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metal is mined for myriad applications - polycarbonate roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
metal is mined for myriad applications  -  polycarbonate roofing material
From a family car to a $10,000 road bike to computers, door handles, windscreens and smartphones, and even teeth and food, almost everything uses metal.
Mining is an important fact in our modern world, which is unlikely to change in the near or even very distant future.
Gold, silver, copper and lead have been around for thousands of years and while their uses occasionally change, they may exist and are widely used for thousands of years. The bicycle —
The most eco-friendly way of transportation
Made entirely of materials obtained from mining: steel for burning metallurgical coal processing, and special metals such as titanium.
Your computer, tablet or smartphone bag contains iron, titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, lithium, magnesium, Mercury, y, palladium, tin, cadmium, lead sm, ta, gd, pro. That DVD?
Aluminum, gold, silver, nickel, pc petroleum derivatives and acrylic paint.
Here are some of the metals mined and refined in BC and their uses: copper, like aluminum, is completely recyclable --
Most of the copper mining in history is still in use.
This is one of the earliest metals used by human beings.
Copper has existed for about 10,000 years and was first used for coins around 8000 BC.
It can be stretched and formed, corrosion resistant, currently used in many domestic and high-tech
Technology applications.
It is a very efficient thermal and electrical conductor.
What products can you find in it?
Copper is used in many fields such as construction, power transmission, electronics manufacturing and vehicles.
Copper wiring and plumbing are essential in heating and electrical systems, telecom links and appliances in today's homes.
Copper is also needed in cars, wires, radiators and car brakes, and about 45 kilograms of copper is needed in luxury and hybrid cars.
Wire is the most important market for copper, including construction wire, communication cable, electrical wire, automobile wire cable and magnet wire.
Copper compounds have also been used as an antibacterial substance, a disinfectant, and even a wood preservative.
Aluminum and Aluminum is a soft, white, light-weight, recyclable metal that is mainly derived from the ore, bauxite.
Low aluminum density, strong resistance to erosion, is critical to many industries such as aerospace.
It is also very important in the automotive industry and in transportation, packaging and structural materials.
Where else can you find aluminum?
License plates, residential side plates and doors, window frames, hardware, cylinder heads, radiators, candy wrappers, trays, pop and beer cans, electrical products, photo equipment, paint of pots, utensils, even baseball bats and golf clubs are only part of aluminum.
Some guitars also have aluminum plates.
Aluminum is also used for transmission lines for distribution, and powder aluminum is used for paint and fireworks such as solid rocket fuel.
Some countries, mainly in Europe, have released coins hit with aluminum or aluminumcopper alloys.
Lead is a kind of corrosion.
Metal resistant for easy molding and molding.
For more than 5,000 years, it has been used by humans for many purposes, including plumbing and cosmetics from the Roman Empire, to deepen the eyelids of ancient Egyptians.
Lead was used mainly for ammunition, grave liner, glass, crystal, paint, water pipes and pipes before the 1900 s.
At the end of the 20 th century, its use decreased sharply due to lead poisoning.
As early as ancient Rome and Greece, there were disturbing signs.
Become a major problem.
Although its use today is mainly leading
Lead was also found in radiation shielding, ammunition and oxides in glass and ceramics.
Due to the high density of lead and corrosion resistance, it is used for ballast of sailing boats.
It is used for scuba diving weight bands to offset the natural buoyancy of divers and their equipment.
Lead is also used for construction, in the parts of walls, floors and ceilings, as well as for sound insulation in the metal in the roof materials, flash and sink.
Silver-white zinc
White metal is used in galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and has historically been used for the manufacture of brass and for medical purposes.
It is also the fourth most widely consumed metal after iron, aluminum and copper, which is well combined with other metals.
Because of its corrosion resistance, about one-
Half of the zinc produced is used for galvanized, and a layer of zinc is added to steel or iron to prevent rust.
Zinc is also combined with copper to form brass and other metals for the manufacture of materials in electrical components, household items and automotive products.
The production of zinc oxide for rubber manufacturing is important for human, animal and plant health.
Zinc helps to protect metals exposed to seawater from corrosion, for example, zinc discs attached to the ship's iron rudder can be slowly corroded without the rudder being affected.
Zinc is used as a white pigment in coatings.
Gold is a dense, soft metal with bright yellow luster. since the beginning of its own recorded history, it has a deep connection with wealth.
Found in rocks, veins and deposits as nuggets or grains, it is resistant to acid attacks and dissolved in alkaline solutions of cyanide used for mining.
Gold has always been a valuable precious metal for coins, jewelry and other artworks, and until the beginning of the 20 th century, gold currency has been dominant in monetary policy.
The value of gold comes from its rarity, easy smelting, non-
Corrosive, bright colors and non-
Reactive to other elements.
It is estimated that 174,000 tons of gold have been mined in human history.
While gold is primarily used in jewelry, investment and industry, its practical uses include dental, electronic and other areas.
It is also used for wire, color-
Glass production and gold foil due to its scalability, corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
Edible gold was added to a variety of foods, including chocolate, fruit, and even sushi.
Molybdenum is a silver metal that can withstand extremely high temperatures without changing shape or expansion.
In World War I, the use of molybdenum increased dramatically as it was used as armor on tanks and other military vehicles.
In World War II, it also played an important role for the same reason.
Today, its use has increased dramatically due to technological innovation. Most high-
The high strength steel alloy contains molybdenum, which helps the toughness of the steel.
Near Molybdenum is used to make buildings
In the manufacture of stainless steel, the number is about 20.
Used in the manufacture of armor, aircraft parts, industrial motors, filaments and electrical contacts.
Molybdenum is also used in nuclear energy applications, incandescent lamps and other electrical equipment, including for electrical-
Heat the glass furnace.
Other uses include molybdenum powder used as plant fertilizers such as broccoli, as well as for medical imaging, including breast X-ray examinationrays.
Silver and silver is a soft white metal, the best industrial electric conductor in all metals and has long been regarded as precious metals for coins and gold and silver, decorations, jewelry, expensive tableware (silverware)and mirrors.
Silver compounds are used for disinfectant and photographic color film, although this use has dropped sharply due to higher demand for digital technology.
Because it will not be corroded, the use of silver in electrical and motor control switches means that the car can have more than 40 silver
Start the engine and start the tilt switch for power steering, brakes, windows, mirrors, locks and other electrical accessories.
Silver is also used in dentistry because it can be made of an alloy of Mercury with an alloy of Mercury.
Unique bacteria of silver
From healing burns to reducing infections, combat quality is becoming more and more important in all aspects.
This metal is also used for bandages, dressings, and ducts.
Products using silver include computers and keyboards in homes, cars and office buildings that reflect solar energy, electrical components, mobile phones and silver windshields.
Silver's strength makes it an ideal choice for the industry.
Jet engines rely on silver
Coated bearings.
Silver for circuit board electronic circuits.
Silver is also used to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and algae in the water purification system, and silver paste is used in solar cells.
Silver plating is used in Christmas tree decorations.
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