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meet the husbands - times of india - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
meet the husbands - times of india  -  pet manufacturing process
It's not easy to be the husband of a successful woman, but it seems interesting if the five gentlemen are believed.
On a day to celebrate women, life of The Times focuses on the men they love.
Raj Kundera, entrepreneur, married Hindi film actress HIPA Shetty
The owner of Raj Kundra, a member of the Rajas franchise team Rajasthan Royal family, does not mind.
He didn't mind admitting he was a college dropout.
He doesn't mind if you ask him about his failed first marriage.
He didn't mind being said he was "the husband of HIPA Shetty ".
He said the actress was happy with the label of being Raj Kundra's wife, but he preferred the opposite way.
"0. 1 billion millionaires can earn billions of dollars by working hard, but the actors are chosen by God.
I respect HIPA's reputation.
"She deserves praise," he said bluntly, as we followed his English accent.
When first introduced in Indian media, Kundra carried the standard British millionaire --of-Indian-
Some people saw a suspicious eyebrow on it.
His personal website claims that in his 1990 s, he earned millions of dollars by importing pushmina shawls to London's main fashion company "load them by container.
"Thank God for his pashminas.
"My father no longer encouraged me to study," he admitted . ".
At the age of 17, Kundla chose Wimbledon University for the idea of becoming bigger.
Six months is all he has to prove.
Kundra did not come up with an idea to start a business, but started a backpack trip.
In Nepal, he walked into a shop in pashmina and visited their factory under the guidance of a tour guide.
Soon he began to export cashmere and wool to Britain.
Kundra is now involved in a range of businesses trading gold and precious metals in Dubai
Have an Indian cricket team ready for India's first Super Fighting League mixed martial arts tournament.
"I started early.
It was awkward, but, yes, I was doing business when my friends and women went out for a party and followed the ten o'clock P. M. deadline set by Dad.
"Strict Indian education also includes a yearly trip to ludianna, which Kundera admits is not fun. “It was so hot!
More punishment than holidays
"But it was here that he found the woman he was not ashamed to talk about.
Jealous though, bad
His parents are skeptical about an actress's daughter. in-
They reached the finish line.
"She is the wind under my wings.
Especially when it comes to business decisions, I rely on her.
If I discuss a plan with her and she says it doesn't work, I might as well kiss it goodbye.
HIPPA's instinct is on the spot. on.
"Of course, in the next two months, when Shetty gives birth, the business will definitely be in a secondary position.
"Unfortunately, I did not enjoy being a father for the last time.
I can't even see the child.
It doesn't matter a girl or a boy.
We will hope that this time, we will not get anything next time.
"Having a pair of pigeons and completing the family is a typical wish for Punjabi people," he laughs . ". —
Pearl Bar in circuit in Pearl BarDuterte @ timesgroup.
Com K Onler Kom, former
Football player married MC Mary Kom, five
Times world boxing champion those who don't know K. Onler Kom face him and say, "What did your wife do?
Wouldn't he be surprised when he shrugged, "she's a boxer? Few.
But for the 38-year-
Old, married to a five
Times world boxing champion is as ordinary as living with a doctor's secretary.
It wasn't until she won another medal that Kom realized she was the real "great Mary ".
Mangte chungnegang Merykom or MC Mary's bad bear is known to her, no, training with senior coach Charles Atkinson for the Asian and world championships in Pune.
Because his younger son NAI was having a bad night, the chat was rescheduled the next morning.
Kom is used to playing mom.
Dad's twin, K Rechungvar (Rengpa)
And K Khupneivar (Nainai).
"Never thought about making sacrifices.
We now have the luxury of traveling with her, but I don't want to distract her.
When she was with us, the children woke her upofthe-
He said sincerely.
Well, it's not surprising that after she married Kom in 2005, she won two gold medals in the world championships and five titles after her son was born.
"She was only 22 when I proposed.
"She wants to wait, but I promise she won't be the first in her career," said Kom . " He had to fight a stubborn father --
Before they all saw a happy ending.
The boy in the middle
The family of manipulliban quit their job in the customs and central excise department in Sheron (“I was bored”)
Moved to Delhi to study law.
"Mary is 10 years young and comes from a poor family.
Just before the first Asian women's boxing tournament in Bangkok, she lost her luggage and passport.
She doesn't know how to get a new one.
Her parents said, go home.
When I saw her so helpless, I knew she needed to take care of it.
"Kom, a pair.
The professional football player admitted that he did not become a Baichung Bhutia.
