong, then to Atari, and then to Nintendo.
They went to Barbie and G. I.
Children and Power Rangers, baby peas and Pokemon.
They continue to T-
Football and watching more TV.
At the same time, the marble company in West Virginia closed down one by one.
Joanne Argabrite, CEO of JaboVitro, said: "When the economy is in recession, marble is the first thing to go . ".
Two Argabrite and Jack Bogard JaboVitro, know the non-regular wave.
Ms Bogard's family marble factory closed down in 1987.
Argabrite created JaboVitro in 1992 through the merger of Bogard's company and another in vitro agate, which also rose.
Although JaboVitro pumps 4 million marbles a day and sells decorative marbles for companies like Walmart for every penny
Mart, Ikea, Petco and Jo-
Toy marbles account for only about 1% of its output.
JaboVitro is one of only three companies in the country that are still producing actual toy marbles, both of which are based in West Virginia within an hour at Renault.
According to people like BogardS.
Marbles manufacturers still struggle to compete with companies in Mexico and China.
"I told people that I made marble for a living. they said, 'I thought marble was made in Japan,'" Bogard said '. Va.
Today, the world's leading producer is Vacor de Mexico in Mexico, based in Guadalajara, Mexico, which is sold in the name of giant marble in the United States.
Nowadays, the marble produced in West Virginia is mainly used for flower exhibitions or fish tanks, or for many industrial purposes such as mixers in paint spray cans, filling in oil drilling or rollers under the sliding recess of the mausoleum.
However, when marble lovers discover the power of the Internet, the pattern of the industry has changed dramatically, almost unimaginable.
Like other collectibles, electronic bulletin boards, chat rooms, and websites are now connected to a small group of hard-
Previously isolated core marbles collectors.
This sudden online community has driven a surge in demand and price, which in turn has led to behavior ranging from simple weirdness to crime.
Over the past few years, the marble heat has become crazy, as collectors sometimes scramble to get hundreds of dollars worth of new antique marble.
1950 of marbles usually cost $40.
A mesh bag of about 1947 opaque swirls now brings $90.
A very rare marble was found on an open space in W. Clarksburg. Va. --a so-
There's a real piece of copper inside the glass called Corkscrew--
Recently made $225 online.
A dragonfly, made of a stone-like Imperial system called aventurine, costs $400.
Friendly antique dealerVa.
Tell me she saw a collector bid $500 to a man he just met and bought two marbles, said to be 1930.
"In the most extreme marbles heat case, on September, two men were arrested on suspicion of breaking into one of JaboVitro's competitors ---
Marble King factory in Paddon city. Va.
Millions of marbles are under the ground in West Virginia. Go ahead, dig.
In a few shovels, you must find dozens of tiny, colorful treasures, a bone of the past --
The industry is booming.
Starting in Clarksburg, dig around the old site of Akro Agate, which is open around 1951.
There you may find precious cow blood or screws.
Or move to the outskirts of town, near Bridgeport, where you may find milk, alabaster, Clearies, or the famous Tiger Eye made by the marble master, who was resurrected as a glass master in 1941, then closed again on 1973.
Moving west to Ritchie County was once considered the heart of the United States. S.
Marble Industry.
Dig near the old Cairo novelty factory (
The person here is pronounced "KAY-ro")
Clouds or snakes will also appear.
The Cairo novelty company, which was operating from 1946 to 1950, closed down after a severe flood destroyed the factory.
Nearby, scratches around the old Heaton Agate Company.
For the cat's eye in the United States, imported goods in Japan entered the market 10 years ago. Bo-
Gard's father eventually bought the troubled company in 1971.
Try Pennsboro.
Search for the area where Davis marble works used to be, Wilson Davis made 14 million marble in a converted shed in 1947, and then suddenly collapsed when the Chinese checkers market collapsed in 1948.
But all of these places add up to no loot to be found in the sacred soil of the city of Paddon.
