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medha patkar: medha patkar defends her opposition to central railway's plastic ban | mumbai news - times of india - metalized film

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
medha patkar:  medha patkar defends her opposition to central railway\'s plastic ban | mumbai news - times of india  -  metalized film
Mumbai: social activist Medha Patkar defended her opposition to the ban on the sale of plastic and non-plastic products
Biodegradable fillers on the suburban railway system of the Central Railway.
Patkar has close contact with head minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, who met with CR general manager Subodh Jain on July 2 to request revocation of the right to Africa
Biodegradable package
After the meeting, CR decided to lift the ban, which began on May 21.
Patkar's position has been severely criticized by the media and environmental activists as CR has decided to prevent littering on stations and tracks.
An official said, "all these goods are in Africa.
Biodegradable Packaging then enters the drain pipe that blocks the drain pipe.
Patkar said, "CR made a decision in the advertisement.
In the case of no trust in the canteen stall operators, fashion.
Instead, CR should roll out the ban step by step in six months to a year.
The ban should also cover the stalls of the main line and railway operating units.
She said that even glucose cookies disappeared from the booth after the ban was imposed, causing inconvenience to commuters on suburban trains.
CR should hold a meeting with the manufacturers of these products to convince them to supply bio food
Before the ban was announced, she added.
Patkar said, "The decision to ban these products has led to a decline in sales, which has affected the livelihoods of many people associated with small businesses.
"CR has canceled the sale of biscuits, cakes, chips, namkeen and other foods produced by well-known brands.
These are all prohibited because it is packed in the form of plastic packaging materials, laminated plastics, metal film packaging, acrylic paper packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc.
CR claims that banning these items has improved the cleanliness of the station.
It is estimated that about 2.
Since the ban came into effect, there have been fewer lakh packages found daily at railway sites.
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