He gave up his passion and focused on his wife.
"At that time, we would travel by road and take 32-hour-
"The coach bus from Imphal to Guwahati can board the train to wherever Mary needs to go," he recalls . ".
But this is not the only challenge.
On 2006, unidentified gunmen attacked his father, saying it was a jealous Act that prevented the boxers from dreaming, which made her reconsider their dreams.
"You see, in Manipur, women don't go out to find a job once they get married.
Here I have a boxer for my wife!
Mary wants to throw away her gloves.
But I'm not allowed.
Six years later, Kom was also concerned.
"She needs serious training," he added. "We have a big dream for her at 2012 Olympic Games.
"The distance is terrible, but she calls home three times a day to make up for it.
When she was with her family, she was just another wife.
"Mary picks recipes from the city she visits and tries them in our kitchen.
She's sexy-
You know, grumpy.
But I knew she would be back in less than half an hour, so I let her roar. ” —
Priyanka. priyanka.
Dasgupta @ timesgroup.
Com Brij Bedi, a social worker who married Kiran Bedi, is now an activist and the first highest in India --
Ranked female IPS officer no-
In a photo sent to us, the fuss marigold garlands hang around his neck at will, giving the reason why Brij Bedi married former super cop Kiran Bedi.
Brady is not the woman he's going to marry.
He was engaged to Metas, an employee of the US embassy in New Delhi.
The young man eager for a simple wedding handed over 25,000 to his fiancé to organize the wedding in any way she wished.
"Her parents opposed my decision to abandon the ceremony and the marriage was canceled," he said on Amritsar's phone call . ". Destiny.
The plan as a fighter pilot, and later a film photographer, was put on hold as he was offered to work at Union calcium carbide in Kolkata in 1961.
He boarded a train and left. just as the train began to bump, he grabbed his suitcase and jumped.
Instead, he took over his father's agricultural business in gurdapur, Punjab province, and established manufacturing units for Persian carpets and textile processing machinery in the coming years. Destiny.
Then he said, "Iran happened ".
She is a member of the Amritsar service club, where Brady often watches her play tennis, and her personality impressed her.
"She said she would wait if my marriage with Mehta didn't come true for any reason.
The two married in March 8, 1972 on a simple wreath.
Exchange ceremony.
When she went to musori for police training, Berdy stayed in Amritsar and started a long journey.
Long distance relationship.
For the next 12 years, Brady will only spend the weekend with her, crossing the distance by writing.
"We write five separate days a week, five letters a day.
She will tell me everything and I will keep her up with my life.
When his spiritual mentor, Pandit Ram Swarup Sharma, predicted that Brady would become a celebrity, he laughed and said that he had become an Iranian Bei
When his mother died in 1994, he inherited her property and was able to establish the Shrimati Prakash Bedi Foundation, which marked the first of his journey of social activism
From the fight against obscene graffiti and the preservation of the murals of guluevara Baba Attar Sahib, to the discipline of traffic, and the cause of dealing with the widow and children of makburpula, Bedi is busy
But the closest thing to him is the school he runs for poor children.
"Most of these ideas are Iranian," he said. "I gave them my feet . "
He will not discuss the idea of spending the gray years with her.
He admitted that he had begun to enjoy loneliness.
Although it is difficult to find regret in this engagement, he knows that more can be done.
"Kieran could have done more for this marriage.
She could have made it stronger and more beautiful, but she has other priorities.
I know exactly what this marriage means, so I can't complain.
Her father was ambitious about her and I gave her encouragement. ” —
Pearl Bar in circuit in Pearl BarDuterte @ timesgroup.
Com JavedAnand, reporter --
Teesta Setalvad for married people, Mumbai
Based on civil rights activists and co-workers
Editor, what is best known for the communistic fight is her strong opposition to the 2002 Gujarat massacre and the quarrel with a witness who became hostile, teesta Setalvad's certificate may have recently been but there is no doubt about her activism.
She was working with reporter Javad Anand.
Civil rights activists and proud spouse editors.
Anand graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai in 1971 and is a student in metallurgical engineering, but unlike his contemporaries, he chose to pay a generous salary abroad and he chose
"In the early 1960 s and 70 s, the student movement was large, protesting the role of the United States in Vietnam.
I finally joined a social action group . "
This is in cooperation with India's rapid economic development front,IIT-
Rand strayed into journalism and began writing for Rusi Karanjia, an American in Mumbai --
The Daily Mail, a tabloid based in 1971.