Here you get the chance to find some of the best glass marbles of all time: Scout, Girl Scout, Black Widow, green wasp, Bumblebee, peeps and the rarest watermelon.
Paden City is the marble nirvana of the country, just because the famous marble King began production in the lower reaches of the holy river.
Mary moved here in 1949 and 1958.
Unlike many others, the marble King survived, still making millions of marble a day, and remains the leading toy marble producer in the country.
Its founder is the legendary Berry Pink, who was nicknamed "King of Marble" when he started making glass marbles in the 1930 s ".
An eccentric entrepreneur, who promoted the marble championship all over the country, speculated that Pink gave the children $20,000 in marble free of charge each year, and it is said that he has been wearing a hat to hide the marble --
Bald, said to be able to use "non-fudged" shot.
In a photo of entertainment news magazine issue 1939, a feature of Berry Pink appeared on a few pages before Lou Gehrig bent over to break the famous "Iron Man" stripe.
After some obviousWWII chest-
Coronet magazine wrote in 1946 that patriotic pink "shut down the former marble center in Oberstein, Germany ".
"Pink hired Roger Howdyshell in 1949 and Howdyshell finally acquired the company in 1983.
Howdyshell died in 1991, leaving the company to his wife and daughter, Beri Fox.
The company is now managed by Fox.
The Marble King's parking lot is lined with a pile of sparkling stained glass, covered with thousands of marble on the flower beds at the entrance.
Inside, the marble King's supplies with the legend of "bending down with American Marble" decorate Beri Fox's office.
Fox was energetic and enjoyable when visiting the factory, but she would tell me that it was less than what Dave McCullough did in JaboVitro.
All Marble King marble has a logo color patch and a solid white interior, but Fox will not question how this effect is produced.
"It's a business secret," she said . "
"This is part of what makes us so special.
"She won't tell me who bought her marbles when we walk.
"If I tell you the name of my client, my competitors will attack and steal them," she said . ".
We passed by some of her workers who put the marbles in bags clearly marked with crates and barrels as a trade secret has now been leaked.
She will be talking in detail about the commitment of the Marble King to the children, and the marble game ---
A traditional berry pink began.
The company sponsored the annual National marble championship in Wildwood, New York. J.
And give marbles to schools and organizations.
In fact, until this year, the marble King opened the factory yard to the children and marble lovers every day, and they were allowed to pick the extra marble.
Local kids will come by bike and leave for free.
A woman once called to ask if she could bring her father on his 85 th birthday.
"This is everything he's asking for," Fox said . ".
He spent 1/2 hours sitting outside.
He bent down like a kid in a candy shop.
But today, the doors of the Marble King are closed to the public.
Reason: collectors are hot.
"Unfortunately, we have had collectors bring five
Clean up the whole garden at night. "Fox said.
"It is a shame;
They ruined it for everyone.
"In the residence of the King of marble, Richard Mela is an unwelcome person.
Mylar called himself a "excavator" and his main support was "scratching around Paden City to get $25 a gallon of marbles.
"People like Richard Meller do dirty work for collectors.
"One day a few years ago, my son came home from school and he said one of his friends sold marbles for $8 a gallon," says Mylar . ".
"Hell, I don't have a job.
It sounds good to me.
So I started digging.
"Mylar lives only a few blocks from the Marble King's factory, so the neighborhood seems to be the best starting point.
"If you dig in any yard in the city of Paddon, there are three in every four spoons, and you get marbles," he said . ".
But the real marble excavator knows that you can dig out the marbles once you get six or 8 feet deep.
It is rumored that the king of marble will sanctify the factory.
Mary came to the city of Paddon in 1958 and used millions of remaining marbles as a filler for the plot, a stone thrown from the Ohio River.
Digging is a hard job, and Mela says he is sure that most of the soil along the bank is contaminated by various chemical plants and refineries along the Ohio coast.
"Sometimes you go down with snorkeling and goggles and stir the water well.
It's like looking for gold.
