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meet the stem awards 2018 winners - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
meet the stem awards 2018 winners  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Health care by Glaxo Company name: Professor imogin Cowley: Oxford cloth idea: SnapVaccine-
Can help more vaccine patches for children's immunization
Resource countries.
Imogen Cowley, a 24-year-old engineer, won the healthcare category and 2018 Telegraph STEM Awards for a new vaccine delivery service called SnapVaccine.
"Going through the bioscience and technology papers is a bit like learning a new language, but by mastering the basics, I feel that my understanding of the task is much better," she explains . ".
"While my final exam is coming, the health care challenge really attracts me, even though it takes up most of the Christmas holiday, which doesn't conflict with my other jobs, it may even be a welcome distraction. The month-
My long internship at GSK was done after I won, which gave me the opportunity to evaluate SnapVaccine with a professional team and it was a very good decision to participate in the competition.
"McLaren Automotive Technology Company name: Sam LeggeUniversity: UWEIdea: navigation system for stimulation-
Looking for a driver
Remote Information Navigation system proposed by Sam Legge
Students in mechanical engineering at the University of England at Bristol West lost the McLaren Automotive technology challenge at the 2018 STEM Awards.
Mr. Legge said: "I feel that after winning this award, I became more confident, which gave me more motivation and desire in the field of my choice, and I want to enter.
"I'm still organizing potential opportunities in McLaren, but it also gives me a deeper understanding of my career path, and I'm able to talk to professionals in my respective fields, and get potential opportunities with a leading company in my career of interest, "he continued.
"I want to see myself working in a leading automotive company like McLaren, working in design engineering.
"The STEM Awards are an incredible experience and the people you meet are amazing.
It can help you develop your skills and provide opportunities for you to work with companies you are interested in.
My suggestion is to make sure you show enthusiasm for the entry you submitted and discuss your entry with as many people as possible to refine your idea.
"Innovation proposes the name of Semta: gartelli and Ragav MarimaranUniversity: UCLIdea: Cardios-
Digital health analysis platform to help patients monitor heart health.
UCL Medical School team-mates Gabriel Lee, Ragav Manimaran and Jaime Valdemoros are winners of the innovation category of the 2018 STEM Awards.
"Our products are designed to help patients with heart failure use predictive analysis to monitor their own condition and detect deterioration as early as possible.
It is designed to help them stay away from the hospital, "Mr. Li explained.
"Heart failure is a huge problem. at least 26 million people around the world are affected. it is estimated that it will cost US dollars per year.
"We are now entering the first phase of the clinical trial," he continued . ".
"The whole process of participating in this competition helps you refine and market your ideas to the judges, answer questions and get feedback.
"It forces you to look at your thoughts from a different perspective and refine the value of what you are trying to do.
You'll reach out to some very talented industry veterans who really helped us improve our approach.
Numbers sponsored by Rolls
Name of Rolls-Royce company: Estancia IlinaUniversity: loughboughidea: Shop for augmented reality
Visual Management of floors. “During my 10-
A week of practice at Rolls Royce
Royce, I work in the Derby office at the R2 Data Lab, where I am involved in IT innovation and technology development.
There I developed my programming skills and made a forecasting tool for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)organisation.
STEM Awards's experience has broadened my horizons and greatly improved my career network, and I want my data internship at Rolls --
Royce will help me enter the technology industry in the near future.
By working in the right area of STEM, you can really contribute to improving the world for yourself and others.
Anyone with an idea should not hesitate to apply for the 2019 STEM Awards.
Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Defense technology name sponsored by BAE Systems: Simon Jones University: Nording Haman University: military aircraft using computer processing power and advanced thrust vector technology.
"Aerospace is my passion.
I am studying mechanical engineering and the competition has given me a great opportunity to do some extra-curricular research in areas I like.
I am now planning to pursue a master's degree in aviation engineering at Imperial College London, and this summer I seized the opportunity to learn to fly.
It's great to meet other competitors in the semi-finals.
Finals and exchange ideas.
BAE Systems gave us a chance to visit and try out its flight simulator.
Really take care of you.
It opens up many opportunities to win something like this that will make you stand out as an intern and develop relationships with the company.
Design sponsored by Atkins Names: Ashleigh Cartlidge and Ross JacksonUniversity: KeeleIdea: Shelterme-a rapid-
Build shelters to protect people in an emergency. Second-
Proposal by Rose Jackson and Ashley cattledge, chemistry undergraduates at the University of Kiel
Building asylum so providing assistance in an emergency "recognizes that one of the key challenges facing builders responsible for managing major emergencies is shelters, especially in the first place after a disaster. Their “future-
Proof solution to provide shelter after a major natural disaster "is achieved through rapid expansion of polymerbased tent.
For the inflation mechanism, they identified two potential approaches: small explosions similar to airbags that cause rapid inflation, or inflate by releasing compressed gases.
The other two priorities are: structural protection of the environment and power generation systems.
The former takes into account weight, portability and protection. A shape-
Memory alloys are selected for their bendability under different environmental conditions.
Organic Photovoltaic power generation will generate electricity (OPVs)
Built into the polymer body of the tent.
"Research . . . . . . Indicates that this can be achieved through a period of time --
Mold coating method for embedding OPV into PET (
Efficient and economical
Effective method.
They highlight the recyclability of PET and its presence in normal plastics, which helps to reduce costs.
Their article summarizes the versatility of "Shelterme.
Given the simple technology that drives its design, "anyone can use it in any case where asylum may be required.
Examples of this include Adventure (
Civil or military)
Temporary hospitals may be shelters for homeless people.
It is also an effective solution that only needs to replace the inflation unit after use, which proves to be an investment in economic security.
"If you're interested in playing for next year, keep an eye on the latest updates on the STEM Awards twitter page.
If you are looking for inspiration on how to expand career opportunities in STEM, tgr has a lot of articles and content.
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