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'marie kondo would be impressed': savvy mum reveals how she transformed her old wardrobe into a 'shoe heaven' using cheap boxes from ikea - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
\'marie kondo would be impressed\': savvy mum reveals how she transformed her old wardrobe into a \'shoe heaven\' using cheap boxes from ikea  -  clear plastic panels
A savvy Australian mother revealed how she used Ikea's selection of cheap storage boxes to transform unused wardrobes into "shoe paradise.
On Facebook, the mother shared a series of photos showing the boots and high heels she had organized perfectly in the newly arranged space.
"Finally, my shoes found a permanent place to sit down and relax," she wrote in the title of the post . ".
Remove the shelf and transform my old wardrobe into my private shoe cabinet.
My husband left a deep impression on me.
The lady revealed details of her clever conversion and said she used Ikea's storage box for $19.
95 is a group of four.
The shoe box of SKUBB, which has white color, also features a zippvisible mesh.
This can be kept open if not needed and easily folded under the box.
Those who saw the mother's wardrobe transformation on Facebook page Kmart & Beyond Ideas said they were "impressed" by her efforts ".
Sit down and relax. love it!
Mary condo will be impressed!
One commenter said.
Another said: "They are perfect when you put them together.
The third person said, "I like this idea, but I need at least five of them . "
With the huge trend of finishing, items that make storage less complex become a hot demand.
One product that has recently struck a chord with thousands of people is a transparent plastic box with a lid that can be bought from the scrap store for $7.
Space-saving products from Bee Australia can be used to store everything, from shoes to wayward children's toys and clothes.
In the past few months, the demand for boxes has been high.
Their appeal seems to be based on the fact that the boxes are easy to assemble and capture to create a visible and neat storage system.
Whether you need to tidy up your "floor" or want to protect your "special occasion shoes" or want to show your unbee-lievable [sic]
We know you will like our bee knee shoe box, the website said.
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