"Other times, when up to 30 excavators work in a bank, things can become territorial and Mylar is involved in a scuffle.
Soon Mylar came up with the game.
Apparently collectors have been using unsuspecting school students who are low on them
Then raise the price.
Mela began to pick on what marbles he had put into the bucket.
"I didn't realize it at first, but I put it high --
He said: "The price collection uses a gallon of gasoline to smash in . "
Once he realized what marbles were needed, he realized that there was real money to earn.
"I look everywhere for people who buy these marbles," says Mylar . ".
"I don't know how much they are worth. I was just [BS-ing]people.
Then my landlord said she saw marbles online.
"Mela found the buyer, including a lady named Jill Spencer in the nearby New Martinsville, who sold marble through her own website.
The single Marble King marble of the 1950 s was dug up by people like Marra in Paddon city for prices ranging from $12 to $200, a rare green bumblebee, mosaic in light green, white and dark brown.
Spencer even sold unwashed newly dug marbles for $25, which some collectors asked to do because, as stated on the web page, "they wanted the opportunity to get as close as possible to digging.
This copy explains Spencer's approach as follows: "I will dig half
Give you a gallon of marbles, just like I found them, don't wash them.
You won't know what you get until you clean them up.
I don't pull any marbles (honestly).
"However, in the eyes of collectors, the most important marble is watermelon, which was created by the Marble King of the 1950 s with rich red and green tones.
Mela said he had dug watermelon for three years.
Then, one day, he just scratched by the rail, only about an inch from the ground, and found one intact.
He sold it for $400.
But trouble is coming soon.
Mylar and one of his friends, James Gorrell, began digging up marbles boldly on Marble King's property, claiming that employees told them it was allowed.
Since then, they have become more shameless.
The details are somewhat vague, but one thing is certain: on September, after police surveillance, Mylar and Gorrell were caught in the basement of the Marble King at 3 in the morning.
Two men were charged with felony burglary.
Gorrell was suspended for two years.
Mylar pleaded guilty on January and is currently serving four months in prison.
However, Merah still insisted that he did not steal the marbles. -
Although he did not provide any other specific answers as to why he was in the basement of the Marble King.
More complicated, many people in the city of Paddon, including Berry Fox, believe Mylar and Gorrell are trying to break into the marble King's office and steal Fox's father's rare and priceless marble collection.
This is a nightmare. -
"We don't need to deal with these things," Fox said . ".
The incident gave her a serious look at the entire collector market.
"When we make a collection edition, word will soon spread," she said . ".
"Collectors come here to buy marbles for $1 and raise the price.
I looked at all the offers online.
Part of it is collectible.
"I want to win" is another part of it.
Fraud is also common in the marbles business.
One day, a man came to the Marble King's office and asked Fox if she could verify the authenticity of a set of marble he bought from a woman online for several hundred dollars.
The man was told that the marbles were produced for the first time in the history of the Paddon factory.
Fox glanced at them and told the man that he had been cheated.
Marbles started running a few years ago.
"He was crushed," Fox said . "
"I'm sorry to tell him.
But what do you say? Buyer beware.
Dave McCullough joked that he couldn't wait to attend the big marble exhibition this year in New Philadelphia, Ohio, to hear collectors and dealers comment on the marble he ran last fall.
"My guess is that they will call them antiques of the 1940 s," he said . ".
At the same time, Mela insists that Fox tolerates his digging in her factory yard until she is suppressed in order to send a message to the collector's market.
"The marbles buried in her yard may be worth more than anything she does," he said . ".
"If she wants to end it all, she can dig out the yard, drown out the market and beat up these damn marble dealers.
"He said that once Merah came back from prison, he would never want to see another marble.
"Every time I sell them, I think, 'Jesus Christ, these collectors are crazy," he said. '".
"It's like a disease.
"I imagine one day everyone will come to West Virginia for the marble race," Marvin George said . ".
"But every year, it seems to be getting farther and farther.
