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matheran toy train to get swanky coaches | mumbai news - times of india - polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
matheran toy train to get swanky coaches | mumbai news - times of india  -  polycarbonate sheet
Mumbai: the toy train in Marselan will soon have trendy coaches offering panoramic views of the hills for commuters.
The old coach of wood and metal is at 1960-
In his 70 s, it was renovated regularly.
Unlike the old coach with a bench, the new coach will have a chair car
Retractable seat with armrests and eyes-
Pleasant interior made of fire
Flame retardant material.
Suneet Sharma, Chief workshop manager at Central Railway Company Parel, said, "The windows of these buses are larger and wider, and the roof is made of transparent polycarbonate sheets.
They appear to be similar to driving on the Great Ridge Himalayan Railway.
"Railway technicians have built eight buses in the first phase, and five will be ready by next year, at a cost of 21 rupees per bus.
They will be manufactured in the CR workshop of Kurduwadi within six months, with royal blue and white in appearance.
Sharma said, "the train safety test with the new coach will be carried out within one month, after which they will be used to transport passengers between Neral and Matheran.
"However, the new coach will be able to deliver fewer passengers.
Sharma said, "the old coach can carry 30 passengers in IInd class and 24 passengers in Ist Class.
The new coach will be able to ship 24 and 20 passengers in IInd and Ist classes, respectively.
In order to provide more leg space, the number of seats was sacrificed.
"The new coach will be equipped with mobile charging facilities, and the first class coach will be equipped with fans, seat covers and curtains.
Operate along 20-3 harrows
The kilometer narrow rail line between Neral and Matheran.
There are four pairs of trains on weekdays and five pairs of trains on weekends to cope with holiday peaks.
Toy trains with trendy coaches will complement trains that use old harrows.
Each rake consists of six coaches, including one
With 30 old coaches, the rail department will be able to use at least one rake with the new coach.
By next year, when five coaches are introduced, they will be able to work with the new coaches twice.
Sharma said: "The composition of the coach will remain the same.
However, the new coach will allow the railroad to join the additional coaching team to make up for the reduction in seats.
"The railway company will also consider covering the sun control film on the roof to protect passengers from the hot sun during their journey.
Whether to add train fares with the new coach has not been decided, he said.
Rail plans to get heritage tags for rail links from UNESCO, and Sharma believes the new coach will be promoted because "commuters from all over the world will definitely give us positive feedback ".
Designer coach panoramic view for bigger window chair car
First class seats are arranged with curtains and fans will provide mobile charging points on the roof of the coach, the cost of transparent polycarbonate board per coach is Rs 21 lakh 24 secondary seats and 20 primary seats download the News app of the latest city of The Times of India.
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