In 1983, a lively young woman who had just graduated from college joined the Daily Mail.
Active Stocks in Setalvad
During British rule, her great grandfather, Sir Chimanlal Setalvad, was a defense lawyer for the high court of Mumbai, while her grandfather, M. C. Setalvad, was independent of India.
With a degree in philosophy and history from the University of Mumbai, Setalvad, 12 years younger than Anand, joined the ranks of interns.
"First of all, she's a pretty good woman," he admits.
It is clear that in addition to attracting each other, our world view is very similar.
They got married four years later.
Despite being from a conservative Muslim family, there was little opposition to the match.
"Maybe my family realized I was going too far! ” he laughs.
The secularism of the couple is not limited to politics.
They allow their children to choose their religion.
The two like to be journalists because it provides a platform for writing about gender, human rights and hunger.
They realize that more needs to be done, because with the 1984 riots, communalism has become a tricky problem.
Shortly after the removal of the Baburi mosque in 1992, Anand setalved gave up their work and founded a magazine called the Battle of communalism.
"We have to spend all our time fighting against communism," Anand said . ".
"We have similar values, but she has great motivation and courage. She is my guru.
I have been learning from her.
At some point between July 1995 and February 1996, we were running out of money and I think we had to close the magazine.
What nonsense, Teesta said.
We will sell my jewelry if necessary!
For the past 10 years, no one else has reported Gujarat and its localism as much as she did.
"I admire her endurance," he added . ".
Does Anand think that Setalvad is a more recognized activist between them?
"I am proud of her," he replied.
"We are equal.
I may be her senior or journalism senior, but she left me far behind.
I am very satisfied with her success.
"What about their role at home?
"Teesta likes cooking and I like her food.
But you will find that I wash more dishes than she does . "—
Anuradha Varma anuradha.
Varma @ timesgroup.
Subodh Maskara, an entrepreneur who married Nandita Das, won the prize-
Mumbai boy Subodh Maskara, who won awards for actresses and directors, did what Amir Khan couldn't do
He moved actress Nandita Das from the City of New Delhi where she was born
Time Hotel to Mumbai.
But Kellogg's graduates have a two-point understanding of the challenge.
Spent his childhood in Kolkata. year-
Old Maskara in all-
St. Mary boy in Mumbai.
"Here I learned my early life experience: how to stay away from trouble and balance fun and work," he said . ".
But the entrepreneur who owns a recycling plant in Nashik admits that he has learned a lot since then.
"I'm a bachelor at New York University, but I'm too young to deal with freedom.
I was recalled to finish my graduation ceremony in Mumbai.
Maskara joined his father's textile industry, and within four years he returned to the United States, this time to attend business school at Northwestern University's Kellogg Graduate School of Management.
After graduation, one
High-paying jobs on Wall Street are striking, but the world of straight-set companies doesn't attract Maskara.
He returned to Mumbai, and over the next decade he tried commercial adventures, including the early incarnation of the recycling plant and an Internet company.
"Most of them went bankrupt and some of them succeeded," Maskara admitted . ".
"I went through the highs and lows of business, which shaped me.
I am honored to go through bankruptcy in many times.
The trip helped me find myself, my friends and my family.
A few years ago, Maskara opened a PET bottle recycling plant.
According to its website, his company Polygenta Technology Private Limited uses a patented manufacturing process that produces a variety
Filament polyester textured yarn made of plastic.
This yarn is used to make denim, household items, and even auto parts.
Maskara married Das in 2010.
This is the second marriage between the two.
"I grew up talking about money.
Life is satisfying, but it is only after we get married that I realize how closed my world is.
I met a cross.
Cross-class, professional, ethnic and professional people --
Through her.
This opens up my world . "
He's a fan of her movies and it's helpful, but Maskara admits he didn't know a lot about Das at first.
"I don't know the scope of her work --
In addition to the performance, she also participated in human rights activities and was the chairman of the Children's Film Association.
She always surprises me.
When I saw a mother in full bloom every day, her article was insightful.
In 2010, she won four film awards for her directorial debut, Firaaq, and entered the Washington International Women's Forum Hall of Fame last year.
But she won't let anything affect her.
Das even inspired Maskara to choose a professional theater --
He performed in Mahesh Dattani's new show, big fat squeeze, which will be released on April.
But the biggest change was that their son, Vihaan, was born in 2010 when Maskara stopped working full time.
"I want to enjoy as much time as possible with Vihaan," he said . ". —
Anuradha Varma anuradha.
Varma @ timesgroup.
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