"We were sitting at a truck stop in pensboro for coffee, George Clark's postal worker --
Burg, tell me about his movement to bring marbles to contemporary children with the slogan "shoot marbles, not drugs ".
"We are competing for the children's minds," he said . "
"The failure of the pinball game is because the adults let it down.
"George was worried that marbles would skip another generation because the baby boomers didn't pass the game on to their kids and they never played it when they were kids.
Over the past six years, George has moved from county to county in West Virginia, trying to convince primary and secondary school principals to provide marble in physical education.
He also holds two large marbles tournaments across the state every year.
So far, George's most successful is third place. through sixth-
At this point, he believes that at least 5,000 children in 25 different schools are playing marble games in West Virginia.
"Marble is part of our national heritage," he said . "
One out of every five national marble champions is from West Virginia, and George coached a Jason Williams from Clarksburg back in 1995.
George raised money for his project by selling marbles at the local tournament.
When George opens a shop in the school gym, he has to hang a sign that says "we don't collect marbles, we play marbles "---
Otherwise he will be besieged by collectors.
I met George this morning because I was going to follow him halfway.
Ellenboro's Atlantic Glass Company, one of the companies that donated marble to George's cause. Mid-
Atlantic does not actually sell toy marbles and prefers to stick to the use of decorative or industrial use, but George says that among all the marbles he gets, including the special facts of JaboVitro and Marble King, children prefer cheaper, shiny industrial marble.
As we passed through Ritchie County, through the Jones feed store and the second good resale store, as well as the "welcome Hunter" logo on the local market, the two of us decided to stop at the champion agate--
Although the company's phone number is not listed, the fax I gave it was not answered and a dozen people told me that no one in the factory would speak to me.
Both Beri Fox and Dave McCullough want to know if the champions are still open.
Champion agate is where McCullough worked before moving to JaboVitro.
Just in the nearest 1990, the champion is the world's largest Marble Company.
But when we enter the factory in weeds and dozens of "private property, do not enter" and "do not invade" signs, it is clear that the champion is already in trouble.
We knocked on the door of a shabby warehouse and a young woman answered.
She whispered to us that the owners have become more and more eccentric since McCullough left in 1992.
"They won't sell marbles to anyone," she said . ".
"We have people from Arizona, California.
These people came to spend with cash, and the owners said, we don't want these people in our building.
"The lady said that employees often don't know where and when the order should be sent out, or even the boss don Michael will show up at the factory.
We went to the factory and a worker looked at us lazily and he smoked without a sign of violation.
"Can we see the marbles that are being made? " we ask.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "you shouldn't have done that, but I don't think it hurts.
"This place feels abandoned.
There is only one stove that spews marbles.
The workers lingered at the door and looked at us.
When terror finally came to us, we returned to the warehouse.
As we strolled back to where our car was parked, the silence was broken by the explosion of the truck horn.
The truck is about 2 feet metres from our car.
Two dirty men, with a bunch of tobacco on their cheeks, sat in the cab of the truck and honked until they caught our attention.
Then one of them rolled down the window and shouted, "Hopefully you all have good insurance when our truck hits your car!
The other spit out of the window.
They stared at us and started the engine of the truck.
George and I quit immediately and continued down the road to the middle.
Check the rear view mirror to see if we get chased. At Mid-
We met President Ron Spencer in The Atlantic, a big square.
The guy with a low voice.
"We are the least paranoid in this industry," he said . "
"Dave McCullough is fine, but he's paranoid.
Belle Fox. I like her.
She is a good girl.
But they're too paranoid on it.
"George and I were sitting in Spencer's office surrounded by old photos of hockey goalkeepers with Detroit Red Wing jerseys hanging on the wall, hockey masks hanging on the plaque, and goalie sticks displayed in the corner.
"I collect hockey goalkeeper equipment," Spencer said . ".
Spencer obviously likes Marvin George and he likes to tease him.
"I think of marble differently than Marvin," he said . ".
"I don't think this is the next hula --
Crazy like him. "Mid-
Atlantic is mainly a glass factory, but it also operates about 200,000 marbles per day for specific customers.
"It's totally a business," Spencer said . "
"I don't want to say that, but I don't have the marble that Dave McCullough likes.
Marbles are an important part of our business, but they are not our passion.
Spencer said, "it's all the same.
Atlantic consider creating a special limited company
Run the toy marble and add half
Seriously, "We can't sell them, and we will eventually give them to Marvin.
He poked Marvin again: "Why don't you sell the Marbles I gave you to the children at a low price ? " Then keep some and put them on the Internet for 10 times the price for collectors?
George laughed uncomfortably.
"Well, I don't know.
I don't like marking them very much.
Like I always said: I don't collect marbles, I play marbles.
"With the topic of the marble collector mentioned, Spencer made no remarks.
"These collectors are driving me crazy," he said . "
"Half of them claim to be experts.
They tried to tell you where the Marbles came from, but they didn't know that their ass came from a hole in the ground.
"Of course, collection is always in the eyes of onlookers," Spencer said . " He points to the replica of the goalkeeper mask worn by NHL superstar Jacques Plante and Terry sochuk.
"I might give a hockey mask $3,000 and you might not give it $5.
"Before I left West Virginia, I visited Lewis Moore's home in parksburg.
Moore is one of the most respected marble manufacturers in the industry.
For 40 years, he has been the factory manager at Fort Parker's external agate plant until the plant is closed.
We sat outside Moore's back porch and his puppy called inside the door.
Through the lot behind his house, we can see the state highway, various chain stores in a near
Empty downtown parksburg
Moore, 76, is a quiet and melancholy man who speaks slowly and carefully.
Before he warmed up, he sat for a moment and spoke shyly to the ground.
"I also dream of in vitro agate three or four times a week.
"I just dream of the damn marble machines kicking the marble out," he said . ".
"With marble, there's always something changing ---
Weather, everything will affect the way it is produced.
This is just a big challenge.
"Moore invited me to follow him into his study so that he could show me the marbles he had saved over the years.
He stood up slowly from his chair.
"Damn arthritis," he said . "
"I can move around and it just takes some time.
"In the study, in his hunting and fishing gear, there were jars and fishing tackle boxes filled with marbles.
"These, cat's eye, are the reasons why business is booming again in early 1960," he said . ".
"For a moment.
"Moore found some of the logo of Vitro, all red, with unique red stripes in the middle and red stripes in the middle
Give it to me, 1980.
Then he picked up three White shot marbles.
With a flower on it.
The second sentence is "CocaCola 5 cents.
"There is a picture of the gene on the third photo.
"You can have them if you like them," Moore said . ".
I thanked him. he sat down in a daze from the marbles, just ran a circle in the marbles with his fingers. He sighs.
"There was hardly a day when I was not walking around here," he said . ".
"After all, the biggest half of my life is doing marbles.
Silent for a long time.
Then he turned to the rods and rifles on the wall.
I saw him rubbing his left eye.
"Hell, that's the only damn thing I do.
"After a while, he finally found what he had been looking for, a rare in-vitro agate shot marble that had never been announced to the public.
Moore said he used to have a lot of these things, but recently some collectors from Chicago came over and wondered if he would sell them.
The collector offered a lot of money, hundreds of dollars.
So Moore almost sold them all.
"I hope I didn't sell him more than a dozen times," he said . ".
"It's a fair price but I hope I didn't sell them.
"By the time I left, Moore made me wait for a moment and he found a plastic zipper sandwich bag.
He gently took my marbles and put them in his bag, but he didn't just pull the bag up.
When I stood there patiently, Moore slowly made a knot and then a second one.
"You will want to deal with these things," he said, and then give them to me and send them to the world.
Jason Wilson is the editor of the series of America's best travel writers;
Its first edition will be released in October.
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